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Lived-In Review: The Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet

* Dodge dirty hotel sheets by packing the Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet
* Produced from naturally hypoallergenic 100% silk
* These travel sheets pair well with the Brave Era Silk Sleep Mask

If you struggle sleeping while traveling, you aren’t alone. But the search for a great night’s sleep on the road might be coming to an end, thanks to a company that promises peaceful nights following adventurous days.


I travel full time. Thanks to working online, I’ve seen a lot of the world, but it’s not always as luxurious as it sounds. Whether I’m sleeping deep in the jungle or spending my budget on scuba diving rather than upscale accommodations, I’ve seen my share of downright nasty hotel sheets.

Luckily, I’ve never had to stay in one of America’s worst hotels. In recent years, some hotels have been caught not changing sheets between guests, according to Inside Edition. And even if your hotel does change the sheets, you’ll still have to battle the germs and small bugs other travelers leave behind in the mattress.

To stay safe from bed germs, I have tried carrying a light sleeping bag or my own sheet set in the past. However, the bulk of these items has deterred me in recent trips, especially now that airlines charge for every bag you bring.

Between the baggage fees and gross bedding, travelers need a better answer for safe and clean sleep.


Brave Era has produced a 100% silk travel sheet, that’s kind of like a sleep sack or luxurious cocoon. Produced from natural silk, these sheets are hypoallergenic and unmatched in quality. Simply throw the bag in your suitcase or carry-on. When you get to your hotel or campsite, unfold the sleeping sack and slip in for a luxurious night’s sleep.

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These sheets are also temperature regulating. The natural fiber absorbs and releases body heat to create the most relaxing temperature inside.

Plus, the sheets are machine washable. After using them in between dirty hotel sheets or in your tent, you’ll want to be able to easily clean a travel sheet. And these silk sheets can simply be machine washed and air dried without losing their smooth texture.

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Furthermore, with the

, bulk is no problem. The travel sheet and its carrying case weigh just 6 ounces, and together, they are no bigger than a large smartphone. Of course, I was concerned that I would never be able to fold the sheet small enough to fit it back in the carrying case after use. But my fears were unfounded. The sheet itself is thin, and while I couldn’t replicate the precise pleats the sheet was shipped in, there was plenty of room in the bag for my lazy folding job.

Brave Era has also solved one of the most annoying issues that arise when using a sleeping bag or sack. That’s the problem of the pillow. This particular travel sheet has a pillow pocket built in so that your pillow won’t escape in the middle of the night. The attached silk pillowcase also has the advantage of keeping your hair looking great longer.


I also had the opportunity to try out the

. I usually don’t find sleep masks useful. They slide all over the place and don’t feel comfortable on my head.

However, my last flight took off at an ungodly hour, and I needed a few hours sleep even though the flight attendants weren’t interested in dimming the cabin lights. In that instance, I was thankful I had packed the Silk Sleep Mask. It stayed put surprisingly well and helped me rest up so I could be ready to explore my next destination.

Together, the Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet and Silk Sleep Mask are a touch of luxury for the end of adventurous days. The set will help you get your beauty rest, whether you’re trekking through the rainforest, camping on a desert island or just enjoying a sleepover with friends.

Don’t just take my word for it – the silk mask has a 100% 5-star rating from reviewers on Amazon, while the Travel Sheet Set has a 4.5 star rating. Savvy travelers, take note.

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