I Shaved My Face Hundreds of Times to Find the 9 Best Electric Razors for Men in 2022

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Tyler Schoeber | SPY

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A lot of guys are seriously skeptical of electric razors. Some see them as newfangled, despite the fact that the first patent for an electric-powered razor was filed in 1898. Others complain that even the best electric razors don’t offer as close a shave as some disposable razors or safety razors.

However, with modern morning routines being as rushed as they are, grooming with an electric shaver offers an unparalleled level of convenience. You’re bound to enjoy a more comfortable shave with an electric razor than you would hastily attempting to manually shave while putting on your shoes, brushing your teeth and making breakfast at the same time.

However, the key to convenience is reliability. If something is easy to use but breaks down or is difficult to clean, then it isn’t actually very convenient. That’s why choosing the right electric shaver is crucial. It starts with knowing what the best electric razors are, as well as the different types available. That’s why we took the time to test, review and rank each of the world’s best electric razors for men on the market right now — so you can pick the very best option for yourself.

After testing 12 electric razors in total, we decided on the top nine options that provide a comfortable, effortless shave no matter the circumstance. From picks that will most certainly burn a hole in your wallet to options just about anyone can afford, we made sure to test options for every kind of shaver in 2022. That said, if you find yourself in the need of an electric shaver these days, look no further than the picks we’ve provided below. We can assure you these are all worth your pretty penny.

Just like our guides to the best razors for men and the best beard trimmers, all of these products were extensively tested by SPY editors, and we’ll continue to update this post as we find more quality products for your consideration.

best electric razors Tyler Schoeber | SPY


The Best Electric Razors at a Glance

1. Best Overall: Braun Series 3 — $59.97 on Amazon

2. Runner Up: Braun Series 7 — $169.94 on Amazon

3. Most Features: Panasonic MultiShape — $170.00 at Panasonic

4. Best Rotary: Mowbie Light Stimulation Rotary Shaver — $49.88 at Walmart

5. Best Dual-Shaver: Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Electric Trimmer — $49.96 on Amazon

6. Top-Tier Option: Panasonic ARC6 Electric Razor — $499.99 on Amazon

7. SPY Favorite: Braun Series 9 — $309.94 on Amazon

8. Best Dry Shaver: Andis reSURGE Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver — $118.00 on Amazon

9. Honorable Mention: Wahl Bump-Free Foil Shaver — $54.97 on Amazon


Foil vs Rotary Shavers

We won’t make this more complicated than it needs to be. There are two types of electric razors: foil and rotary. Each operates differently and offers its own set of pros and cons. Here’s a brief breakdown between the two:

Foil Shavers

A first for the category, the foil shaver was originally invented in 1928 by Canadian Jacob Schick, the same man who founded the Schick Dry Shaver, Inc. razor company. These machines feature oscillating blades within a thin layer of foil that lift hairs away from the skin surface for precise shaves. Many also come bundled with extra accessories (e.g. combs, trimmer attachments) to tackle different hair lengths. The technique consists of employing back-and-forth or up-and-down strokes; circular motions cause pulling and result in inflammation.

foil razor close up Courtesy of Amazon

Pros: Best for everyday use and can be used on the scalp. Provide closer and gentler shaves, faster cutting speeds and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Cons: Extremely noisy. Limited pivoting for shaving contoured areas. Cheap electric shavers are prone to overheating.

Rotary Shavers

The first-ever rotary shaver was created by Philips in 1939. Most models feature three circular heads with an internally spinning cutter that seamlessly snips facial hair and provides excellent handleability for maximum traction on skin. Proper technique consists of circular motions around the face, neck and chin for a convenient, close shave.

rotary razor close up Courtesy of Philips

Pros: Best for dense and wild hair. Flexible heads operate more silently. Suitable for rough skin types.

Cons: More prone to cause irritation. Not suitable for trimming. Shaving results aren’t always precise.

Those are the basic differences, but before we jump into the best electric shavers, rotary or foil, we’ve gathered some general tips that apply to both kinds.

  • There’s a bit of a learning curve for first-time users of electric shavers. You’re probably going to have some skin irritation and some unpleasant hair tugging as you figure out how to use them. Stick with them for a couple weeks. Once you get the hang of them, you’ll never want to not have an electric shaver around.
  • Double-check if your electric shaver is suitable for a wet shave. Because they’re electric, some are not suitable for the shower or shaving cream friendly.
  • Make sure to clean, and rinse if possible, your electric razor when you’re finished. Hairs do find their way into them, especially the rotary kind, and over time hairs can clog and affect the performance of the shaver. A lot of shavers come with a little brush for exactly this purpose.
  • If you’re working with longer hair at the start, be sure to trim down before shaving. While electric shavers are great for trimming facial stubble and shortening beard hair, they’re closer to a lawnmower than a weedwhacker and aren’t designed to tackle long beards.
  • Eventually, you’ll have to replace the foil and cutters on foil shavers or rotary cutters on rotary shavers because they dull with regular usage over time. If you’re starting to notice an increase in tugging and irritation or the shaver isn’t cutting things cleanly in one or two passes, it may be time to replace the parts.
  • If either rotary or foil shavers were the best, we’d offer picks on just one, but they both work well. While our best overall shaver reflects our view that foil shavers work the best to shave your face with the least amount of irritation, ultimately foil vs rotary is a matter of personal preference.

Now that all that’s out of the way, let’s get the right model in your hand. Below is a list of the best electric shavers for men that we’ve compiled based on expert reviews, fanfare (aka customer reviews) and our own testing. We’ve also taken it a step further by taking category, price, and shaving purpose into account.


1. Braun Series 3


Best For: Those looking for an inexpensive, top-tier electric shaver and don’t mind an older model.

Why We Chose It: Braun has a ton of newer electric shavers, but the Series 3 is the best for a multitude of reasons.

  • Battery Life: 45 minutes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Foil/Rotary: Foil

best electric razors, Braun Series 3 Courtesy of Amazon

Have you ever heard the term “out with the old, in with the new”? We’re sure you have. Here’s the thing, though: that’s not always the truth.

The Braun Series 3 is one of Braun’s oldest models of electric razors. That said, you’ll see two newer models from Braun within this story, but the Series 3 takes the cake in our book. This inexpensive electric razor might have a dated look, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in power. In our experience, this razor is killer. It can be used in both wet and dry circumstances and can trim up any face in just a couple of minutes, totally nick and bump-free.

Unlike a lot of electric razors from Braun, this one is completely cheap but not cheaply made. It has a sturdy, well-crafted feel to it when holding that allows the user to confidently roll over their skin trim after trim. The foil top is smooth to the touch and users shouldn’t worry about any issues when shaving. This razor shaves hair right down to the skin the same way any straight razor would and provides an accurate shave at an affordable price each and every time. Sure, the 45-minute battery life isn’t the best in comparison to Braun’s newest models, but it gets the job done well. It’s a simple win for anyone shaving their face.


  • Effortlessly does the job
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable shave
  • Comfortable hold


  • Dated look
  • Not the longest battery life

2. Braun Series 7


Best For: Folks looking for a one-up version from the Braun Series 3.

Why We Chose It: Braun has mastered the wiggle, 360-degree head with the Series 7 and it’s nothing to ignore.

  • Battery Life: 50 minutes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Foil/Rotary: Foil

best electric razors, Braun Series 7 Courtesy of Amazon

Considering Braun’s made the top two spots, it’s safe to say Braun has mastered the electric razor game. If you’re looking for a slightly updated and sleeker version from Braun at a relatively affordable price, then you should check out the Series 7.

The Series 7 essentially takes the idea of the Series 3 and kept running. Including a console that automatically cleans and charges the shaver when not in use, this is the kind of shaver you can leave on your countertop and expect it to stay charged no matter when you pick it up. But, if you don’t have much space, you might find the console a little bit awkward to fit in your bathroom. Like the Series 3, this option is also fully waterproof, so you can quickly rinse it off or shave in the shower when time isn’t on your side.

One thing we love about the Series 7 is the malleable head at the top for a closer shave that makes it easier to reach tougher spots. This is something that the Series 3 is lacking, but it’s also something we’ve noticed can be a total hit or miss if not done correctly. Some heads wobble a little too much, creating yes, a shave that’s able to reach tougher spots, but one that feels very easy to lose control with. The Series 7 hits a Goldilocks Zone with it’s head, moving just enough to hit harder spots but not enough to take a chunk of hair off that you weren’t anticipating leaving your face.

The only flaw here is simply just the price. When comparing the Series 7 to the Series 3, we don’t find that much of a difference in shave qualities aside from the wiggly head. That said, we didn’t mind saving a couple of bucks for an outdated model if it essentially works just the same.


  • Effortlessly does the job
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable shave
  • Comfortable hold


  • Not the most affordable

3. Panasonic MultiShape


Best For: The kind of guy who likes to do it ALL at once. And, we really mean that.

Why We Chose It: It’s a total game-changer.

  • Battery Life: 90 minutes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Foil/Rotary: Foil

best electric razors, Panasonic MultiShape Courtesy of Panasonic

Panasonic released the MultiShape this year in 2022 and automatically changed the way we expect every electric razor release to look like from here on out. Seriously, this is something we’ve never seen before but we’re sure we will see again. Talk about a trendsetter.

By including a 3-blade foil shaver head, a nose, ear and facial hair trimming head, a toothbrush head with two brush types and a base connector, Panasonic is allowing men to shave their face and brush their teeth using the same device. And you thought the grooming space was stopping at 2-in-1 men’s shampoo and conditioner.

To keep it straight, we’ve come to the conclusion that the MultiShape is just incredible, and our reviewer even goes as far to say that it’s the best grooming tool he’s ever tested during his time at SPY. It’s an excellent electric foil razor, but it’s also a beard trimmer, body groomer, nose hair trimmer and electric toothbrush all in one. It’s super easy to change out the heads, and it’s comfortable to grip and hold. It’s waterproof, it’s got a killer battery life and it comes with a crazy number of attachments.

While this groomer is certainly not something to sleep on because of how much we love it, we’re keeping it in our third spot solely because this unit might be a bit overwhelming for some. We understand the all-in-one aspect isn’t everyone’s forte, but, hey, it sure does make life a ton easier.


  • Reinvents the wheel
  • Effortlessly does the job
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable shave
  • Comfortable hold


  • Not the most affordable
  • Could be too much for some users

4. Mowbie Light Stimulation Rotary Shaver


Best For: Anyone in the need of a great rotary shaver.

Why We Chose It: Because rotary shavers are great options to consider.

  • Battery Life: 50 minutes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Foil/Rotary: Rotary

best electric razors, Mowbie Light Stimulation Rotary Shaver Courtesy of Walmart

Though we haven’t included any rotary shavers in here as of yet, we’re still a massive fan. It’s just that typically, we find that rotary shavers make for some of the best bald head shavers instead of the kind we’d use on our face. But, that isn’t the case with the Mowbie Light Stimulation Rotary Shaver.

While this option is definitely more middle of the road compared to the first three, we truly do love it for what it is. It’s built with unique lighting elements that’s ideal for shaving in low-light situations and something that’s gone unseen in other shavers. Said lights are built-in for LED light therapy, and while we can’t speak to the effectiveness of the treatment, it’s a cool feature that you don’t find in other electric razors.

There’s also a pop-up tool for detail trimming, and Mowbie really has design down, especially in a visual format. Because rotary razors aren’t the best for accuracy, we suggest these more for the kind of guy that isn’t keeping a beard or mustache. If you tend to shave your entire face, this is an awesome option for you.


  • Does the job
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Rotary design
  • Lights


  • Not best for those wanting to keep some hair
  • LED light therapy might not work

5. Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Electric Trimmer


Best For: This is a two-in-one that’s been around forever and doesn’t show its age.

Why We Chose It: It has the ability to truly do it all when it comes to hair anywhere on the body.

  • Battery Life: 60 minutes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Foil/Rotary: Foil

best electric razors, Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Electric Trimmer Courtesy of Amazon

If multifunctionality was the biggest selling point for an electric shaver, then the OneBlade would be considered the Leatherman of the category. Although the Panasonic MultiShape has been taking the cake in this space recently by adding toothbrushes to the mix, Philips Norelco really hits the nail on the head by creating the ultimate electric razor for everything.

This all-in-one device that can shave, trim, edge and style facial hair is the best way to describe this amazing creation from Philips. As a team, just about every male member has tested this trimmer on their own either prior to or after joining the SPY team and the consensus is mutual: it simply gets the job done in way no other electric razor can.

Sadly, you won’t achieve the same clean-cut shave as a straight razor, but its precision allows for better and more creative styling; it’s a breeze to line up your forehead and sideburns. The dual-sided blade system is also well-engineered and seamlessly mows through dense hair to create the ideal five-o’clock shadow look if you’re looking for a beard trimmer or body groomer, which you can fearlessly use with a second included head. The 60-minute battery and portable design also make the OneBlade a great travel companion, too.

But, one of the largest issues we face with this one when compared to other electric razors? The size of the head. Sure, it might be the same size as an average razor, but most electric razors have a larger head that gets the shaving job done faster. This won’t get your shaves done as fast as others.


  • Can shave and trim
  • Has two heads for face and body
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Great design


  • Leaves the tiniest amount of stubble
  • Smaller design

6. Panasonic ARC6 Electric Razor


Best For: Those that aren’t afraid to spend an arm and a leg on a super solid electric shaver.

Why We Chose It: Because who doesn’t love an “if money were no object” option?

  • Battery Life: 50 minutes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Foil/Rotary: Foil

best electric razors, Panasonic ARC6 Electric Razor Courtesy of Amazon

Alright, there’s something we have to admit. We would, quite literally, never purchase a $500 electric razor. We think the price tag for this one is astronomical. But, in our testing, we discovered that it’s also one of the best electric razors you can use on your face. Point, blank, period.

With six high-precision blades total that move in 22 different directions at a time, this is the most premium electric razor you can purchase. Out of all of the razors here, this is probably the fastest shave we’ve experienced likely because of this. You can use both wet and dry for a comfortable shave and it has an ergonomic design that is great to use in any circumstance.

One lackluster issue here is that we were only able to get a run time of around 40 to 50 minutes totally after a full charge. For $500, we think this puppy should have lasted us days. That said, it does come with a charging unit similar to the Braun Series 7 you can leave in for a juiced-up razor at all times.

This all said, the ARC6 is a genuinely top-notch option you won’t regret purchasing if you have the money. But, if you don’t have the money, please do not even bother. It is not worth going into debt over.


  • Effortlessly does the job
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable shave
  • Comfortable hold


  • Extremely unaffordable
  • Low battery life

7. Braun Series 9


Best For: Braun lovers looking to get in on the newest of the batch.

Why We Chose It: We’ve tested this electric razor time and time again and will always have a sweet spot for it.

  • Battery Life: 60 minutes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Foil/Rotary: Foil

best electric razors, Braun Series 9 Courtesy of Amazon

It’s hard to be prettier than Braun’s newest electric razor, the Series 9. Like, come on. Just look at her. We’ve been testing the Braun Series 9 probably the longest out of every electric razor on this list and love her like a dear friend. This razor has the capability to give nothing but clean shaves, has a long 60-minute battery life and leaves little to no bumps post-trim. That said, after all this time, there are a few reasons why we have placed this unit as low as we did.

Starting off, every single time we use the Braun Series 9, we accidentally turn it off mid-shave due to the on button’s location. It’s placed in a way that makes it way to easy to turn off even when we want it on, making the shave take a little longer. Second, the price is a little… well… pricy. Sure, it’s nothing like the Panasonic prior, but it’s still pretty much out of our budget. Third, we’re actually on our second razor of two Series 9s we’ve tested. Why? Because of the charging port. Something within the charging port really wants to snugly hold on to the foil top, making it rip if you pull it out too hard or on an angle. Now, to combat this, we simply have to think every time we pull it from it’s charging port, which isn’t something we necessarily want to do. It should be effortless.

Now that the bad part is over, let’s talk about the good. The motor also has autosensing capabilities that determine the density of hair to optimize strokes and catch more hair without tugging. As mentioned, the shaves here are cleeeeean. Like, no hair or stubble whatsoever gone in just seconds. It has a fantastic weight and grip to it and comes capable of partaking in wet and dry shaves. Seriously, we love this unit a ton, there are just some workarounds at times.


8. Andis reSURGE Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver


Best For: Folks that like dry shaving with great reach.

Why We Chose It: We simply had to add at least one dry shaver into the mix.

  • Battery Life: 60 minutes
  • Waterproof: Not really
  • Foil/Rotary: Foil

best electric razors, Andis reSURGE Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver Courtesy of Amazon

Andis is a brand that’s well-respected by barbers and is typically made for professional use, but you don’t have to be a pro to use the Andis reSURGE Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver. Before we continue, though, we have to get one thing straight: this is not a waterproof option. Yes, Andis does say it is a wet/dry shaver, but in our experience, that’s not the case. We’ve noticed weaker motor mobility after using in the shower that has stuck with the device. Because we thought we might have gotten a faulty unit, we checked other reviewers and noticed this is something that has happened to many folks who purchased this shaver.

Yeah, that might be a serious bummer, but this is an absolute unit if you’re the type that prefers a dry shave to a wet one. In our experience, it’s got an easy hold, an effortless design, long battery life and can cut hair right down to the skin without an issue. Andis has a power that’s unmatched by a lot of other brands, it’s just a shame that we only really trust using this one in dryer circumstances.

While the pivot precision head is one of our favorites of the mix for its sturdy yet wiggly design, it’s also one that you can’t roughhouse with. We keep a lot of our razors and shavers in a large bag for testing purposes and every time we pick this one up, it’s always missing its head. While the head has never fallen off during use, we think it’s best maybe to never say never.


  • Comfortable shave
  • Comfortable hold
  • Great pivot


  • Not waterproof in our experience
  • Wonky head

9. Wahl Bump-Free Foil Shaver


Best For: Barbers and anyone not shaving their own face.

Why We Chose It: It’s compact and ready for action.

  • Battery Life: 60 minutes
  • Waterproof: No
  • Foil/Rotary: Foil

best electric razors, Wahl Bump-Free Foil Shaver Courtesy of Amazon

Wahl used to be a powerful name in the grooming space, but it seems that maybe they aren’t keeping up with the times as well as they might think they are. That said, this honorable mention from Wahl isn’t the greatest electric razor on the market, but it still does have a place on our list.

We’ve tested this electric razor countless times and have been impressed in some aspects and unimpressed in others. Starting with the latter, this unit is designed slightly awkwardly to use if you’re shaving on your own. We think it’s better situated for someone shaving another person so you don’t have to awkward twist your arm to align the double-decker foil razors in the right direction. Speaking of an awkward hold, this device is weirdly designed. It’s super compact which is awesome, but it makes it slightly difficult to get a good grip in when using. In addition, it’s completely not waterproof, which you will have to find a different way around.

Now, for the good. If you are a barber or someone that finds yourself shaving someone else’s face, this affordable unit is super easy to use. Directionally speaking, it feels made for a second party when holding, providing a sleek shave each time when done by a buddy. Also, when Wahl says bump-free, they mean it. This razor is great for using dry without receiving any bumps post-use.


  • Long battery life
  • Compact
  • Great shave


  • Awkward shape/hold
  • Best used by second party

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Razor in 2022

Electric razors aren’t going to be as cheap as your average non-electric razor, but they’ll likely save you money in the long-run. Think about how frequently you have to change out your current razor head. Better yet, if you use disposable razors, think about all of the money you likely spend a month on shaving. Prior to buying an electric razor, we want you to think about the price of the electric shaver and the money you may save when purchasing one. Sure, these might sound like bigger asks in terms of money and that’s because they are, but they’re well worth the price when you put it into perspective.

In addition, think about your shaving routine. If you don’t shave as much as others might, maybe an electric razor isn’t the best for you. If you’re the all-in-one type, maybe it’s best to consider an electric razor that can do more than just shave your face.


How We Test Electric Razors

Every single electric razor you see here (plus some more) were tested by actual guys who shave their face on a regular basis. Some were tested by men who shave their face fully while others were tested by men with beards that like to do some simple clean-ups on the face and neck. So far, we’ve tested around 12 electric razors specifically made for the face but over 20 if you count non-specific electric razors. We prioritize testing when it comes to electric razors to ensure our readers pick up actual, pre-tested units we can promise are worth buying.

When testing electric razors, we focused on a number of objectives as deciding factors when ranking and including each option. We tested each waterproof option both in and out of the shower to determine effectiveness which we find incredibly important. Just look at what we discovered with the Andis — if we’d gone showerless with that one, we wouldn’t have had the information we learned.

We assessed all of these products according to the following criteria, then compared the results side-by-side to determine the best options for our readers. You know, because we care.

  • Water Resistance: To determine whether or not these devices mean it when they say they are or aren’t waterproof.
  • Corded/Cordless: It’s 2022, everything you’re using when it comes to electric grooming products should be cordless. This isn’t the Stone Age!
  • Overall Design: Are there physical attributes that determine whether the design is quality or not?
  • Pulling/Nicking: Because nobody wants to experience any pain when shaving.
  • Closeness of Shave: These are razors, not trimmers — you want to be sure you’re left baby smooth.
  • Battery Life: Who wants to be mid-shave when the battery dies?
  • Ease of Hold: It might seem trivial, but this has a massive impact on how well your shave will go.
  • More Than Face: Can it be used on your body? Your head? Your downstairs region?

To find the best electric razors for men, the SPY team has tested 12 groomers over the past year. We will continue to update this guide as we test new products.

Click here to read more about SPY’s product testing and review process.


Why Trust SPY When Buying Grooming Products

Finding new grooming products is our forte. We’re constantly on the lookout and discovering what’s hot from new and old brands alike. In the men’s grooming space, we’re constantly hearing guys rep brands like it is their job. Some guys are Panasonic guys, some are Wahl guys, some are Braun guys and the list goes on. We love pitting products against one another to settle the debate once and for all and find the truth for our readers.

In addition to naming the best men’s skincare products, we also regularly update our rankings of the top skincare brands for men. We pay incredibly close attention to shaving products as well. SPY’s grooming writers and editors have tested and reviewed beard trimmers, disposable razors, shaving cream, shave clubs and everything else guys need for the perfect shave.

If you’re interested, you can read more about How We Test Products at SPY.

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