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Santa Barbara: The Jewel of California’s Central Coast

Nestled between world-class beaches and five-star restaurants lies Santa Barbara, one of Southern California’s premier vacation destinations. Originally the stomping ground of the Spanish missionaries, today this small city is now an internationally acclaimed attraction.

A haven for shopping, dining, hiking, and surfing, Santa Barbara has something for everyone. Downtown’s State Street is home to one of a kind boutiques, hotels, galleries, and clothing stores. Outdoor enthusiasts can spend days exploring the various hiking trails, foothills, and bike paths.

Santa Barbara’s public beaches are immaculate and easy to access by car or bike. Arroyo Beach is the perfect place to take the dog for a long stroll, and there’s no better place for a picnic than Butterfly Beach.

Wine enthusiasts will fall in love with Santa Barbara’s various wineries and vineyards. There are several private wine tour services that will take you up along the coast to the area’s top wine tastings.

Sea food lovers look no further than Sterns Wharf. Moby Dick, Longboard’s Grill, and the Santa Barbara Shell Fish Company serve up some of the best fresh fish, shrimp, crustaceans, and other seafood specialties in the western hemisphere. All restaurants feature stunning views of the ocean and occasional live music. Kids will have a blast in the Wharf’s souvenir, candy, and ice cream shops.

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