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Suitcase Shuffle: 5 Unexpected New Ways To Pack For Your Trip

* New ways to ditch the awkwardness of packing
* Keep your clothing wrinkle-free for thousands of miles
* Plus, ready-to-go closet organizers

Going away this spring or summer? While the call of distant places may beckon, wanderlust often leaves us scratching our heads over how to pack, especially when we’ve tried so many combinations of backpacks, duffels and hard luggage and none seem to fit the random mix of clothing and accessories we want to bring with us.

Fortunately, there’s a fix for fickle packers. Here are five ways to go further in your quest for organization and maybe just find a new wrinkle that helps ensure smooth sailing when it comes to packing for your trip.

1. Combination of Life Portable Bra Organizer

This portable bra and underwear organizer is styled like cute lingerie and serves to organize bras, bathing suits and underwear, helping keep the “lust” in wanderlust. It also serves to protect bra cups from dents and uncomfortable wire kinks. Compact and easy to store, it helps take the kinks out of travel. Except, of course, the kind you might go for.


2. WalterDrake Shoe Storage Bag

This special purpose suitcase solves one of packing’s most enduring conundrums: what to do with shoes? It comes with organizing compartments to hold up to 8 pairs of shoes and unfolds to hang in a closet, making it easy to chose the pair you want for the occasion.


3. Dot & Dot Wrinkle-Free Packing Folders

These packing sleeves help iron out the wrinkles when it comes to packing shirts, cardigans, dresses and blouses. Allowing you to compress clothing without bunching, they save space and save time, too, since no one wants to arrive at their vacation destination only to have to go straight to the ironing board.


4. Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

Want to travel light without actually traveling light? These compression packing cubes help you cram everything you wanted to bring into the space you actually have.


5. Grand Fusion Housewares Stow-N-Go

This “portable luggage system organizer” turns your suitcase into a veritable built in dresser. A three-tiered shelf organizer that can fold up flat, it makes unpacking easy and helps keep your clothes wrinkle-free too.

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