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Here’s Why This Toiletry Bag is Your Best Choice for Traveling

* Foldable, portable and lightweight drawstring toiletry bag
* Water-resistent removable liner
* Multiple compartments will fit all your necessities

If you have been searching for the perfect toiletry and makeup bag hybrid, you can stop looking. The Toiletry Bucket Bag and Makeup Organizer by BINGONE will make traveling and storing your products efficient again. The organizer is made up of two bags in one that can be separated from one another for easy clean-up.

The outer bag itself is made of a synthetic PVC material that is easy to wipe down and will not be ruined should a spill occur. However, spill prevention has been built into this bag as well. Encased in the middle of the bag is a removable liner for easy cleaning, with three interior mesh pockets that will firmly hold your products in place. The mesh material will ensure breathability and prevent the growth of any bacteria as well.

In addition to the removable liner, you will receive four separate detachable smaller bags that can be used to place and separate cosmetics or other fine products, which makes them convenient to find with less chance of breakability.

This toiletry bag is bucket-shaped, foldable, portable and lightweight with a drawstring top that makes it easy to open. The bag is not only perfect for travel but can be a valuable storage tool for your bathroom at home. With its large capacity and multi-compartment structure, this would be perfect for storing slender items such as make-up brushes, hair brushes or other items that need to be kept upright.

Fold the sides down and push out the base to turn this into a standing catch-all. Pull the drawstring in to keep things tightly packed and ready for travel. This set comes in at under $12 and includes one blue bag and one red bag.

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