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The Best Beard Shaping Tools Make Good Beards Look Great (Like These)

Growing a beard can take two days or two months, depending on your genetics and ancestry. But regardless of how long it takes for your manly mane to sprout, one thing all facial hair lovers know is that nothing ruins a great beard, goatee or mustache like an uneven chop job. That’s why, when it’s time to trim your beard, you should have only the best beard shaping tools on hand.

What Are Beard Shaping Tools?

When we say best beard shaping tools, we’re talking about physical tools you can use on your face to help you trim accurately. Beard shaping tools come in various sizes and shapes and, when pressed against your face and beard, provide a straight or curved outline to get rid of any trimming guesswork. For example, there are beard shaping tools for goatees, curved and straight lines for cheeks, V-shaped tools for necks, and plenty in between.

Why Should I Consider Using Beard Shaping Tools?

Beyond getting rid of the guesswork and just making cleaner lines easier to achieve, you can often use beard shaping tools for hairlines as well. That makes the best beard shaping tools an excellent option for those who cut their own hair or for those occasions when you need a minor touch-up between visits to the barbershop.

“Just a bit of shaping can change your whole look,” New York City barber Stephen Wu of Fellow Barber told SPY. “No matter if you have short stubble or a Gandalf wizard beard, maintaining solid shapes and clean edges shows others how much you care for your beard.”

What Else To Know About Beard Shaping Tools?

“Shaping your beard takes patience and practice,” Wu says. So less is more, especially when you’re just getting started, and remember, you can’t put the hair back once it’s cut. If you do want to step your game up and try to handle more of your own upkeep, Wu suggested watching your barber closely and paying attention to the lines they make. “That way, you can maintain it at home until your next visit,” he said.

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And that’s basically the 101 on beard shaping tools. Of course, you’ll need a top-notch beard trimmer and an excellent razor (and a beard brush wouldn’t hurt), but a simple, great beard shaping tool will make shaving so much easier to achieve the lines and look you want.

So check out the beard shaping tools below and start taking pride in your beard.


1. Aberlite ClearShaper


The Aberlite ClearShaper allows for eight different beard-shaping styles, including a gentle curve cut, a deep curve cut, a curved step cut, a straight step cut, a curved edge and a straight edge for goatees and a curved edge and a straight edge for your neckline. We also appreciate the transparent plastic, which makes visualizing the lines easier.

Sure, there’s a learning curve, but if you play with the tool a bit before shaving, we think you’ll be able to figure it out with no problem. When you do, stray edges on your cheeks, beard, neck and mustache won’t stand a chance.

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2. The Beard Black Beard Shaping Tool


The Beard Black Beard Shaping Tool is a perfect example of a prototypical beard shaping tool. You have two combs and two different beard shape guides in one device. If you’re looking for straighter lines, use the flat line. If you’re looking for a curved beard line, use the curved side.

Of course, as will be the case with all beard shaping tools, there will be a little bit of a learning curve to get symmetry on both sides of your face. But the beauty of using a beard shaping tool is that if one side’s line is higher than the other, you can use the tool again to take a little off the top until the two sides are more visibly symmetrical. Or, once you really have the hang of things, freehand it.

But as far as beard shaping tools go, The Beard Black tool will be simple enough for most guys just looking for a quick and easy way to get better lines.

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3. Megan Beard Shaping Tool


We like the Megan Beard Shaping Tool for a more sophisticated beard shaping tool. Though most guys will be OK with a more basic tool, the Megan beard shaping tool will be perfect for the man trying to avoid going to the barber.

Instead of one to two lines that only work in limited ways, this beard template works by creating lines all over your face. There’s a forehead line, curve cut, neck line, mustache line, a goatee line, a straight cut line, a step-cut line and a mini comb to boot.

Users said the beard shaping tool is a little flimsy, but it’s a piece of plastic meant for brief usage on your face, so it’s not like it needs to be stainless steel.

And though we’d recommend buying these things on their own, if you love saving money or are open-minded about shaving tools, this beard shaping tool also comes with a pack of double-edge blades, a straight razor and trimming scissors. The trimming scissors are fine, but you should be wary of the straight razor, especially if you’ve never used one before.

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4. Aberlite FlexShaper Neckline Guide


The Aberlite FlexShaper Neckline Guide has two great things going for it as best beard shaping tools go. First, the V-shaped tool is designed for perfect necklines only. While that doesn’t make it very versatile, it is excellent for quick neckline touch-ups. Second, it’s hands-free. Just strap the tool around your head and under your neck, adjust it to deliver the lines you want and then shave away. The tool is plastic, a bit flexible and sturdy, so it’s not uncomfortable and will hold up as long as you need it to.

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5. Grow Alpha Beard Beard Shaping Tool Kit


We like the Grow Alpha Beard Beard Shaping Tool Kit because it’s exceptionally straightforward to use. With two curved cut edges and a step-cut edge, it’s easy to hold the straight edge to line up the curved edges on either side of your face, leaving only a quick drag of the razor between you and perfect lines. Sure, it’s a bit less versatile than other beard shaping tools, but it’s pretty cheap and pretty durable for its price, too, and we think you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use out of the box. Plus, you can use the included pencil liner if you’re having difficulty following your desired lines, and the included comb will ensure your hair is ready for your trim.

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6. Cut Buddy Plus


While you could theoretically use any of these beard shaping tools for hairlines, it’s better to go with a template designed for beards and hairlines. The Cut Buddy Plus has nice long curves, perfect for cheek lines, necklines and even your upper hairline where the hair meets the forehead.

We also like the Cut Buddy Plus because it comes from a small Black-owned business that blew up after appearing on CNBC’s Shark Tank.

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7. Generic Goatee Shaving Template Set


We love the Generic 5 Sizes Goatee Shaving Template Set for a goatee-specific beard-shaving tool. In this set, you get five goatee beard shapers of different sizes and all transparent, making nailing the goatee size and contours a breeze. Just hold the little handle flush against your face, run a trimmer or razor around the edges and boom, you’ve got a perfect, fresh goatee in minutes.

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