The Best Beard Brushes Will Help You Tame Your Wild Mane

Golden Beards vegan beard brush rests
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No self-respecting beard game is complete without one of the best beard brushes. If you’ve been using any old hairbrush to tame your wires or just plain skipping the beard-brushing step in your routine, there are a few reasons you should reconsider.

If you’re using a hairbrush on your beard, you might be taming your hair, but you’re also transmitting whatever gunk was on your head into your beard. All that dust, dead skin and sweat is going straight to the roots of your chin mane. That’s not good for your facial skin and it’s certainly not conducive to a healthy, fresh-looking beard.

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If you’re not brushing your beard at all, you’re missing out on an essential step of beard care. Without any products, just brushing your beard with one of the best beard brushes can help get flyaway, coarse beard hairs under control, help prepare your beard for combing or any other styling and help clear out beard dandruff and the daily build-up of gunk. Brushing with a proper beard brush also helps exfoliate your beard skin, stimulate follicles and hair growth as well as spread around the natural oils already in your beard, which is definitely better than borrowing oils from your scalp. And if you do need some products for your beard, like beard oil, a brush will also help spread the oil around for even distribution and maximum impact.

If you’re still skeptical, keep this in mind too: You only have to buy the brush once and it will elevate your beard game for the next decade, so it’s a solid investment in your grooming routine.

Given the importance of a good beard brush, we rounded-up a few of the best beard brushes out there for your perusal. When it comes to picking the right beard brush, keep this breakdown in mind:

  • Soft Bristles: Better for shorter, thinner beards
  • Firm Bristles: Better for longer, thicker beards
  • Medium-Strength Bristles: Decent for most beards, not great for all

Trust us, unless you’re allergic and absolutely require synthetic materials or feel strongly about the use of animal by-products, you’ll only want to go for a boar bristle brush because boar bristles are the best material with the right strength to do all of the vital things you need a beard brush to do, like clean and style your beard and exfoliate and condition your skin for improved skin health and hair growth. (And if that’s the case, don’t sweat it, we’ve got a great vegan pick for you.)

Our brush picks also vary in sizes and come in military-style or with handles, but ultimately those factors are less essential to the quality and more about personal preference. Yup, no matter which brush you go for, you’ll be getting one of the best beard brushes. And as a bonus, if you’re curious about beard oils (also essential to any beard care routine) we’ve included one of our top beard oil picks at the bottom too.


1. Kent MG3 Beard Brush


British brush company Kent has been in the brush game for over 200 years. Founded in 1777, the world’s oldest brushmaker is literally one year younger than the United States of America. So given how long Kent’s been in business, it should come as no surprise that Kent makes some of the best beard brushes in the world. What makes Kent’s brushes a step above the rest is the quality of materials. The company only uses the finest woods and buys bristles from the best bristle sellers around the world. The end result is a thoughtfully made, well-considered, high-quality brush.

We recommend Kent’s MG3 White Boar Bristle Brush. This beechwood brush with medium-strength white boar bristles is suited to all kinds of beards and will help remove dirt, promote hair growth and spread your beard’s natural hair oil. The bristles are cut more or less evenly, but each bundle of bristles varies in length to make sure no follicle goes unbrushed. With the quality of craftsmanship in this brush, if you don’t abuse it, it’ll last you forever.

Kent MG3 men's beard brush with natural white boar bristles for grooming Image courtesy of Amazon

Kent MG3 Beard Brush


2. Live Bearded Wooden Beard Comb and Brush


So, unfortunately, this military-style beard brush is competing directly with our top pick, but if you’re not looking to spend more than $50 on a military-style brush, Live Bearded’s Wooden Beard Brush is a great alternative. Made from a pearwood and black boar bristles and intended for all beard types, this brush will tidy up whatever issues you’re facing with your beard. It also has a notch in the wood for improved grip and it’s a little bit smaller than the best overall beard brush, making it that much better for your pocket or toiletries bag.

Live Bearded wooden beard comb and brush for men Image courtesy of Amazon

Live Bearded Wooden Beard Comb and Brush


3. Kent BRD2 Men’s Beard and Mustache Brush


If you’re more accustomed to a brush with a handle, we got you covered. Kent also makes a handled beard brush with all the same features and attention to detail as our top pick. The brush itself is noticeably smaller than other beard brushes, which makes it better for finishing and final styling as well as suitable for mustaches. But the high-quality bristles and craftsmanship still keep it suitable for that initial thorough brushing if you need it for that and it’ll still work to clean up any beard type, whether long or short. And if you’re on the go, it comes with a nice little travel bag, so whatever gets on your brush stays on your brush and off your clothes.

Kent BRD2 men's beard and mustache brush Image courtesy of Amazon

Kent BRD2 Men's Beard and Mustache Brush


4. ZilberHaar Regular Soft Bristle Beard Brush


If you’ve got a shorter, thinner, less coarse beard and plan to keep it that way, you should probably go for a soft-bristle brush. The softer bristles will antagonize your skin a lot less, which you’re going to want because there’s less hair to brush through. We recommend the ZilberHaar Regular Beard Brush. It’s made in Germany with a pearwood handle and soft boar bristles in the brush, so you can work out your beard’s kinks without overly irritating your skin.

Zilberhaar regular beard brush with soft boar bristles Image courtesy of Amazon

ZilberHaar Regular Soft Bristle Beard Brush


5. ZEUS Firm Bristle Beard Brush


If you’ve got a thicker, longer, curlier or coarser beard, you’re going to want to go with a firm brush. If you’re brushing through thick beard hair, the bristles need to be firmer to actually pass through the hair to style, pick up dirt and exfoliate your skin. We recommend the ZEUS Boar Bristle Beard and Moustache Brush. ZEUS is a barbershop staple for its high-quality brushes and reasonable price point. The firm boar bristles in this pear wood-handled brush can move through even the most unruly beards, so you can get that unruly mess under control. The brush is also small enough to effectively work as a mustache brush.

Zeus boar bristle beard and mustache brush with firm bristles Image courtesy of Amazon

ZEUS Boar Bristle Beard and Moustache Brush with Handle


6. Cremo Beard Brush


Any time you’re buying something new for your grooming arsenal, one question consistently arises: What if I don’t like it? Nobody wants to drop money on a product that might not work out. Brushes can also be trickier to return because they’re in the personal grooming/hygiene category. For times like these, you need to have a test purchase, typically something of a reasonable quality at a price point where you wouldn’t mind throwing the product away. Cremo’s Boar Bristle Beard Brush is the perfect brush for the concerned consumer. Of course at this price point, don’t expect the world of this brush: The wood is generic and you might lose a few boar bristles here and there, so it won’t last forever. That being said, it’s still a great first brush for most beard lengths and styles.

Cremo boar bristle beard brush Image courtesy of Amazon

Cremo Beard Brush


7. Grow Alpha Beard Grooming Kit


It might be hard to justify the splurge on grooming when you’re only getting a beard brush. But a beard brush, a beard comb and grooming scissors altogether? That’s an easier splurge to justify. That’s why we recommend Grow Alpha Beard’s Grooming Kit. It contains a quality boar bristle brush, beard comb and little scissors for touch-ups. The grooming kit also comes in four different colorways, so your brush and comb match and make the set really feel like it’s yours. And in case different colorways sounds like a red flag, Grow Alpha Beard merely colors the wood, but the brand still uses either bamboo or pearwood, both of which are quality woods for beard brushes. So if you’re worried about the expense, go for this kit. It’s good for most beards and offers multiple solid grooming tools for the price of one.

Grow Alpha Beard beard brush, comb, scissors grooming kit for men Image courtesy of Amazon

Grow Alpha Beard Grooming Kit


8. Golden Beard Vegan Beard Brush


If you absolutely can’t accept animal by-products in your brush, you can always go for vegan bristle brushes, which use plant-based materials for the bristles instead of boar bristles. We recommend the Vegan Beard Brush from Golden Beard. This made-in-Germany brush uses natural fibers from the agave lechugilla in northern Mexico to make its bristles. They have a soft-to-medium bristle strength, so they’re suitable for most beards except the longest of beards. And even then, this beard brush will still probably get the job done.

Golden Beards vegan beard brush with vegetal bristles Image courtesy of Amazon

Golden Beard Vegan Beard Brush


9. Honest Amish Beard Oil


If you’re just getting started on a beard care routine, not only will you need one of the beard brushes above, you’ll also have to pick up a high-quality beard oil. The best beard oils use essential oils to help soften and condition your beard. Some even include scented oils for some extra pop and flair for your beard. We recommend Honest Amish’s unscented Classic Beard Oil. Packed with essential oils like argan and jojoba, it offers great value and is a great beard oil for experienced and amateur users alike.

honest amish beard oil Image courtesy of Amazon


Honest Amish Beard Oil


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