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This $17 Tool Is the Most Important Beard Grooming Product You’ll Ever Own

I love my beard. In fact, I love my beard so much, my long-time girlfriend has only seen me clean-shaven once in the past seven years.

And even though the weather is getting warmer and my beard is getting grayer, I have no plans to say goodbye to my facial hair in 2021. While a lot of guys have grown beards in the last few years as they’ve risen in popularity, I’m fully committed.

One common misconception about beards is that having a beard involves a lot less work than shaving every day, but I’m not sure that’s really true. If you have a gross, wiry beard that smells funky, then it probably is. But to maintain a properly handsome beard, you’ve got to put in some work, and that means having the right beard care products.

And, without a doubt, a solid beard brush is the most important beard grooming tool you’ll ever own. Seriously, if you have a beard and you aren’t using one of these brushes, then you’re doing it wrong. A boar’s hair beard brush not only untangles your beard hair but also shakes loose dandruff, dead skin and dead hair, which keeps your beard looking and smelling its best. Without one, all kinds of gunk will accumulate on your skin and facial hair.

There are a lot of beard brushes for sale, but my absolute favorite is the Live Bearded Boar Bristle Beard Brush. Live Bearded is an independent grooming company based in Arizona, and we featured some of its products in The 2020 Man awards feature. The brand’s beard brush is made from 100% boar’s hair on a wooden handle, and it can elevate your beard game. Priced at $17, this product will last for years, and it’s available at the Live Bearded website or via Amazon Prime.

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Why Beard Brushes Are the #1 Most Important Grooming Tool

Over the years, I’ve tested a lot of beard care products, both for my own benefit and for Spy readers. There are plenty of great beard oils, beard washes and even beard straighteners for sale right now, and guys new to the bearded life might not be sure which grooming tools they actually need.

In my experience, you don’t need an all-of-the-above approach. If you have a favorite beard oil, you likely don’t need a beard balm and beard wash, too. However, there’s one beard grooming tool that you can’t live without, and it’s the humble beard brush.

The best beard brushes typically feature a wood handle and genuine boar’s hair bristles. Genuine boar’s hair brushes are usually more expensive, but they’ll last a lot longer and perform a lot better, so it’s worth the extra money.

Without a beard brush, the hairs in your beard will get tangled and wiry. Even worse, your beard will start to smell as dead skin and other debris builds up amongst your facial hair. A few rigorous passes with a beard brush shakes loose beard dandruff and other debris, all while untangling your beard. If you follow up with a comb or beard oil, you’ll have the kind of handsome beard other guys will envy.

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Courtesy of Live Bearded
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Courtesy of Live Bearded