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Keep Your Chin Up With This Surprisingly Comfortable $30 Travel Pillow

* Lightweight and easy to carry
* Proven ergonomic shape
* High-quality hypo-allergenic material

A good travel pillow that offers neck support goes a long way towards alleviating the fatigue of long-distance travel. But blending form and function in a way that doesn’t totally interfere with your packing can be a challenge. The trim and stylish soft neck support travel pillow from Trtl is a breeze to pack, while offering ergonomic support for your head and neck.

While it’s tempting to just pick up a travel pillow at the airport, you’re then left with what generally ends up getting thrown out on arrival: a clumsy and cheap-looking item of questionable durability. But with a slim and fashionable travel pillow like the Trtl soft neck support pillow, you can upgrade your travel pillow experience to first class.

This pillow is machine washable, you can make sure it’s clean before and after every trip, and it’s made from a hypo-allergenic polyester fleece blend for softness. Its scientifically-proven shape allows you to rest your head in an ergonomic way for sleeping. With its specialized design, the Trtl soft neck support pillow lets you travel in far greater comfort and helps get rid of the dreaded stiff neck of frequent flyers. It also keeps you from nodding off at an awkward angle and ending up practically resting your head on your neighbor’s shoulder. Unlike the traditional U-shaped travel pillows, this pillow wraps and supports your neck from all angles.

With the cramped conditions of modern air travel, it’s hard to bring your favorite pillow on board, let alone use the ones airlines provide. The Trtl neck support pillow weighs nearly nothing and attaches easily to a suitcase. An internal resilient structure lets it return to its optimum shape after scrunching.