WOW! Solgaard’s Sustainable Luggage Pulls 229 Plastic Bottles From the Ocean With Every Purchase

Carry-On Closet 3.0 Luggage
Courtesy of Solgaard

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Just when we thought we’ve capped our need for a brand-new piece of luggage, our collection is about to expand even further with Solgaard‘s sustainable luggage line — redesigned and ready to fly at 36,000 feet.

Earlier this month, Solgaard announced the release of their upgraded Carry-On Closet 3.0 Luggage and the brand-new Lifepack Endeavor Bag, two post-COVID must-haves to snag just in time for your next trip.

But, why are we so obsessed?

Carry-On Closet 3.0 Luggage Courtesy of Solgaard

The Carry-On Closet 3.0 Luggage has been a favorite of ours for quite some time now, but this newest update brings the classic carry-on into a whole new light. Its redesigned model features a durable exterior shell created using Solgaard’s new recycled polycarbonate material. Each award-winning bag comes with a TSA-approved locking system so nobody can steal your stuff, a USB charging port for when your iPhone’s on 6% and a 10-year warranty to assure customers that this bag means business.

Because it was recently remodeled to make your life easier, expect thrilling new features you won’t be able to live without. The carry-on features reconfigured removable interior shelves for the easiest packing and display we’ve ever seen in a bag. Not only will it help you fit more, but the reconstruction keeps the carry-on lightweight and makes searching for that pair of underwear you want to wear much easier. In addition to these updates, you can also expect reimagined compression straps, magnetic buckles and upgraded ultra-durable wheels.

Carry-On Closet 3.0 Luggage Courtesy of Solgaard

Colors also range out the wazoo with over numerous handsome exteriors to choose from.

While the Carry-On Closet 3.0 Luggage has us geeking out, the Lifepack Endeavor Bag is making us practically drool. This brand new bag is inspired by Solgaard’s flagship and TIME ‘Best Inventions’ winner, creating a backpack that includes a literal compressed closet.

Yeah, this backpack is unlike anything the world has seen before.

Lifepack Endeavor Bag Courtesy of Solgaard

If you find yourself to be the kind of person that enjoys packing everything into a backpack or duffel but also tends to overpack, the Lifepack Endeavor Bag was made for you. It has three compartments and side compression straps that morph down to keep your items stashed neatly and secure, increasing storage capacity by 40%.

The bag itself is made with sustainable and durable Shore-Tex™ upcycled ocean-bound plastic fabric to keep everything on the eco-friendly side, too. Finished with a drop-proof place to store your laptop, this backpack is a must to anyone living an on-the-go lifestyle.

Lifepack Endeavor Bag Courtesy of Solgaard

Two great bags from Solgaard with all of these impressive features are making our knees weak, but wait until we tell you the real kicker. With every purchase, Solgaard pulls the equivalent of 229 plastic bottles from the ocean.

Two hundred twenty-nine. Let that sink in. It’s safe to say your money is going somewhere worthwhile.

You can purchase both the Carry-On Closet 3.0 Luggage and the Lifepack Endeavor Bag right now only at Solgaard. It’s time to reinvent the way you travel in this new world we’re living in. And, trust us, you wouldn’t want to do it any other way.