I’ve Been Bald Since I Was 20 — Here’s Every Grooming Essential I Use to Keep My Head Healthy

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Tyler Schoeber | SPY.com

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Some people find it awkward to talk about, but I couldn’t care less. I learned how to rock a bald head when I was 20, and at age 26, it continues to be a choice I’ve never regretted.

Sure, it took some time to reach this level of confidence, but I’m here and I feel hot as hell. No hiding thinning hair with uncomfortable combovers, baseball caps and a fake sense of confidence. I rock my noggin as is, bald and smooth.

But keeping the bald look requires effort. I take more care of my head and scalp health now because I want to keep my confidence. I want to be able to walk outside feeling and looking my best because who knows what might happen when stepping out into the world? I could stumble upon Beyoncé. I need to be prepared for whatever.

I recently had friends staying at my apartment to visit. Before coming, they threw me in a group chat, asking if I owned shampoo because I was bald. After laughing it off and telling them, “Of course,” I told some other friends, and they confided in me that they always wondered the same thing. Here’s an announcement for everyone, bald or not: every bald person should have a routine for taking care of their scalp. If you’re bald and you don’t, find a way to grow your hair back. You are no longer a reputable member of The Bald Club!

Every day, I take care of my scalp with many different items to keep my head clean, shiny, smooth and healthy. Whether it’s the best sunscreen for diminishing burns, dandruff shampoos for keeping my scalp nourished or bald head shavers for keeping this cranium nice and clean, all of the products below are strongly recommended for anyone rocking a shaved noggin. Peep every essential any bald person should be using now.

bald care Courtesy of Amazon/Tyler Schoeber

Head and Shoulders Shampoo

I’m still in awe that multiple people in my life couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that I “wash my hair” daily. Sure, I don’t have much hair to wash, but I still technically have a scalp that needs to be cleaned. I’ve suffered with dandruff throughout my life, but I noticed a larger issue once I began shaving my head. Maybe because there wasn’t anything to block exposure to the elements any longer? I’m unsure. Regardless, every bald person should be washing their heads, and I use Head and Shoulders for the brand’s effortless way of stopping dandruff where it starts. It’s an easy, affordable brand you can find at any drugstore or supermarket, and it works.

Head and Shoulders Shampoo Courtesy of Amazon


Bee Bald Smooth Plus Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

I wasn’t using moisturizer when I started shaving my head down to the scalp. Then, I started using my facial moisturizer and found my head felt softer to the touch, looked brighter and overall felt moisturized. For me, moisturizer is necessary no matter the season. It does the trick in cold, moisture-free January the same as when I’m sweating in August. I’ve tried Bee Bald many times and love its deeply moisturizing qualities because it’s packed with SPF 30. I will never wear a bald head moisturizer without SPF because I love going hatless in the sun. That said, it’s important to always keep SPF on your head as a bald person.

Bee Bald SMOOTH PLUS Daily Moisturizer w/SPF 30 Courtesy of Amazon


Banana Boat Sport Ultra Sunscreen Spray

I typically only apply moisturizer right before I leave the house. On hot, sunny summer days, I do get a little worried that the moisturizer won’t be enough, so I pack Banana Boat Sport Ultra Sunscreen Spray in my tote bag that I bring everywhere. In my opinion, this is the best sunscreen for bald heads because of how quickly it dries and how appropriate it is for my lifestyle. The lifestyle in question? A super sweaty head. I feel safe spraying this sport sunscreen on my noggin because I know it’s harder to wipe off. In addition, this will also get the tops of my ears. While it might not technically be for your head, I’ve found no issues using it, and I genuinely swear by it.

Banana Boat Sport Ultra Sunscreen Spray Courtesy of Amazon


Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Head Shaver

After testing just about every bald head shaver under the sun, I found that Skull Shaver’s Pitbull Gold PRO Head Shaver is the best. There’s no comparison. I shave my head every two days with the Pitbull Gold PRO, and I swear by it. It’s quick, easy, mess-free and holds a charge for weeks. It’s so easy, you can do it with your eyes closed. The unit sucks up the hair for later cleaning, so you’ll never make a mess or feel like you need to shower. I’ve even shaved my head with the Pitbull Gold PRO while waiting for a ride in front of the John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Ohio with total confidence. Don’t ask.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Head Shaver Courtesy of Amazon


Harry’s Razors for Men

Although I shave every two days with my Skull Shaver, I have a little secret. I shave every Friday evening before I go out with a Harry’s razor. I know, you’re not technically supposed to use this razor on your head, but I don’t give a damn. It provides the cleanest to-the-scalp shave I could ever ask for and lasts much longer than any alternative I’ve tried. That being said, if I can’t find time to shave my head throughout the weekend, this is a great option to use that will diminish my time getting ready. SPY has consistently named this the best men’s razor, and it’s great for shaving your face and your head.

Harry's Razors for Men Courtesy of Amazon

Baseball Cap

I used to be a hat guy solely because I was insecure about my thinning hair. Now, as a bald man, I’m exclusively reaping the protective benefits of your classic baseball hat. Anyone who’s ever had a scalp burn knows that they hurt. A baseball cap is a solid option to rock on days you’re in the sun and don’t have access to reapply sunscreen. In addition, I like wearing a baseball cap on days when I don’t have a clean shave to help cover it up. This stylish, affordable option from Amazon comes in a slew of colors — I have three from this brand.

TSSGBL Vintage Cotton Washed Adjustable Baseball Cap Courtesy of Amazon



Last but not least, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without a way to clear the sweat from my bald head. I am a seriously sweaty guy, so I always have a bandana on me to relieve any sweat on my head. I’m not sure if this helps with head breakouts, but it certainly helps with self-confidence and goes much further than paper towels.

Levi's Men's 100% Cotton Multi-Purpose Bandana Courtesy of Amazon