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Travel In Any (And All) Conditions With This All-Weather Rolling Duffel

* Sturdy weather-resistant shell
* Internal compression straps

* Comfortable handles

This study and durable Patagonia Black Hole 40L Wheeled Duffel is a standout in the compact luggage category. Offering protection from the elements and a tough rolling shell to keep your travel gear snug and safe, it is also lightweight enough not to get in your way when rushing up the escalators to catch a flight.

A stylish as well as truly practical choice, the Black Hole 40-liter wheeled duffel has plenty of separate, zippered compartments for organizing your stuff, along with no shortage of easy access pockets – great for snacks, dog treats and more. The black rolling handle features a rubberized grip for comfortable rolling, and there is also a padded shoulder strap so that, unlike many combination rolling luggage/duffel bag products, it actually works as a comfortable duffel. Pop the handle back in and carry it as a gym or workout bag too.

Internal compression straps keep your stuff secure and balanced, which makes a big difference for active travelers who like to be able to toss their bags around without worrying about cameras, hard-drives, speakers and everything else.

Patagonia has always been on the forefront of bringing outdoor adventure gear to the traveling masses, and this duffel showcases their expertise when it comes to simple, understated design, rugged construction and high quality workmanship. The materials are top notch and the weatherproofing goes above and beyond what is found in most duffels and collapsible suitcases, even those that purport to offer some level of all-weather functionality.

At home on the way to the ski slopes and equally adept at getting your stuff through airports and train stations, the Patagonia Black Hole 40L Wheeled Duffel is a versatile, all-in-one travel bag that makes a great companion for when you’ve had enough of those #wanderlust Instagram posts and feel the need for adventure.

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