YETI’s New Hopper M20 Backpack Is Made for Hot Summer Adventures

YETI Hopper M20 Backpack
Courtesy of YETI

We at SPY seriously can’t get enough of YETI. Everything the brand makes becomes an all-time favorite for us because everything they make is so consistent.

From the best coolers to bone-chilling oversized water bottles to even a luggage line released in late 2021, YETI creates the highest quality products, placing the brand in a realm that feels unattainable to match by others. And, just when we thought YETI couldn’t do it again, today (March 14), they did it again.

Meet the YETI Hopper M20 Backpack.

YETI Hopper M20 Backpack Courtesy of YETI

This all-new backpack is a must-have that will make you throw your best cooler bag right in the trash bin. It works as a softshell cooler that fits right over your back for an effortless carry as if you’re back in high school slugging books over your shoulders. It’s just that now, the books are beverages.

Because this cooler is hands-free, the Hopper M20 is ideal for taking on long hikes and walks without your arms getting tired. And, of course, without the cooler constantly hitting you in the leg with every step.

YETI Hopper M20 Backpack Courtesy of YETI

Using super strong magnets, this cooler stays nice and tightly shut when you’re not whipping a hard seltzer out. Of course, because it’s YETI, the contents within this bag stay totally frigid no matter what the weather’s like outside, too. Cold drinks only, people!

Unlike a lot of the best cooler backpacks, the Hopper M20 also opens incredibly wide at the top so you can see just about everything hiding inside. No more digging and fighting chunks of ice to find your bologna sandwich stuck to the bottom. In addition to that, the cooler can fit around 18 cans total using a two-to-one ice ratio.

Essentially, this is a cooler that can go just about wherever and easily marks itself as the easiest cooler YETI has to offer right now. Just throw it on your back and get going. You won’t even remember it’s there. Oh, and did we mention both the interior and exterior are waterproof? Yeah, YETI really put its all into this one.

YETI Hopper M20 Backpack Courtesy of YETI

Each Hopper M20 comes in three different colors including Navy, Bimini Pink and Charcoal. Because new products tend to sell out fast at YETI, we give this puppy just a few more days of color choices. After that, you’ll probably be left with one color or none at all to choose from until the next restock.

Don’t miss out, pick up this cooler backpack for yourself now using the button below.