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Travel Smart. Travel Light. Travel On a Roll.

* Spacious wheeled bag and garment bag in one
* Meets carry-on size requirements
* Save 25% – Was $299.50, Now $225

If you travel for business, you’ll know the constant dilemma: do you wear your suit on-board to minimize wrinkling, or do you take the chance and pack your blazers and hope for the best? Another consideration: finding a bag that will not only accommodate your office attire, but fit in the overhead bins, so you can make a quick getaway after landing.

After a comprehensive review of the newest travel bags, we’ve found the solution: the Bankroll Rolling Suitcase from Jos. A. Bank. This traveling wonder fits easily on-board the plane, while allowing you to keep your suits full-length. No more folding your suits, ever. Bonus: it’s an incredible value – right now it’s just $225.

Made of tough, water-resistant nylon, the Bankroll is the perfect size for 2-3 days of business travel. The suitcase has a large inside compartment with lots of zip pockets to hold shirts, ties, belts, workout clothes and shoes, while keeping them neatly organized and separated. Roll the bag easily with the telescoping handle or pick it up by the leather handle.


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The garment bag is ingenious. Designed to protect your suits, it also helps to prevent wrinkles. Upon arrival, all you have to do is hang up your clothes and relax. Simply place your suit, coat and other wrinkle-prone items in the bag, then clip it around the suitcase like you’re wrapping a roll of bills. The garment bag is also detachable, so you can use the bag alone for more casual trips.

Take the stress out of your business trips with the Bankroll Rolling Travel Bag. Trust us: you’ll never have to worry about wrinkled suits – or having to gate-check your bag – again.

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