YETI Released Its First Luggage Line & It’s Ready to Take On the Elements This Summer

YETI Crossroads
Courtesy of YETI

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Yup, you read that right: the makers of the most durable, bone-chilling cooler on the planet have released a luggage line that is ready to stand the test of time. YETI’s officially in the travel game, baby.

Don’t get it twisted, YETI has had a few travel-ready favorites in the past like their Panga BackpackPanga Duffel and more recently, even a portable YETI Camp Chair, but their new Crossroads line specializes in an efficient way of packing for travelers in 2021. They didn’t just dip their toes in the world of travel, either. They’re fully submerged and positioning themselves as a high-end option for travelers alongside sought after brands like Samsonite, Away, Tumi and Delsey.

YETI Crossroads Rolling Luggage Courtesy of YETI

But, why now?

It’s no surprise that the past few years have changed the way we travel likey for good. For COVID-conscious travelers, it’s become much more complicated. A lot of us have ditched short plane rides for longer car rides across state borders, and many people have been putting international travel on hold with some exceptions. The modern traveler in 2021 is a thinker. A planner, if you will. Modern travelers are packing smarter than they ever have because now, it isn’t as easy to carelessly hop on a flight home if things go awry.

YETI is taking the modern traveler into account with this luggage line. While other luggage brands are rolling yet another square-bodied spinner suitcase with a minimalist aesthetic, YETI is stuffing their luggage full of all the little pockets, straps and mesh lining you actually need in a travel bag. Because of this, YETI has created forward-thinking travel bags that are as ready for a cross-country flight as they are for your next camping trip. And since they come from YETI, you know they’re durable enough to handle any kind of adventure.

Because you simply need to get in on this before they’re all gone, check out all of the brand-new, must-have items from the YETI crossroads luggage line. It’s time to get on the road again.


1. YETI Crossroads Rolling Luggage

With sizes in both 22″ and 29″, the Crossroads Luggage is the first-ever rolling luggage option from YETI. These softshell suitcases are some of the most durable rolling luggage options to exist and can live through all the tough trunk tosses you give them. Each bag is completely water-resistant to stand tall and proud in rain, snow, sleet and shine — no matter the season. The bags have a split clamshell opening with a mesh divider to help split items and keep them both organized and secure during travel days. There are also interior mesh pockets to hold loose jewelry, toiletries and charging cables for your added convenience. It’s topped off with a top pocket for even more storage. The Rolling Luggage is available in four different colors that are black, navy, harvest red and a blueish-green color.

Sadly, these bags have become so popular that every color is out of stock. Be sure to click “Notify Me” through the link below and be the first to know when new bags drop again.


YETI Crossroads Rolling 29" Luggage Courtesy of YETI


2. YETI Crossroads Duffel

If you’re not in need of a rolling suitcase nowadays, you can never go wrong with a durable duffel bag ready to take on all your close-to-home weekend trips. With that said, check out YETI’s Crossroad Duffel, one of the best duffle bags we’ve seen in a long time. The bag is available in both 40L and 60L sizing depending on how much you typically tend to pack. They include two different divider panels to create three different sections so you can pack more efficiently. If you’re the type that prefers a wide-open space, these panels can also fold down and lay flat. The duffels have s foam wall, unlike your average, thin-material duffel so it will stand tall and proud as a softshell suitcase would.

YETI Crossroads Duffel Courtesy of YETI


3. YETI Crossroads Backpack

So, you’re the pack everything I need into a travel backpack kind of guy? The “shove it all in so I can just carry it on my back” type? We feel you there, we’ve been there, done that and sometimes still do it. Lucky for you, YETI’s Crossroads Backpack is here to save the day the next time you pack your knapsack to the brim. It comes in three different sizes (22L, 27L and 35L) to fit a multitude of travel needs. The bags have a fold-open format so you can easily see everything at once which completely differs from most travel packs on the market. You can easily attach this to any rolling luggage option from YETI or something you might already have, so you can effortlessly carry this back-free around the airport if need be. It’s made with tough materials and it’s also completely water-resistant so you can kiss damp clothes goodbye. Right now, some colors are out of stock per bag size, but you should be able to find at least one or two in-stock colors per size.

YETI Crossroads Backpack Courtesy of YETI


4. Crossroads Packing Cubes

Last but not least, you can’t be a smart packer in 2021 without some packing cubes. There really are no ifs, ands or buts. Yeah, surprisingly some of the luggage options listed above actually provide packing cubes for you (so we suggest you read the fine print before splurging on these) but here are YETI’s space-saving packing cubes if your luggage doesn’t come with them. Sizes come in small, medium and large and unlike a lot of packing cubes sold online, they don’t come in a set of sorts. All cubes are grey in color and they’re totally durable for whatever it is you’re doing out on your next adventure.

YETI Crossroads Packing Cubes Courtesy of YETI

Last updated October 24, 2021.