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Hosting a Holiday Heist? Rimowa’s Newest Poker Briefcase Has You Covered

If you weren’t already planning on joining a top-secret underground gambling ring this holiday season, now is your chance. Rimowa just released a limited edition Poker Attache that may look like it holds a pile of drug money inside, but actually just includes a set of professional poker chips.

Gone are the days of schlepping your chips in a plastic bag thanks to this sleek, aluminum carrying case that looks straight out of your favorite heist movie.


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Rimowa has thought of it all. The near $5,000 suitcase not only includes 350 poker chips, it also features a velvet poker mat and removable leather pouch to store the velvet mat when not in use. It also includes one silver aluminum Dealer chip, 6 silver aluminum dice, and two packs of cards. If you know someone who’s looking to enter their Men in Black era, this set would make the perfect gift.

A poker set worth thousands of dollars from a luggage company might have you wondering: what’s going on at Rimowa HQ? But need not fear. Rimowa, it seems, thrives in chaos.

Earlier this year the German company announced a partnership with LeBron James in creating a 12-bottle wine-carrying case. The massive wine-carrying case will reportedly cost $9,900 and will be available to purchase in late November. Where is LeBron going and why does he need 12 bottles of wine? Rimowa doesn’t care! Style doesn’t need to make sense.

If you can’t wait until November to roll your 12 favorite wines to the neighborhood potluck, Rimowa currently offers a single wine bottle carrying case. Just make sure to grab 12 of them if you can’t make do with the one bottle of wine. The One Bottle Case features the classic Rimowa grooved aluminum design and an attached TSA-approved lock so no one will be sipping any Pinot without your permission.


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Rimowa has a history of collaborating with an eclectic group of celebrities. Rimowa spokespeople have included singer-songwriter Patti Smith, Rihanna, Roger Federer and LeBron. The company released an ad narrated by Smith last year featuring all four celebrities.

So if you’re looking to give the ultimate gift to the Rihanna or Roger Federer fan in your life, check out Rimowa’s arsenal of aluminum products ranging from classic, exceptional luggage, to bizarre, indulgent poker kits.