Hide Gray Hairs or Create a Whole New Look With These Men’s Hair Dyes

Cremo hair color and hair dye
Courtesy of Cremo

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Guys used to avoid grooming products such as anti-aging creams and hair and beard dyes, but now they’re finally being proactive and taking advantage of these useful anti-aging hacks — and feeling much more confident as a result.

You might think hair dye is something only older women use, but there’s hair dye for men too and it can be one of the most important anti-aging products a man can use. Every guy looks in the mirror at some point in his life and realizes that he has more gray hairs than he remembered having and that he might not be able to rock that silver fox look like George Clooney. Alternatively, some trend-setting male celebs have started dying their locks blond, including Justin Beiber, Adam Levine and Kanye.

If you’re looking to touch up your mane, beard or even overhaul your look with a lighter color, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up a bunch of the best hair dyes for men, the best beard dyes for men you can buy. You don’t need to wander around the beauty section of your local drug store.

When buying any dye, whether for hair or beard, the first step is both obvious and harder than it sounds: You need to know your exact hair color. If you’re not certain, ask your barber. Only then can you pick the best hair dye for men. Also, be sure to check how long the hair dye lasts. Hair dyes range from temporary, which will wash out after a few shampoos, to permanent, which stay in until new hair grows to replace the colored hair.

With the basics covered, check out our picks for the best hair and beard dyes for men below. We’ve got multiple customized color options, subscription dyes, off-the-shelf options and some hair and beard washes for easy, gradual color changing.


The Best Hair Dyes for Men


1. Cleverman Custom Hair Color and Beard Dye for Men


The era of deal-with-the-closest-color-dye is over and the era of custom, personalized, high-quality color has arrived. Now that it has, consider starting your hair dyeing journey with Cleverman.

Your journey begins with a short but thorough quiz that helps Cleverman identify the perfect shade for your hair or beard. From there, you get a fully customized kit with gloves that will actually fit your hands, barrier cream to avoid stains, personalized colorant and developer as well as the optimal exposure time to achieve your desired look, a mixing tray and applicator brush and then, finally, shampoo and conditioner to maintain your newly colored mane. The beard kit contains the same, except you get four beard scrubs instead of shampoo and you get a customized beard brush for the color too.

But wait, there’s more (seriously though). For hair, you can choose full coverage, with immediate or gradual coloring, salt and pepper, with a blended or targeted result, or a touch-up kit when you just need a little bit of targeted coverage.

Whatever you land on, you’ll have a long-lasting, perfect-color-match dye kit. Plus, if you love the results and want to save money, you can subscribe to receive shipments whenever you want them.

Cleverman Hair Dye Kit; best hair dye for men Courtesy of Cleverman


2. Colorsmith Custom Hair Color


For another top-notch hair dye pick, Colorsmith offers a lot of the same benefits as Cleverman, but it’s just a little more expensive, even if it’s just as good.

The process begins with a hair profile. You provide some simple details about your existing hair and color and coverage goals. From there, a real professional colorist develops your color and ships it to your door complete with personalized instructions for the best results.

In the box, you’ll get your custom color and professional developer, the instructions, two pairs of non-latex gloves, the application tool, a stain guard and a remover and some shampoo and conditioner packets for maintenance.

Colorsmith also offers discounts on subscriptions, which can be shipped whenever you wish. But the best part of buying Colorsmith, whether you purchase one time or subscribe, is having access to your personal colorist to answer questions and make sure you have the best possible coloring experience.

Colorsmith Hair Dye Kit; best hair dye for men Courtesy of Colorsmith


3. Madison Reed Hair Color & Beard Dye for Men


Custom colorization is awesome and all, but we suspect the vast majority of guys would prefer something that’s close enough and easy to use. That’s where Madison Reed comes in.

You start with a very basic quiz and then Madison Reed recommends one of its non-custom colors. That might sound problematic, but it isn’t if the color looks good and is easy to use, which it is.

When you buy one of Madison Reed’s five colors, you get two pairs of gloves, two packets of color gel, two packets of color activator and two packets of shampoo. Beginning with dry hair, you don the gloves and mix the color gel into your hair. Follow it with the color activator, the same thing as a developer, sit for 15 minutes and then shower and wash with the included shampoo. That’s all you need to do for two weeks of color, and you can use the second included packets for the next two weeks.

And if you need help beforehand or if you’re not satisfied afterward you can have a video consultation with a real-life colorist. If you’re still not happy in the end, Madison Reed will refund the cost of your box.

Madison Reed Hair Dye Kit; best hair dye for men Courtesy of Madison Reed


4. Color & Co Personalized Hair Color by L’Oreal


Though it’s marketed a bit more to women, Color & Co. by L’Oréal makes for an excellent alternative to Cleverman and Colorsmith for men.

To get started, you can take a color quiz or have a video consultation with an actual colorist. From there, Color & Co. mixes your custom color and ships everything you need to your door in a glossy box. That includes the custom color, personalized instructions, the cream color developer, a stain block cream-gel, a stain eraser wipe, a replenishing conditioner, two pairs of gloves and a reusable color brush, which only comes in the first box.

Like the previous custom color offerings, Color & Co. also offers customizable shipping and discounts for subscribers. But in one distinguishing offering, Color & Co. offers a wider variety of colors than your traditional browns, blacks and blondes. If your hair leans red or you’re looking for pastel-inspired dyes, Color & Co. is one of the few custom colorizers you can turn to.

Bottom line: If you’re not happy with your first box from Color & Co., contact their team within 30 days of your receipt to arrange a full refund.

Color & Co by L'Oreal Personalized Colorbox; best hair dye for men Courtesy of Color & Co


5. True Sons Hair and Beard Dye


True Sons cropped up on our radar for their high-quality, no-mix foam dye suitable for hair and beards.

Though True Sons doesn’t offer any kind of quiz or virtual consultation, they make it easy to find your shade based on any products you’ve used before. Once you’ve got your shade chosen, you can do a one-time purchase or subscribe to receive two bottles every other month or three bottles every three months. Your first box will include two bottles, two pairs of gloves, a quick-start guide, a comb and four dye removal wipes.

Like all dyeing, don the gloves first before putting a golf ball-sized amount of the foam into one hand. Cover your hair and add more foam as needed to get full coverage; you need a thick layer for best results. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes for your first application or 15-20 minutes for more coverage. When time is up, rinse with just water and use the wipes to remove any skin stains. And that’s it! In 15 minutes, you’ll already see the gray gone.

Most guys will reapply weekly, but you can go less if you don’t mind a more salt and pepper look.

True Sons Hair Dye kit; best hair dye for men Courtesy of True Sons


6. Just For Men Shampoo-In Color


Just For Men Shampoo-In Color (formerly Original Formula) hair dye is usually ranked #1 in the business. The best-selling hair dye has one purpose, and that’s to make you look younger. It does this incredibly well by targeting gray hairs instead of completely overhauling the color of your hair. It lasts about eight weeks, which is great because you’re not locked into a long period but also don’t have to constantly re-apply. The application process is likewise very easy, and the detailed directions ensure that you won’t mess anything up, even if it’s your first time dyeing your own hair.

just for men shampoo in color Courtesy of Amazon


7. Cremo No Mix Hair & Beard Color


The Cremo No Mix, No Mess Hair and Beard Color has got to be the easiest to use hair dye for head or face on the market because there’s no mixing whatsoever.

First, you pop the applicator onto the color canister and shake it up nice and good. Press the button to thoroughly foam up the applicator and then start brushing until you reach full coverage. Give the dye five minutes to work its magic and then rinse for renewed hair with minimal fuss. Because the canister has color and a developer, the color will stay until new gray hairs go in.

Cremo Hair and Beard Color Kit in light medium brown; best hair dye for men Courtesy of Cremo


8. Just For Men Touch of Gray


We promise Just For Men didn’t pay us off; the brand simply makes the best hair dye for men. Another one of their best-selling products is this Touch of Gray, which takes hair dyeing in a different direction. Instead of covering all your gray hair, it only partially covers your unwanted grays, providing a distinguished salt-and-pepper look. This way, you can still have a mature look that reminds people you know a thing or two without looking too, well, old.

Just for Men Touch of Gray Hair Dye Courtesy of Amazon


9. Just For Men Control GX Grey-Reducing Shampoo and Conditioner


Recently, some guys have been opting for gray-reducing shampoos over traditional dyes. It’s an easier process that only requires you to replace your current shampoo — no messy application required. Our favorite is this Control GX Grey-Reducing Shampoo and Conditioner from Just For Men. Like the brand’s beloved shampoo-in hair dye for men, this actual shampoo targets gray hairs instead of dyeing your whole mop. Just shampoo normally (three to four times a week), and you’ll start seeing results in as little as two weeks.

Just for Men Control GX Grey-Reducing Shampoo and Conditioner Courtesy of Amazon


10. Good Dye Young Semi-Permanent Hair Color


Traditional colors are great for blending in, but if you would rather stand out than blend in, go for a color from the Good Dye Young. The dyes are semi-permanent and super easy to use. Just mix up the color in a bowl, apply it to your hair until your hair is saturated all over, sit for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water.

For best results, use the GDY Hair Lightening Kit beforehand, don’t shampoo for 24 hours afterward and wear a shower cap to keep your hair from drying out before the dye has fully set.

For your first dye, go for this rad Ko gold color from Good Dye Young’s Metalheads color line.

Good Dye Young Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Ko gold Courtesy of Good Dye Young


11. Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning


Toner is used to, you guessed it, control the undertone of colors in bleached hair. Basically, unless you have super light blond hair, you have undertones of red and orange. The toner adjusts those colors to make them blend better with your dye of choice. Put another way, toner is the difference between something like banana yellow hair and natural blonde when you’ve finished a dye. Just find the blonde dye you’re looking for and mix the Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning toner with the developer. It’ll seriously moderate the sharp oranges and yellows and leave your hair with a far more natural blond look.

Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning Toner Courtesy of Amazon


Best Beard Dyes


1. Cleverman Custom Hair Color and Beard Dye for Men


If you’re looking for excellent beard dye, you’ve already met Cleverman and are familiar with all their benefits. You simply take the color quiz, get your customized kit and apply. Not only is the kit fine-tuned for beard hair and skin, organic oils like argan, but the kit can also be used multiple times to maintain your beard color. You can also choose moisturizing, sensitive skin or energizing wipes for your aftercare.

Cleverman Beard Dye Kit Courtesy of Cleverman


2. Madison Reed Hair Color & Beard Dye for Men


Like Cleverman, Madison Reed’s hair dye also doubles as a beard dye. It’s the exact same process for the beard dye as it is for the hair dye, only instead of applying it to the hair on your head, you’ll be applying it to the hair on your face. Though it’s the same dye kit, don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and comfortable on face hair and skin too.

Madison Reed Beard Dye Kit Courtesy of Madison Reed


3. True Sons Hair and Beard Dye


In the same vein as Madison Reed, True Sons also offers its hair dye as a beard dye. If it’s easy to use and works well on heads, you can bet it’s easy to use and works well on beards too.

True Sons Beard Dye kit Courtesy of True Sons


4. Just For Men Control GX Grey-Reducing Beard Wash


One problem with many dyes is their immediate impact. You’re gray one day, brown the next and nobody wants to be called out for dyeing their hair. That’s where the Just For Men Control GX Grey-Reducing Beard Wash can help. Just use it daily until you reach the amount of color and grey reduction that you want. It works on light and dark beards, so really the only thing you need to worry about is starting and stopping when you’re satisfied. The color will fade when you stop washing, but it’ll come right back if you re-commence with the wash.

Just for Men Control GX Grey-Reducing Beard Wash Courtesy of Amazon


5. Just For Men Mustache & Beard Coloring


If you’re more of a pharmacy aisle kind of shopper, the Just For Men Mustache & Beard Coloring has got your name written all over it. It’s straightforward and delivers great results that last weeks. You just mix the color and developer in the tray and color your beard away with the included brush. Let it sit for five minutes and then wash it out. Just like that, you’ve got a wholly younger and refreshed beard.

Just for Men Mustasche and Beard Coloring Courtesy of Amazon


6. Cremo No Mix Hair & Beard Color


If the Cremo hair and beard color is the easiest to use for hair on your head, then it has to be the easiest to use on your face too. Follow the exact same process you would use for your hair, most importantly, letting the dye sit for five minutes. When you rinse, you’ll have that brand-new beard look you’re looking for.

Cremo Hair and Beard Color Kit in light medium brown Courtesy of Cremo


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