Security Detail: The 4 Best TSA-Approved Backpack Locks

tsa lock for luggage
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* Luggage locks prevent unwanted intruders from going through your bags
* Bags must be removable by airport security agencies, like the TSA
* These TSA-approved locks can be removed by TSA screeners without damage

You may have heard the term “TSA approved” thrown around when it comes to baggage restrictions. But what exactly does it mean? And why is it so important? Well, the TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, is responsible for making sure airport baggage is safe to travel. This of course means that sometimes screeners need to see inside your luggage. If you’ve locked your bags with non-TSA-approved locks, that may result in your lock being forcibly removed.

The major advantage to TSA-approved locks is that airport security agencies are able to open and close the locks without you being present. This leaves your bags safe and secure when they’re away from you but also allows the TSA to search your bags without damaging them. Add into this the fact that these locks are of the highest quality, stylish and simple to use, and this seems like a pretty straightforward choice when it comes to protecting your bags from unwanted intruders.

However, normal luggage locks work for suitcases, not backpacks. With the rise in backpacking and mobile travel, it’s also important to have a lock that works on your backpack with its multitude of closures. That’s why we’ve collected a list of TSA-approved cable locks. These allow you to thread the lock through multiple zips, keeping your backpack as secure as possible.

1. TravelMore TSA-Approved Travel Cable Lock

The TravelMore Travel Combination Cable Lock comes in packs of 1, 2, 4 or 6 locks, giving you enough locks to ensure all your luggage is safe to travel. Each lock sports a 3-number combination and a high-strength zinc alloy body to provide plenty of resistance to any unwanted attention. The flexible steel cable also makes it easy to fit your lock through multiple loops at the same time. In addition, you’ll get a choice of black and orange as well as a lifetime warranty when you order this product from Amazon.

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2. Master Lock TSA-Accepted Combination Luggage Lock

With over 2,300 5-star Amazon reviews, the Master Lock Combination Luggage Lock is one of the top rated and most popular options on our list. It’s available in a range of color choices including black, blue and red. There’s also a 3-digit combination, tough vinyl covered cable and a full metal body to withstand the rigors of travel. These locks are great for suitcases, backpacks, boxes and even lockers, too.

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3. Tarriss TSA Lock

Whether you’re taking public transport into the city, staying in a hostel or checking in your bags for a long-haul flight, this Tarriss TSA Lock is a quick and easy way to keep your belongings secured. It sports a flexible cable, which makes threading it through zipper loops and hoops simple. Plus, the visible markers ensure you don’t miss your mark when entering your 3-number combination.

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4. Sure Lock TSA-Compatible Travel Luggage Locks

The Sure Lock TSA-Compatible Travel Luggage Lock sports all the same quality features as the other locks on our list, except it offers a few extra bells and whistles. Not only is it available in some wilder, eye catching colors, like brown, orange and green, you’ll also find a quick read window for easy entry of your 3-digit combination and a red indicator button to show when your bags have been inspected. This is a wonderful lock feature if you’re nervous about just how often the TSA rummaging through your stuff.

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