Guys, Hair Dryers Aren’t Just for the Ladies. Here are the Best Masculine Options.

best hair dryers for men
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Whether you’re new to long hair thanks to several barber-free months during the lockdown, or you’ve rocked the long-hair look for years, one thing that becomes apparent as soon as your hair reaches a certain length is that there’s a severe lack of made-for-men hair products. The reality is that quite often you’ll end up choosing a unisex product or even one aimed at ladies. This is certainly the case when it comes to finding the best hair dryers for men.

However, it’s not all bad news as there are plenty of great products that will help your hair look its best. And while they aren’t specifically made for men, they are well established and tried and tested for amazing hairdos.

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What Makes a Great Hair Dryer?

While most people believe heat is everything in a hair drier, too much heat can actually cause a lot of damage to your hair. This means picking the hair drier that boasts the highest temperature certainly isn’t the way to go. When it comes to choosing the best hair dryer for men, it’s worth considering the following elements:

Diffuser/Additional Nozzles

These handy additions give you much greater control over the airflow coming from the dryer and use it more effectively to not only dry but also style your hair, too. In general, you’ll find three types of accompanying nozzles. These are:

  • Concentrators
  • Diffusers (helpful for curly hair)
  • Stylers


If you’re only ever going to be using your hair dryer at home, there’s less reason to consider it’s size. However, if you’re tight on space or often want to travel with your hair dryer in tow, there are made-for-purpose travel dryers or models that fall into a more compact category.


Like so many products in the grooming industry, there are options to suit every budget. However, it’s important to remember that price will often correspond to quality. So while you can spend $10 on a hair dryer, the $100+ option will likely deliver better flow, provide more reliable heat and last longer.


While pretty standard in hair dryers, it’s worth double-checking that the hair dryer you’re going to buy has a cool shot button. This handy addition changes the flow from warm to cool and makes styling your hair while drying a lot easier. 

Cord Length

Another element often overlooked by people is the length of the cord attached to the hair dryer. Forget having an extension cord attached to the extension cord because you need to reach the mirror (and that’s a disaster waiting to happen). Instead, check that the hair dryer you choose can reach from the socket to where you want or need to be.


As discussed, a lot of ‘men’s’ hair products are actually unisex or solely aimed at women. This means the style and/or the color palette used in the design may lean towards those preferred by the opposite sex. However, there are plenty of exceptions to this general rule, as you’ll find out below.

Once you have considered these key elements and have a good idea about what the best hair dryer for your needs will look like, check out our favorite 11 options below. We’ve included models for use at home or on the road and for every budget, too.


1. BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Dryer


The BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer ticks all the right boxes. Not only is it ideal for home use, but its lightweight construction and built-in folding handle also make it great for travel. You’ll also find that the use of pure tourmaline gemstones fused with titanium delivers negative ions along with far-infrared heat for quicker drying, closed cuticles and less frizzy hair with greater shine. This versatile dryer is great for use on all hair types, includes high or low heating settings and even has a dual-voltage function further adding to its worldwide usage convenience.

best hair dryers for men babyliss pro tt Image courtesy of Amazon

BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Dryer


2. Revlon 1875W Hair Dryer


With over 2,300 five-star reviews from Amazon users, the Revlon 1875W Hair Dryer could have easily taken the top spot on our list. Throw into the equation its budget-friendly price, and you’re definitely onto a winner. The dryer itself is both compact and lightweight, making it great for travel, while the cool shot button helps with keeping your style fixed for longer-lasting results. There’s also a hanging loop built into the power cable and three colors to choose from.

best hair dryers for men revion Image courtesy of Amazon

Revlon 1875W Hair Dryer

$9.34 $11.99 22% OFF


3. Conair 1875 Compact Hair Dryer


The Conair 1875 Compact Hair Dryer is another impressively-reviewed option for all occasions. The compact design is easy to store at home, and the folding handle further adds to its portability, making this a great travel hair dryer, too. Further adding to this is the dryer’s dual-voltage function. Function-wise, the dryer features two different heat speed settings as well as a cool shot button to help keep your hair exactly where you want it. Additionally, the dryer’s black color with the turquoise blue lettering looks pretty stylish.

best hair dryers for men conair Image courtesy of Amazon

Conair 1875 Compact Hair Dryer



4. Jinri Professional Hair Dryer


With a built-in hanging loop, safety protection and ionic technology, the Jinri Professional Hair Dryer is an all-around solid choice for your home hair dryer. It features two different power settings alongside a cool shot button, offering you four different air settings for getting your hair just how you want it. You’ll also find an accompanying nozzle for directing airflow and minimizing noise, for a quiet, targeted hair drying experience.

best hair dryers for men jinri Image courtesy of Amazon

Jinri Professional Hair Dryer


5. SHRATE Ionic Hair Dryer


For better control over your hair drying experience, the SHRATE Ionic Hair Dryer comes with three different nozzles. The diffuser helps to accelerate curly hair drying, while the styling nozzle, well, helps with styling. Furthermore, the smooth nozzle makes blow-drying a breeze. The hair dryer offers three airspeeds and includes a cold-air button. It also incorporates a negative ion generator to prevent excessive drying and help your hair retain water. While compact, the design actually offers engine speeds up to 20,000 rpm while only generating 40 dB of noise.

best hair dryers for men shrate ionic Image courtesy of Amazon

SHRATE Ionic Hair Dryer



6. Andis Wall Mounted Hair Dryer


If you want your very own gym/hotel-style, wall-mounted men’s hair dryer, the Andis Quiet Wall Mounted Hair Dryer is the choice for you. The wall mount includes a built-in LED light that stays cool, is energy efficient and delivers just the right amount of diffused light for moving around with confidence. The drier is tethered to the wall mount via a long and springy cord and features a removable air intake grill for easy cleaning and maintenance. When drying, you’ll be able to choose between three airspeeds and two heat settings.

best hair dryers for men andis Image courtesy of Amazon

Andis Wall Mounted Hair Dryer


7. HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer


The HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer with its matte black finish and gold accents oozes style. It also boasts three speed options, three heat options and a cool-shot button, ensuring it’s easy to get the airflow and temperature you need. The 1,875 watts of power delivers powerful, salon-standard airflow. Plus, the ceramic construction emits far-infrared heat for cuticle sealing, while the direct ionic technology protects from frizz and dries faster.

best hair dryers for men hot tools Image courtesy of Amazon

HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

$39.99 $49.99 20% OFF


8. Bellforno Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer


By delivering both powerful airflow and high heat, the Bellforno Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer offers a drying time which may be up to 50% faster than competing dryers. The attractive red and black dryer incorporates a negative ion generator and ceramic tourmaline technology to prevent heat damage and make it easier to style your hair. The dryer also includes a removable honeycomb filter for easier cleaning, a 9.6-foot cord for freedom during use and a handy bag for easy storage when not in use. In addition, the ergonomic, non-slip handle feels comfortable in hand, and the ALCI plug protects against potential electrical shock.

best hair dryers for men bellforno Image courtesy of Amazon

Bellforno Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer



9. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer


The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer is a full-sized option which is great for home use. It uses a 2,000-watt Italian motor to deliver impressive hair-drying airflow. This combines with Nano titanium technology to give you even heating and exceptionally shiny locks. The two included nozzle attachments, six changeable heat and speed settings and the cool-air button further add to the customized drying experience. Plus, this impressively reviewed hair dryer is available in either jet black or blue.

best hair dryers for men babyliss pro nano Image courtesy of Amazon

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer

$139.99 $149.99 7% OFF


10. BIO IONIC Ultralight Speed Dryer


Bio Ionic doesn’t do things by halves which is why this BIO IONIC Ultralight Speed Dryer is crammed full of advanced features worthy of use in any professional salon. Looks-wise, the device oozes class with its sleek angles, matte black finish and blue detailing. It includes a built-in hanging loop for easy storing and an extra-long, nine-foot power cord for plenty of reach as you dry. The 1,800-watt EcoDrive brushless motor is capable of drying hair in under 10 minutes while using less power than the average device. Additionally, the proprietary mixture of volcanic rock and mineral complex delivers a moisturizing heat for greater shine and easier styling.

best hair dryers for men bio ionic Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


If you already own a Dyson vacuum, you know that when it comes to swirly-wind machines, there’s no one better. This premium, professional-standard Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer boasts 1,600 watts of power and offers three different airspeed settings to choose from. It also comes with three magnetic attachments for more customized hair drying. However, what really makes this futuristic device stand out is its controlled heat, high-velocity airflow which is checked 20 times a second to help ensure your hair never meets damaging temperatures. Additionally, the device has been fine-tuned to function at one inaudible frequency for a near sound-free experience.

best hair dryers for men dyson Image courtesy of Amazon

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


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