Our Definitive Ranking of the 8 Best Electric Razors for Men

The Best Electric Razors in 2020:
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A lot of guys are seriously skeptical of electric shavers. Some see them as newfangled, despite the fact that the first patent for an electric-powered razor was filed in 1898. Others complain that even the best electric shavers don’t offer as close a shave as some disposable razors.

However, with modern morning routines being as rushed as they are, grooming with an electric shaver offers an unparalleled level of convenience. You’re bound to enjoy a more comfortable shave with an electric razor than you would hastily attempting to manually shave while putting on your shoes, brushing your teeth and making breakfast at the same time.

However, the key to convenience is reliability. If something is easy to use but breaks down or is difficult to clean, then it isn’t actually very convenient. That’s why choosing the right electric shaver is crucial. It starts with knowing what the best electric razors are, as well as the different types available.

So what are the best electric shavers? Below, we’ve ranked our favorite products and break down why they’re worthy of your morning shave.


Foil vs. Rotary Shavers

We won’t make this more complicated than it needs to be. There are two types of electric shavers: foil and rotary. Each operates differently and offers its own set of pros and cons. Here’s a brief breakdown between the two:

Foil Shavers

A first for the category, the foil shaver was originally invented in 1928 by Canadian Jacob Schick, the same man who founded the Schick Dry Shaver, Inc. razor company. These machines feature oscillating blades within a thin layer of foil that lift hairs away from the skin surface for precise shaves. Many also come bundled with extra accessories (e.g. combs, trimmer attachments) to tackle different hair lengths. The technique consists of employing back-and-forth or up-and-down strokes; circular motions cause pulling and result in inflammation.

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Pros: Best for everyday use and can be used on the scalp. Provide closer and gentler shaves, faster cutting speeds and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Cons: Extremely noisy. Limited pivoting for shaving contoured areas. Cheap electric shavers are prone to overheating.

Rotary Shavers

The first-ever rotary shaver was created by Philips in 1939. Most models feature three circular heads with an internally spinning cutter that seamlessly snips facial hair and provides excellent handleability for maximum traction on skin. Proper technique consists of circular motions around the face, neck and chin for a convenient, close shave.

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Pros: Best for dense and wild hair. Flexible heads operate more silently. Suitable for rough skin types.

Cons: More prone to cause irritation. Not suitable for trimming. Shaving results aren’t always precise.

Got it? Alrighty then. Now let’s get the right model in your hand. Below is a list of the best electric razors for men that we’ve compiled based on expert reviews, fanfare (aka customer reviews) and our own testing. We’ve also taken it a step further by taking category, price, and shaving purpose into account.


1. Braun Series 9


Several grooming enthusiasts liken electric shavers to sports cars — premium machines with sleek aesthetics and serious horsepower underneath the hood. The Braun Series 9 can practically be considered the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster of foil shavers with the design, specs and performance to justify its high price tag. Hidden behind its beautiful and 100% waterproof aluminum casing is a super-powerful motor that generates 40,000 “cross-cutting actions per minute” to execute the smoothest dry and wet shaves possible. The motor also has autosensing capabilities that determine the density of hair to optimize strokes and catch more hair without tugging. Braun even bundles the Series 9 with its handsome Clean & Charging Station to dock the machine, proudly displaying it as a bathroom centerpiece.

There are a couple versions of this beauty available at different price points, each sharing the same luxury appearance as the original, but with different accessories and minor cosmetic changes. Nonetheless, if you’re going all-in on an electric shaver and money is no option, splurge away.

Best Electric Shavers Braun


2. Philips Norelco Shaver 9300


A solid shaver with excellent craftsmanship and shaving capabilities, the Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 looks identical to its more expensive brethren, the 9700. Thankfully, it performs just as well and comes at a lower price. Weight is nicely distributed, balancing well in hand with solid grip control to perform comfortable shaves. Philips’ innovative V-track precision blade system moves in 8 different directions to move easily around the face and capture 20% more hair while also providing up to 30% closer shaves. Most electric shavers struggle with three-day beards, but this one handled mine with finesse; I found applying a thin layer of shaving cream gave the blades more slickness to reduce friction. The multi-level display and three-speed settings make operating the shaver simple as well.

Best Electric Shavers Philips Norelco



3. Remington All-in-1 Grooming Kit


The best electric shavers don’t always come at a premium. For those who want plenty of versatility at a fraction of the cost, the Remington All-in-1 Grooming Kit is as inexpensive as they come. This foil shaver has a wide array of options to manage multiple grooming tasks, from basic shaves to beard and body trimming. That’s right, this product is both an electric shaver and a beard trimmer. It comes bundled with nine different attachments, including a hair clipper comb with eight length settings to chop off thick fur before moving on to a standard shave. The steel blades are pretty sharp for a $30 machine, plus you get a solid 70 minutes of wireless use on a full charge.

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4. Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV97-K


Features make an electric shaver, and the Arc5 ES-LV97-K certainly isn’t short on them. Seriously, where do we start? The flex 16-D shaving head was designed for adaptability and pivots in 16 directions independently, allowing it to reach the most difficult areas for more effective coverage. Next up is the 14,000 CPM linear motor that delivers up to 70,000 cross-cutting motions per minute, which is higher than the Braun Series 9. Panasonic’s patented active shave sensor is very intuitive, adjusting power flow at 14x a second and measuring beard density at 220x a second.

Something else that makes the Arc5 ES-LV97-K ultramodern is its bright LED screen that indicates the battery level clearly and adds some extra flair. Did we mention the pop-up trimmer on the back? Lastly, the shaver can be used dry or wet. Like all of the best electric shavers, this product is waterproof and ready for wet shaves.

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5. GAMMA+ Absolute Zero Cordless Foil Shaver & Retractable Trimmer


Want something that can clean up your moneymaker quickly and fits in your denim pocket or dopp kit? Take a look at this cordless, compact shaver. Its design may exude barber vibes, which is aesthetically pleasing, but its true worth comes in serviceability. The GAMMA+ Absolute Zero grants you 120 minutes of continuous use, and on a 30-minute charge. The gold titanium hypoallergenic foils do a surprisingly good job of snatching wild hairs and protecting skin from razor bumps, ingrown hairs and skin irritation. GAMMA+ also bundles two spare cutters should the integrated ones crap out on you. There is also a retractable trimmer on the back should you want to touch up any edges.

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6. Braun Series 7


Not every man has Series 9 money, but if you’re looking for the next best thing from Braun at a relatively affordable price, then it’s the Series 7. This critically acclaimed shaver comes with numerous features tailored for men with sensitive skin. Included is a console that automatically cleans and charges the shaver when not in use. It’s also fully waterproof, so you can quickly rinse it off or shave in the shower when time isn’t on your side. What’s cool is that the Series 7 carries the same intelligent sonic and autosense technology as its successor, automatically adjusting power based on where you’re shaving for a closer and more precise shave. We love how nimble and flexible the shaving head feels, which provides relief shaving around fragile areas.

Best Electric Shavers Braun


7. Philips Norelco OneBlade


If multifunctionality was the biggest selling point for an electric shaver, then the OneBlade would be considered the Leatherman of the category. An all-in-one device that can shave, trim, edge and style facial hair is the best way to describe this amazing creation from Philips. The dual-sided blade system is well-engineered and seamlessly mows through dense hair to create the ideal five-o’clock shadow look. You won’t achieve the same clean-cut shave as a straight razor, but its precision allows for better and more creative styling; it’s a breeze to line up your forehead and sideburns. The 45-minute battery and portable design also make the OneBlade a great travel companion. Should you want a fancier version of this hybrid trimmer-shaver, seek out the OneBlade Pro, which features an adjustable precision comb with 12 length settings and double the battery life.

Best Electric Shavers Philips Norelco



8. Braun Series 5 5018s


Braun’s newest line of entry-level shavers — the Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 — are all noteworthy investments that offer amazing bang-for-the-buck performance. We’re especially fond of the Series 5 for two reasons: its ability to plow through stubble effortlessly, and for offering similar features (e.g. 5-minute quick charging, waterproof protection) at the lowest price point. The 3-blade head demonstrated a nice range of movement and adapted to my facial contours, creating less of a headache when shaving around my neck and chin. I also appreciated the rubberized sides that provided better grip control for smoother stroke action.

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