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Get Smart, Kids – It’s Time Up Upgrade Your Luggage

Oh, your suitcase has wheels? That’s so 1995. Are you into Hootie? It’s time to ditch your old school travel gear and get something that’s built for 2017, like the Bluesmart Black Edition Smart Luggage .

Bluesmart Black Edition ($599) is a standard carry-on bag that exceeds all expectations with built-in charging capability. Long gone are the days of crowding around the only two available spots at the gate, fighting with the masses for an outlet to charge your phone. You can finally spend your layover getting toasted – and keep your phone fully powered.

A charged phone is essential to get the most out of Bluesmart. Its digital scale makes it possible to check the weight from your phone, turning overweight fees into a problem of the past. A GPS tracker lets you locate your suitcase anywhere in world. You won’t have to wait days for the airline to find lost luggage — just check your phone and tell them where it is.

Even when lost, Bluesmart secures your stuff. The remote locking feature automatically locks your bag if it leaves your side while en route. You can also control the lock through an app on your phone.  

This is literally the best suitcase we’ve ever seen. Even the standard features are an upgrade from the rest. Smooth wheels make for easy, quiet transport. A weather-resistant hard shell protects your belongings from getting soaked in the rain.

Even if you don’t travel enough to care about a nice suitcase, Bluesmart is great for the tech head in your life. It’s the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays.

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