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Jonah Hill Hits the Gucci in You People, But the Amazon Rap Shirts Stick

You can say what you want, be we all know that style is very much a subjective thing, and in our opinion, it kind of ebbs and flows as you grow. It’s fun to see that in films and TV shows though, and the new film You People, which was released on Netflix, one of the best streaming services, over the weekend, has Jonah Hill wearing a surprisingly wide range of different things.

While he’s rocking things like Gucci t-shirts, which cost a lot more than many people are willing to spend on a piece of clothing, he’s also seen wearing a few different shirts that you can actually grab on Amazon right now, and for a good price. These shirts all show off a bunch of west coast rap, and if you’re hoping to copy that aspect of his wardrobe, we’ve got you covered.

Gucci Might Be Stylish, But Rap Is Forever

While the film itself has had some mixed reviews, it’s hard not to enjoy some good clothes. The film is a romantic comedy, but it touches on some pretty big issues in between the laughs, and has an impressive cast including Jonah Hill himself and also the likes of Eddie Murphy.

The rap shirts Hill dons during the film are meant to show him as being a little basic, at least in terms of his rap knowledge, but sometimes the classics are classic for a reason. So, if you feel like repping something a little less modern, we’ve got links to some of the shirts below. However, it’s not the only bit of style we’ve got covered from the film.

The Scene-Stealing Hoodie

The most notable piece of clothing in the film is not one of Jonah Hill’s West Coast rap pieces. It’s a hoodie worn by Eddie Murphy with a simple, powerful, and correct phrase: “Fred Hampton Was Murdered.” In December of 1969, Hampton was killed in a raid on his apartment organized by the FBI and Chicago police. The raid came in the wake of a shootout between Black Panther party members and Chicago police, but evidence demonstrates that there was little resistance inside the apartment. Hampton died of shots to the head.

Hampton became a martyr rather than a father to the child his pregnant girlfriend, with whom he was sleeping at the beginning of the raid, would have only short time later. There are a lot of jokes in the movie. The hoodie is not a joke, it serves to anchor the film in the reality of American racial strife. Eddie Murphy wears it with pride.