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Thousands Of People Swear By This $15 Grid System To Keep Their Stuff Organized

* The Cocoon Grid-IT organizes cords, cameras and more
* A variety of elastic bands allow for endless configurations
* This travel accessory costs less than $20

In the modern age, traveling usually means packing a load of gadgets, including but not limited to laptops, Kindles, cameras and smartphones. And what do all those electronics have in common? They all require their own charging cable and accessories. Most people throw these messy wires into a bag or let them roam loose in their carry-on. But thousands travelers (including the author of this article) are increasingly turning to the Cocoon Grid-IT, an organization system for all the bits and bobs you need while away from home.

The “object retention system” is a 12-inch board full of elastic bands. A versatile organization system, this board can hold any smaller items you may need – from your laptop charging cable all the way down to a tiny SIM card holder.

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The most amazing thing about the Cocoon Grid-IT is the endless number of configuration options. The board will hold dozens of objects in any order you deem necessary.

While it may take some time to figure out the best way to fit everything in, once you do, the elastic bands and their rubber dots will hold everything firmly in place. And the elastic bands won’t lose their elasticity over time. This organizer was built to last the test of time. As an added benefit, the board has a large pocket on the back for storing flat objects.

The Cocoon Grid-IT will fit in any luggage or backpack with a pocket longer than 12 inches, and the organizer is available in 9 different colors.