10 Things Everyone Should Have In Their Car

Items to Keep in Your Car
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We don’t need the Boy Scouts to tell us it’s a good idea to be prepared, especially when traveling. Whether you’re going to the mountains or the movies, here are 10 things everybody should have in their car.

1. Car Charger/Bluetooth Transmitter

Some newer cars are starting to support wireless charging, but even if you have that, it always pays to have an extra phone charger. Friends and dates will appreciate it. This one not only powers up your mobile device, it acts as a Bluetooth wireless transmitter too.

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2. Small Fragrance

Be ready for close encounters and keep your car smelling spiffy with some handy in-car fragrance.

scentbird fragrance


3. Portable Air Compressor

Don’t let a low tire make your plans fall flat. This portable compressor can help keep your tires properly inflated, which also saves gas!

Air Compressor Courtesy Amazon

4. Power Inverter

An oft-overlooked but highly useful gadget, this in-car inverter lets you charge up laptops and whatever else you have that needs a regular 110V outlet. Want to make toast in your car? Now you can. Unless you have an old car without a heavy-duty alternator. Then you still can’t.

Power Inverter in Car Courtesy Amazon

5. Car Dent Puller

Not quite a get-you-back-on-the-road-in-a-hurry type of thing, but you’d be surprised at how simply this “painless” dent puller can smooth out parking lot dings. It may just save you a trip to the body shop.

dent puller Courtesy Amazon

6. Jumper Cables

Nobody wants to be that guy in the parking lot asking everybody who pulls up if they have any jumper cables.

Jumper cables Courtesy Amazon

7. Emergency Kit

A good emergency kit is a must-have. Be ready with this 268-piece kit that includes essential first-aid supplies, a selection of multi-tools, a flash light, a whistle and, for some reason, safety pins. You may have to be Angus MacGuyver to appreciate it all, but hey, at least it’s there.

emergency kit Courtesy Amazon

8. Outdoor Picnic Blankets

The magic of spontaneity is, paradoxically, all in the preparation. Keeping an outdoor blanket in your car opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Outdoor blanket Courtesy Amazon

9. Car Polish and Waxing Kit

Keep your ride looking its best and ready for action with this complete car care set.

Car Care cleaning set Courtesy Amazon

10. Tactical Flashlights

An extra flashlight is always a good idea. Two extra flashlights are even better. As a bonus, these long-lasting LED flashlights are waterproof, too.

LED Waterproof flashlights Courtesy Amazon

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