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Oh, The Places They’ll Go: 8 Great Gifts For Grads With A Travel Bug

* A range of great gifts to ensure new travelers enjoy a successful trip
* Many graduates will be heading abroad with their newfound freedom
* Keep them safe, connected and inspired.

The sound of the final school bell often indicates a new beginning for many graduates. With the world at their feet, it’s time to pack their bags and set off to discover the world.

Whether heading to Europe for the culture or Asia for a party, the years after graduation often are some of the best. We’ve put together a list of 10 great gifts to make sure they have everything they need on their journey abroad.

1. Anywhere Travel Guide

Whether you’re at home or sitting in the middle of Bangkok, inspiration can be hard to come by. By offering a mix of creative and whimsical prompts, you’ll never be stuck for ideas while traveling with this Anywhere Travel Guide. It includes 75 cards so that you’re never stuck for things to do and is sure to create some of the best, and most random, memories you make when you’re at home or away.

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2. Travel Listography

If you find traditional journal-keeping of little interest, perhaps the Travel Listography book will get your creative juices flowing. The fun-filled book is stuffed full of thought-provoking topics for you to fill out… in lists. The book includes things like countries visited and world foods eaten to more trip-specific moments like the best animals you’ve seen and the most memorable people you have encountered. The format of the book makes it great for couples and friends to fill out together.


3. 1,000 Places to See Before You Die

Entirely rewritten and updated, the second edition of the New York Times best-selling 1,000 Places to See Before You Die is a worldwide guide of must-see places. Find out where the most beautiful, fun and unforgettable experiences around the world lie as you work your way through the pages, which include 600 full-color photographs. It’s a great gift to create wanderlust and travel inspiration for the recipient.


4. Scratch Travel Journal

The Scratch Travel Journal provides an all-in-one place to plan, record and map out your trip. Inside the covers, you’ll find plenty of space to jot down your pre-trip notes along with a built-in checklist for your upcoming journey. There are also pages to record every experience as you go as well as beautifully made scratch off maps to record every country and place you visit along the way.

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5. Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

If you’re setting out on your first journey, you may find that sleeping on planes, trains and busy places isn’t quite as easy as it is at home. The Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask gives you a simple way to block out surrounding light with its thick lining and to enjoy undisturbed sleep as you go. In addition, the mask features built-in headphones so that you can enjoy your favorite sleeping soundtrack. The sleep mask could also be viewed as an alternative way to listen to music and rest as compared to normal, uncomfortable headphones.

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6. Kopack Anti Theft Travel Backpack

If you’re off on an adventure, you are going to need a travel backpack. The Kopack Anti-Theft Backpack is a smart choice as it’s been specifically designed to protect you against common theft during your time away. The bag sports no outwardly visible pockets and is made from a durable scratch and water-resistant material. It also has three breathable bits to aid air permeability and ensure a comfortable fit when it’s on your back.


7. The Carry-On by Away

The Carry-On is exactly what it says – a definitive travel case designed for the purpose of fulfilling your every need when you travel away. The case is made from a tough material to withstand any journey and features premium Hinomoto rotating wheels so traveling through the airport is a breeze.

You also never need to worry about a dead smartphone when you have your carry-on suitcase with you, because it features an ejectable battery that can charge your phone up to 5 times. Other notable features include tough compression straps to help you fit more in and a TSA-approved lock to keep your items safe. See our full review of the Away Luggage Carry-On, then get one for your recent grad (and maybe one for yourself, too).

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8. Collapsible Instant Camera

As much as smartphones may have replaced most digital cameras, they still can’t quite match the awesomeness of an instant camera, especially one as smart as this collapsible model. The camera’s body contains a fold out lens, allowing you to save space in your bag when it’s not in use. It also comes with a remote shutter release, so you can always be in front of the lens, as well as a choice of color filters to give your images an extra edge. And once you have your printed pictures, there’s a range of stickers and magnets to help you mount them.

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