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This Travel Hoodie Features 10 Pockets For All Your Stuff and A Built-In Inflatable Pillow

* Stay organized while travelling with this hoodie
* Features a built-in, inflatable neck pillow and an eye mask
* 10 specially-designed pockets for every travel essential

Staying organized while you’re traveling makes the trip smoother all-around. Walking through the airport, keeping your stuff accessible in your seat, and making sure you don’t forget anything on the plane can be tough, but we found a product that makes the whole process much easier.

This travel hoodie from XY37 remedies disorganization with a built-in neck pillow, face mask, and 10 pockets for gadgets, passports, chargers, and all other essentials. The best part? Even when packed full of stuff, the jacket still looks streamlined and stylish.


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We think this hoodie is genius because its design takes into consideration every part of your travel experience. When you get to airport security, easily pull out your ticket and passport from one pocket. When you sit down on the plane, put your drink in the insulated drink pocket and quickly pull out your tablet and headphones. When you’re ready to grab some Zs before landing, inflate the built-in neck pillow and lower the eye mask. It eliminates the hassle of digging through you bag, finding a place for everything in the seat pocket, and bothering the person next to you with overflowing collection of stuff.

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