The Right Beard Wash Can Bring Your Worn-Out Beard Back to Life

Jack Black Beard Wash and other
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Any self-respecting beardsman knows that you take care of your beard or your beard won’t take care of you. That’s why if you aspire to live the bearded life, you need to add a beard wash to your bathroom counter or shower.

A great beard wash features all kinds of oils and hair-rejuvenating ingredients to help cleanse and bring some life back to your beat-up beard. But it’s not all about appearance. If you’ve ever grown a beard beyond the short stubble length then you’re familiar with beard itch. Beard itch tells you that your hair and skin are dry, which is one problem a great beard wash can help solve.

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Not to mention, your beard accumulates all the sweat and dead skin you make as you go about your day and a beard wash will help make that dirt and grime a thing of the past. Not only will it leave your hair feeling softer and less itchy, it’ll just be straight-up cleaner, healthier and nicer-looking. While a great beard oil will help with the former, and leave you feeling a bit oily, only a good beard wash can help get your beard cleaner. With the right beard brush, you have everything you need to keep your beard soft, smelling great, itch-free and untangled.

To help get you started, we checked out some of the most popular and best-selling beard washes and rounded up some of our favorites below. Whether you’ve got a thick or thin beard, long or short beard or dry or oily skin (or some combo of all of the above), you’ll find something to upgrade your beard care below.


1. Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash


The qualities of a great beard wash are simple: It cuts down on flakes and itchiness, softens hair and skin, doesn’t cost too much and smells great. That’s exactly what you’ll get from Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash. It relies on basic but solid carrier oils like sunflower, coconut and palm oils to hydrate your hair and skin and includes essential oils of cedar and fir to provide the woodsy Timber fragrance.

Per ounce of beard wash, it’s also one of the best values, offering an upsized 8 ounces of wash for less than similar brands offering 6 ounces. Like most beard washes, you probably won’t want to use Mountaineer’s wash every day lest you risk over-cleansing your hair. But use it a couple of times a week and you’ll start to notice the results quickly.

A blue bottle of Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash in Timber scent Courtesy of Amazon

Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash



2. Live Bearded Straight Up Unscented Natural Beard Wash


Live Bearded makes all kinds of beard products — except shaving products. This brand is for guys who are seriously committed to their beards, and we recently named them one of our favorite indie grooming brands. The Live Bearded Straight Up Unscented Natural Beard Wash is one of the brand’s most solid offerings. Per SPY’s managing editor Tim Werth, this is the best beard wash he’s tried.

It’s gentle enough for everyday use while still thoroughly cleansing your beard without drying it out. It lathers up well for easy coverage and rinses cleanly too, leaving you with a much softer, fresher beard than you had before. The unscented wash is a great pick for those who prefer to add fragrance through another product, but Live Bearded also offers five different masculine fragrances too such as the American, which smells of cedar, pine, vetiver and bergamot.

Live Bearded buyers also praise the brand’s customer service, which gives you confidence that if you don’t like the beard wash you’ve got 365 days to get your money back.

A bottle of Live Beard Natural Unscented Beard Wash Courtesy of Amazon

Live Bearded Straight Up Unscented Natural Beard Wash



3. Jack Black Beard Wash


If you don’t have something in your bathroom from Jack Black, now might be a time to consider the Jack Black Beard Wash. If you use this beard wash you can count on two things: Itchiness and flakes will be a thing of the past and your beard will look healthier and feel softer in no time.

While there’s something to be said for simplicity, Jack Black opted for a more complicated formula that you can safely use any day on any kind of beard. Things like aloe and panthenol work to soothe irritated skin while things like glycerin, shea butter and a boatload of plant oils and extracts work to add moisture while cleansing and softening tough hairs. Plus, if you’re big on oils and waxes, this will gently wash those out no problem.

A blue 6-ounce bottle of Jack Black Beard Wash Courtesy of Amazon

Jack Black Beard Wash



4. Every Man Jack Beard + Face Wash


It’s not necessarily the best value, but for a great pick on the cheaper side, we love the Every Man Jack Beard + Face Wash.

You get a bigger-than-average 6.7 ounces of great-smelling, easy-lathering, beard-cleansing beard wash that’s also a face wash. It won’t dry out your skin, you don’t need to use too much for a good clean and it’s ethically produced. For a few dollars less than competing beard washes, what’s not to like about all that? For our beards, we like the Cedarwood scent, which has a sweet, woodsy fragrance.

A hand-pump bottle of Every Man Jack Beard and Face Wash in Cedarwood scent Courtesy of Amazon

Every Man Jack Beard + Face Wash

$8.97 $11.99 25% OFF


5. Grave Before Shave Beard Wash Shampoo


Not only does Grave Before Shave Beard Wash Shampoo have 84% five-star reviews on over 1,200 reviews, but it has some of the lowest one- and two-star ratings, 1% and 1%, we’ve ever seen. It’s never all about reviews, of course, but we can understand why users love this beard wash.

Users praised the beard wash as a strong beard cleanser that cleaned the dirt while leaving their beards feeling softer and cleaner with a great masculine scent. The wash also is not too expensive, though you get an average 6 ounces.

The only negative we found was some users reported dried-out beards after using the wash for a few months. Not all beard washes should be used daily and this beard wash is definitely on the stronger side. To help minimize that issue, we’d recommend only using one to two times a week.

crave before you shave beard wash Courtesy of Crave Before You Shave

Grave Before Shave Beard Wash Shampoo

$12.25 $19.99 39% OFF


6. Proraso Beard Wash


Brands like Italy’s Proraso have been around for years and years because they continue to make great products. The Proraso Beard Wash can be used daily and it promises to soften, smooth and condition your beard while gently cleansing it.

Perhaps in keeping with Proraso’s more traditional barbershop roots, this beard wash doesn’t lather up too much and offers a classic fragrance, in this case, a cypress and vetiver fragrance with notes of cedar, bergamot and amber. It’s slightly overpriced compared to other beard washes, but you can trust that it’s made with top-quality ingredients and will deliver as promised.

best beard wash Courtesy of Amazon

Proraso Beard Wash in Cypress and Vetiver

$14.40 $18.00 20% OFF


7. Beard Struggle Radiance Beard Wash


Beard Struggle Radiance Beard Wash sets a high bar for itself to clear right from its name. Will any beard wash ever really leave your beard feeling radiant? We think The Beard Struggle beard wash just might. This beard wash uses essential oils and organic ingredients to give you an amazing lather for deep softness and shine. We like the Asgardian Secret scent for its sandalwood, vanilla and bergamot notes, so you’ll have a Viking-worthy beard without the Viking-worthy smell.

A black bottle of The Beard Struggle Beard Wash in Asgardian Secret Courtesy of Amazon

Beard Struggle Radiance Beard Wash



8. Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Beard Wash


There’s a great beard wash for every man, including those starting to show a little more salt than pepper. If that’s you, then you might appreciate Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Beard Wash.

With daily use, you can incrementally dye away white and gray hairs. Just stop using it when you’re satisfied with the amount of gray and start using it if the gray starts to overwhelm again. What also makes this beard wash great is its compatibility with all facial hair colors. Whether you’re dealing with the darkest brown or the lightest blond, you’ll see less gray.

A box of Just For Men Control GX Grey-Reducing Beard Shampoo Courtesy of Amazon

Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Beard Wash

$7.79 $9.99 22% OFF


9. Shea Moisture Beard Wash and Detangler


Shea Moisture specializes in, yup, shea butter-based products and the Shea Moisture Beard Wash and Detangler will work together to leave your beard in absolutely tip-top shape.

Naturally, the wash does all the cleansing to rid your beard of the day’s grime while managing to not dry your hair and skin out. The detangler, basically a conditioner, takes the moisture to the next level on even thick, coarse beards and makes smoothing knots a breeze. At the same time it’s lightweight so it won’t feel heavy or interfere with any other product you might apply afterward.

Use both of these products and you’ll have the cleanest, softest beard on the block.

A 6-ounce green bottle of Shea Moisture Beard Wash and a 4-ounce green bottle of Shea Moisture Detangler Courtesy of Amazon

Shea Moisture Beard Wash and Detangler



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