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Track Your Travels With This Push-Pin Map of America

* A vibrant map of the United States for marking the places you’ve visited
* Set includes cork backing and 100 orange push pins
* Great gift idea for friends and family with a travel bug

There are many ways to keep track of the places you have visited, whether it be with a written journal or online photo albums, but few are as visually stimulating as this push-pin map of America.

The vibrant piece is a print taken from the original work of Oliver Jeffers, and comes with everything you need for a fun visual record of your travels. The print features a map of all 48 of America’s lower states with Alaska and Hawaii added using two additional arrows. The map’s background pictures a piece of reclaimed wood, on which the original was painted using acrylic paints. Each print has also been hand signed by the artist and sports an exclusive seal.

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Image courtesy of UncommonGoods

Furthermore, the 20 x 22 inch United States display is ideal for hanging in your living room, office or any walls around the house to be noticed when visitors come over. It’s a great way to get a conversation started or simply act as a happy reminder of the special trips and getaways you’ve been on. Alternatively, use it to remember which states are still on your bucket list in your quest to see every single state.

Included in the set are 101 location-marking pins – 100 orange pins to indicate places you have visited and a single large, blue pin to indicate your homebase. You’ll also find 4 bulldog clips and 4 nails to help with mounting and hanging as well as a cork backing for hanging on to your push pins.

This attractive piece is an ideal gift for recent graduates, friends or family who truly have the travel bug.