Beard Butters Combine the Best Parts of Beard Oils and Beard Balms for Great Hydration and Hold

Bearded man squeezes Suavecito Beard Butter
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News flash, beardsmen: If you’re not using the best beard butter to take care of your facial hair, you’re straight up missing out and suffering because of it.

Though the best beard oils and beard balms absolutely help moisturize your skin and hair, they often leave the whiskered men among us with an impossible choice: The great moisturization and minimal hold of a beard oil or the lesser hydration with the fantastic hold of a beard balm.

That’s where the best beard butter comes in. Instead of being waxy like balm, which leaves your beard a little stiff, or liquidy like a beard oil, the best beard butters tend to be based off shea butter and are more like lotions or leave-in conditioners for your beard. That consistency makes spreading the butter through your hair even easier than beard oil while still delivering an upgraded hold, if not the ironclad grip of a waxy balm.

But if you ask us, we don’t need our beard products to help our beard deflect stray arrows or reflect sunlight into the eyes of our enemies; we just need great hydration for our hair and skin and flyaway control, both of which the best beard butters deliver in spades.

That’s why we rounded up some of the best beard butter around for your consideration. We have our favorites, of course, but any one of the following beard butters will open your eyes to what you and your beard have been missing.


1. Live Bearded Beard Butter, American


For the best beard butter overall, we love the line from Live Bearded Beard Butter with the brand’s American fragrance. All of Live Bearded’s products are high quality, and this butter, made from shea butter, jojoba oil and other oils, will bring your facial hair under control while moisturizing it like it spent a day at the spa. And we promise it’s a super manly spa that smells like cedar, vetiver and bergamot, guaranteed to add a great masculine fragrance to your beard routine. If you want your beard to look like the one she told you not to worry about, you found the best beard butter to get it there.

Live Bearded Beard Butter in American fragrance; best beard butter Courtesy of Amazon


2. Gladiator Beard Butter


If you’ve got a rugged, wiry beard in desperate need of taming, go for the Gladiator Beard Butter. Shea butter and a bevy of beard oils will have your hair under control and skin hydrated in a flash and leave it smelling Roman as hell, with notes of frankincense, myrrh, bergamot and patchouli.

Gladiator Beard Butter; best beard butter Courtesy of Amazon


3. Every Man Jack Beard Butter


We like just about everything Every Man Jack makes, including the Every Man Jack Beard Butter. Cocoa butter adds hydration and takes care of the itchiness, and wheat protein helps with hold and additional moisturizing. With just a dime-sized amount, you’ll have your beard under control and smelling of sea minerals and citrus.

Every Man Jack Beard Butter; best beard butter Courtesy of Amazon


4. SoftSheen-Carson Magic Beard Butter


Though it’s definitely not the best beard butter, if you’re looking for great value, look no further than the SoftSheen-Carson Magic Beard Butter.

This beard butter leans into, well, butters, such as shea and cocoa seed butter. It also boasts multiple beard oils and other hydrating ingredients to bring your beard back to life. However, the consistency is questionable and users were not huge fans of the fragrance, so if those are important to you, you may have to look elsewhere. But if they don’t matter, you can’t do much better than 3.5 ounces of butter for under $10.

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Softsheen-Carson Magic Beard Butter Courtesy of Amazon


5. Cremo Forest Blend Beard & Scruff Cream


For the best beard butter on the cheap side, check out the Cremo Forest Blend Beard & Scruff Cream. Yes, it doesn’t label itself as a beard butter, but it has a similar enough consistency and relies on many of the same ingredients, including cocoa seed butter, coconut oil and more, that we couldn’t pass up putting it on your radar. After all, if it looks like a beard butter and acts like one, we’re going to treat it like one.

Cremo Forest Blend Beard Scruff Cream Courtesy of Amazon


6. Maestro’s Classic Beard Butter


Amazon’s Choice is a fuzzy indicator of quality, but generally, it’s a pretty great way to identify the best products on Amazon. That’s why we trust Amazon’s Choice for beard butter, Maestro’s Classic Beard Butter.

This butter promises to deliver unmatched hydration and moisturization to soothe your itchy face and it smells refined, with a fragrance based on grapefruit, black pepper and bergamot. As one reviewer summarized, “If he has a beard, buy this.”

Maestro's Classic Beard Butter Courtesy of Amazon


7. Suavecito Beard Butter


Suavecito Beard Butter is highly rated on Amazon for the most straightforward reasons: It offers decent hold and it hydrates and softens your beard and skin to perfection. A natural shine brings the whole package together for a solid, reliable beard butter with a great value per ounce too.

Suavecito Beard Butter Courtesy of Amazon


8. Live Bearded Straight Up Unscented Beard Butter


If Live Bearded makes the best beard butter overall, why wouldn’t we come back to it for its unscented beard butter? The Live Bearded Straight Up Unscented Beard Butter promises the same conditioning and hold as the top pick, just without the fragrance.

Live Beard Straight Up Unscented Beard Butter Courtesy of Amazon


9. Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Butter Sampler


A good variety pack lets you test the waters and find something really awesome before buying your go-to beard butter. The Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Butter Sampler includes six beard butters in half-ounce containers, each with one of the brand’s six fragrances, ranging from toasted vanilla and amber to cherry tobacco and orange lavender. Alternatively, if you know a guy who desperately needs to take better care of his beard, this pack makes a great gift too.

Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Butter Sampler, with six jars of beard butter Courtesy of Amazon


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