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This Darth Vader Sleeping Bag Lets You Embrace The Dark Side While You Sleep

* Cozy sleeping bag with arms and legs
* Darth Vader suit print
* Won’t become useless due to sand

What could be more cozy for chill camping trips or sleepovers than the warm embrace of… the Dark Side? This unique Darth Vader sleeping bag lets you keep out the cold while letting in the dark. Made by Selk’bag, it has a unique, anthropomorphic shape with leg and armholes, so if you want to walk around in your cocoon of warmth, say to get some marshmallows or hot cocoa, you won’t have to try and use the Force to make the snacks come to you.

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Courtesy ThinkGeek

Trust us, this works better in the movies. Kind of like using a Taum Taum for warmth. Or, if your Admiral has failed you for the last time by letting the campfire go out and leaving the place feeling like the ice planet of Hoth, you can just walk over and get it started again, no need to incite a galactic rebellion. Plus, unlike Vader’s suit in Star Wars: A New Hope, this sleeping bag won’t get ruined if you take it near sand.

The Selk’bag concept is inspired by the nomadic Selk’nam peoples who became famous for their resistance to the elements. The Darth Vader Selk’bag, with its unique mix of warmth and onesie-like mobility, works equally well for camping out by the seashore or huddling in your folding chair at four in the morning in line for the Black Friday sales at your local electronics store. In fact, come to think of it, this dark-side themed sleeping bag is oddly appropriate for that.


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