6 Hacky Luggage Products to Make Traveling so Much Easier

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* From packing to navigating the airport, travel is a lot of hassle
* These luggage hacks make keeping your bag organized and portable a lot easier
* Hacks include using luggage locks and bungees to tie multiple bags together

Traveling can be a pain in the rear end. Thankfully, the reward of sitting on a pristine beach, cocktail in hand is enough to make you go through it, but the hassle is real. First you have to do a ton of research to find the best deal, then you have to figure out how to get to the airport. From there you have to wait in a million lines to get through security only to sit in a tiny seat with no legroom on the plane.

Traveling is a lot of work, but there are a few hacks that can make it easier. That is especially true when it comes to your luggage. From straps to tie your bags together to scales to make sure you aren’t overweight, these travel accessories promise to make your trip to the airport a lot smoother.

1. WESTONETEK Add-A-Bag Luggage Strap

Juggling more than one bag as you try to grab a cup of coffee and make it to your gate on time for departure can feel like the most difficult task in the world. That’s why WESTONETEK has invented this Add-A-Bag Luggage Strap . It can be attached to any bag with a handle in order to hold another bag, your jacket or anything else that can be attached to the loop itself or to the included metal ring. This simple $9 product will quickly become an essential part of your travel gear.

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2. SACSTAR Packing Organizer

Choosing what to take with you isn’t the only difficult part of the packing process. You also need your luggage to be organized so you can find everything when you get to your destination. In that vein, the SACSTAR Packing Organizer can be your biggest helper. This 11 by 5 by 6 inches case can easily hold your panties, bras or cosmetics, keeping it at easy reach within your luggage. In addition, the high-quality nylon is waterproof so your belongings stay safe at all times.

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3. Travelon Bag Bungee

Another invention to solve the bag juggling issue, the Travelon Bag Bungee connects to the handle of any rolling suitcase. It then wraps around your personal item bag and the telescopic handle of your suitcase to securely fasten your two bags together. These bungees work extremely well as can be seen by the 1000+ 5-star reviews on Amazon.

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4. YAMIU Packing Cubes

The number one travel hack professed by travel bloggers is the use of packing cubes. These cubes keep your luggage organized and allow you to pack more stuff into your suitcase if necessary. This YAMIU set comes with seven cubes, two toiletry bags and a shoe bag, giving you a lot of bang for your buck. Plus, the mesh top to the cubes allows you to find everything in your bag easily and the high-quality zippers mean these cubes will last for years.

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5. Wiseway Digital Luggage Weight Scale

You have been living under a rock if you haven’t noticed that more and more airlines are charging for bags. Often these charges are done by weight, making it extremely important to know how much your suitcase weighs. While you could stand on a scale at home and figure it out, when you’re on the road, that becomes a lot more difficult. Enter the Wiseway Digital Luggage Weight Scale . This lightweight scale can easily weigh your bags, saving you from incurring additional charges.

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6. Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

No one wants to get to their destination only to learn their bag has been opened and some important items are missing. This happens surprisingly often as your bag passes through several hands from the check-in counter to the luggage carousel. Protect yourself from theft by investing in these Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks . The flexibility of the cable locks means these bad boys can secure almost any suitcase and the 3 digit coded entry means you never have to worry about losing the key.

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