Guys, Using Dry Shampoo Will Make Your Hair So Much Healthier

best dry shampoos for men
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One of the biggest realizations in hair care in the last ten years is that washing your hair too often could actually be doing more harm than good. Shampoo is designed to strip your head of its natural oils, giving a clean appearance to your hair. However, by doing so, you disrupt your hair’s natural balance and encourage your scalp to produce even more oils to replace those that it’s lost through the shampooing process. This, in turn, can cause overly oily hair, dandruff and damage to your hair follicles.

As a solution to the problem, many companies have started to produce dry shampoos. These products usually come in powder or spray form and can be applied to your head to make “dirty” hair appear clean again without stripping any natural oils away. Most women know that on those mornings when you just don’t have time for a shower, dry shampoo can be a lifesaver.

But just because most dry shampoos are marketed to women doesn’t mean men can’t benefit from them, too. Dry shampoos are particularly useful for shorter hair (like most men sport) and can be used for several days before causing an uncomfortable buildup on the scalp. That means you can easily use dry shampoo for men before styling your hair in the morning, after a workout at the gym or before heading out for the night.

So, if you aren’t already using dry shampoo for men, you definitely need to invest in a bottle. It will make a world of difference to your scalp and hair health, especially if you’re currently shampooing once or more than once daily. Below, you’ll find the ten best dry shampoos for men. Take a look at the list and pick out the best option for your hair type and lifestyle.

1. Hair Dance Dry Shampoo Volume Powder


The Hair Dance Dry Shampoo Volume Powder is the ideal way to give your hair a refresh without having to step in the shower. It’s suitable for all hair colors and great for throwing into your bag when you wake up late, are away overnight or find yourself somewhere without washing facilities. The USA-made powder rubs into your hair roots to absorb excess oils and add volume, giving your hair a healthier appearance in a matter of minutes. This powder is also eco-friendly, cruelty-free and all-natural.

dry shampoo for men hair dance Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Old Spice Dry Shampoo for Men


If this is your first foray into the world of dry shampoo and you want to start out with a budget-friendly option, choose the Old Spice Dry Shampoo for Men. This easy-to-apply spray will provide your hair with a new lease on life and freshness similar to that of recently washed hair. It’s a great way to smell clean on the days you haven’t washed. The masculine scent also includes hints of citrus for a tropical feel that will have you convinced you’re chilling out on a beach every time you close your eyes.

dry shampoo for men old spice Image courtesy of Amazon


3. OGX Refresh & Balance Dry Shampoo


OGX products often show up on lists of the best dry shampoo for men, and for good reason. With its combination of tea tree and mint, the OGX Refresh & Balance + Tea Tree Mint Dry Shampoo keeps you smelling fresh while providing texture and a healthy glow at the same time. This shampoo also works to give your senses a treat as the refreshing blend of tea tree oil, witch hazel and peppermint oil deliver a complex yet refreshing experience. This is a great choice for anyone looking for smoother, fuller and bouncier hair without having to step into the shower every 12 hours.

dry shampoo for men ogx tea tree Image courtesy of Amazon


4. KICK Dry Shampoo


Dry hair is a problem that can be caused by a whole range of factors, including washing your hair too often. Luckily, KICK Dry Shampoo has the ability to get beyond your dry hair and provide an appearance which is healthy, full of life and great smelling, too. By restoring your hair’s moisture, body and softness, you’ll have great looking hair no matter where you’ve come from, be it the bed or the gym. This shampoo also features a naturally fresh scent and doesn’t leave any residue or unpleasant smell behind after application.

dry shampoo for men kick Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Beauty By Earth Organic Dry Shampoo Powder


If you’re looking for an organic answer to your dry shampoo needs, look no further than this Beauty By Earth Organic Dry Shampoo Powder. This shampoo can be easily applied to your hair and works to protect your natural color. When ordering, you can choose between the light or dark shampoo options to enjoy a hair treatment that preserves natural oils and retains vital nutrients and moisture, no matter your hair color. This all-natural powder is also a great option for users who have fine hair.

dry shampoo for men beauty by earth Image courtesy of Amazon


6. The Well Groomed Guy Men’s Dry Shampoo


The Well Groomed Guy Mens Dry Shampoo is a solid choice for men who often find they have too little time to shower and groom themselves but still want a healthy-looking and under control head of hair. This powder uses a range of natural ingredients, including kaolin clay and rice powder, which are all non-toxic and work to protect both your hair and scalp. This quick and effective shampoo is a great option for vacations or other times when you’re away from home and washing isn’t always at the top of your priorities.

dry shampoo for men well groomed man Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Batiste Dry Shampoo


Many guys struggle to buy dry shampoo because so many brands only carry scented options. If you’re looking for a simple, unscented dry shampoo for men, this is the right choice. The Psssst! Shampoo Instant Dry Spray Unscented is a tried and true classic among dry shampoos, and it’s ideal for guys who haven’t previously used this type of product in their morning routine. It’s easy to use and doesn’t come with fruity scents designed with female consumers in mind. To apply it, simply spray it over your hair and then comb it through. 

best dry shampoo for men Courtesy of Amazon


8. Osensia Argan Oil Dry Shampoo


The Osensia Argan Oil Dry Shampoo is made for those times when you don’t want to wash or simply don’t have time. A quick spray of this dry shampoo will have your hair looking clean, feeling soft and boasting a healthy glow. Another benefit of this treatment is that compared to washing, it takes no time at all, leaving you with ready-to-go hair after a matter of minutes. Plus, the shampoo features a naturally fresh scent which will tempt you to run your fingers through your hair any chance you get.

dry shampoo for men argan oil Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Duke Cannon News Anchor Quick Fix Dry Shampoo


Everyone knows that an anchorman’s signature look includes a thick, healthy head of hair. Perhaps that’s why Ron Burgundy carried a comb everywhere he went. Get the news anchor look with the Duke Cannon New Anchor Quick Fix Dry Shampoo. This spray removes unattractive oils and provides a fuller, thicker look, especially for thinning hair. As an added benefit, this product comes with a travel-sized spray to take with you on weekends away or to keep in your gym bag.

dry shampoo for men duke cannon Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Rene Furterer NATURIA Dry Shampoo


If you’ve tried powdered dry shampoo and it always comes out looking like you have snow in your hair, it’s time to try a spray shampoo. Applying the Rene Furterer NATURIA Dry Shampoo is as easy as spraying it 10 inches away from your head, waiting two minutes and then brushing your hair. There’s no white residue to worry about, and this shampoo can keep your hair grease-free for up to four days in a row if necessary. Although it’s on the pricier side, the included clay and silica powders, as well as the light scent of this Rene Furterer dry shampoo, give it a truly luxe feel.

dry shampoo for men furterer Image courtesy of Amazon


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