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This Kit From Tumi Has Everything You Need To Make Sure You Never Mix-Up Your Travel Bags Again

* Easily identify all your bags with this nifty kit
* Add a stylish accent to all your luggage
* Take advantage of this accents kit and put an end to bag confusion

Okay, there’s travel…and then there’s Tumi Travel. Otherwise known as “The Tumi Difference”. It means no detail is left untouched. It means you’re traveling in style and comfort and basically, you have your travel game ON. One of the best and easiest ways to apply the Tumi difference to your travels is with this super cool Tumi Accents Kits. It makes packing less stressful so you can elevate your next adventure.

Inside the sharp charcoal carrying case, you’ll find an array of accessories including bag tags, a handle grip and name tags. All are made from quality, durable fabric, for which Tumi is known. Just apply as needed to your travel bags and you’re ready to go. Now, you’ll have no problem spotting your bags on the baggage belt. Each bag will be properly (and suavely) identified. And, you sure won’t get your bags confused with other travelers’ bags.

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Image courtesy of Eastdane

Each piece is made from high-end nylon with leather trim. This kind of brilliant travel consideration for even the smallest details is what makes Tumi so popular with seasoned travelers. They make it easy and elegant to grab and go next time you’re ready to expand your horizons. If you’re planning a family trip, these travel tags are a must.


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