Hide Gray Hairs or Create a Whole New Look With These Men’s Hair Dyes

Cremo hair color and hair dye
Courtesy of Cremo
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Guys used to avoid grooming products such as anti-aging creams and hair dye for men, but now they’re finally being proactive and taking advantage of these useful anti-aging hacks — and feeling much more confident as a result.

You might think hair dye is something only older women use, but there’s hair dye for men too and it can be one of the most important anti-aging products a man can use. Every guy looks in the mirror at some point in his life and realizes that he has gray hairs than he remembered having, and that he might not be able to rock that silver fox look like George Clooney. Alternatively, some trend-setting male celebs have started dying their locks blond including Justin Beiber, Adam Levine and Kanye.

If you’re looking to touch up your mane — or overhaul your look with a lighter color — we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up a bunch of the best hair dyes and hair color products for men you can buy on Amazon. You don’t need to wander around the beauty section of your local drug store.

When buying hair dye, the first step is both obvious and harder than it sounds: you need to know your exact hair color. If you’re not certain, ask your barber. Only then can you pick the best hair dye for men. Also, be sure to check how long the hair dye lasts. Hair dye ranges from temporary, which will wash out after a few shampoos, to permanent, which stay in until new hair grows to replace it.

Below we’ve got picks for a complete color revamp, a style change or a quick touch-up (say, before a special event), as well as options for different dye methods depending on your preference.


1. Just For Men Shampoo-In Color


Just For Men Shampoo-In Color (formerly Original Formula) hair dye is usually ranked #1 in the business. The best-selling hair dye has one purpose, and that’s to make you look younger. It does this incredibly well by targeting gray hairs instead of completely overhauling the color of your hair. It lasts about eight weeks, which is great because you’re not locked into a long period but also don’t have to constantly re-apply. The application process is likewise very easy, and the detailed directions ensure that you won’t mess anything up, even if it’s your first time dyeing your own hair.

just for men shampoo in color Courtesy of Amazon


2. Cremo No Mix Hair & Beard Color


Alongside the Just For Men no mix comb-in hair dye, the easiest-to-use hair dye for men has got to be the Cremo No Mix Hair and Beard Color. Like the previous pick, there’s no mixing whatsoever.

You pop the brush onto the can of color, press the dispenser button to make the foam, brush away and rinse excess foam off the brush while you let the foam settle for about five minutes. Give your hair a good rinse and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Cremo no mix hair and beard color in light brown Courtesy of Amazon


3. Just For Men Touch of Gray


We promise Just For Men didn’t pay us off; the brand simply makes the best hair dye for men. Another one of their best-selling products is this Touch of Gray, which takes hair dyeing in a different direction. Instead of covering all your grey hair, it only partially covers your unwanted grays, providing a distinguished salt-and-pepper look. This way, you can still have a mature look that reminds people you know a thing or two without looking too, well, old.

Hair dye Men's Touch of Gray Courtesy of Amazon


4. The Henna Guys Hair Dye


It’s no secret: hair dye can be chemical-ridden and sometimes bad for hair in the long-run. If you’re (rightfully) worried about putting chemicals in your hair, pick up this dye powder from The Henna Guys. The Illinois-based grooming brand uses only natural, ethically-produced ingredients in all their products, and this men’s hair dye powder is no exception. The benefits of this truly all-natural formula include a pain-free application, growth-boosting hair nutrition and a smoother result as the dye fades away (meaning no demarcation lines).

Hair Dye Men's Henna Courtesy of Amazon


5. Clairol Natural Instincts


A painful experience with hair dye (or fear of one) has turned many guys away from the whole ordeal. Luckily, there are some great options for guys with sensitive scalps, like this product from Clairol. It doesn’t contain any ammonia, which is the chemical that often irritates sensitive scalps. Nevertheless, the dye does a great job of covering greys and producing a natural, age-rewinding look. It won’t last quite as long as others (around a month), but we think that’s a fair sacrifice for the natural formula.

Hair Dye Men's Natural Courtesy of Amazon


6. Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Shampoo


Recently, some guys have been opting for gray-reducing shampoos over traditional dyes. It’s an easier process that only requires you to replace your current shampoo — no messy application required. Our favorite is this Control GX from Just For Men. Like the brand’s beloved shampoo-in hair dye for men, this actual shampoo targets gray hairs instead of dyeing your whole mop. Just shampoo normally (three to four times a week), and you’ll start seeing results in as little as two weeks.

Hair Dye Shampoo Men's Courtesy of Amazon


7. Just For Men AutoStop Men’s No Mix Hair Color


It’s often hard to find hair dye that’s easy to apply, long-lasting and high-quality. This AutoStop dye from Just For Men defies the odds by doing all three. It utilizes a simple comb-in process, which means no mixing or mess in your bathroom sink. But unlike other easy-to-apply solutions, AutoStop lasts up to eight weeks. Happy reviewers corroborate all these claims, saying the comb-in dye is very easy to apply and looks great for weeks to months.

hair dye men's brush in Courtesy of Amazon


8. Naturcolor 5N Light Burdock Hair Dye


This medium brown Naturcolor 5N Light Burdock Hair Dye uses plant and herbal extracts to gently change the color of your hair. It will dye grays and the surrounding hair but not uniformly so you’ll retain natural and subtle color differences in your hair. Nobody will even be able to tell you dyed your hair. Like all non-chemical dyes, you may need to re-apply to get the color tone you’re looking for, but doing so won’t harm your hair, even if it takes a bit more effort. Our pick is for a light to medium brown, but you can find just about any color you need from Naturcolor.

Naturcolor hair dye Courtesy of Amazon


9. Bumble and Bumble Bb. Color Stick


Color sticks are one of the easiest hair dye options. This Bumble and Bumble color stick is basically a twist-up crayon that you use to color your gray spots. Just rub it on any gray areas and then smear it in gently with your hand. This spot-specific method makes color sticks ideal for guys who are just starting to go gray and want to knock out any gray spots. This one from the experts at Bumble and Bumble is our favorite because it’s very high quality and boasts plenty of happy reviews from users. It works for any hair type, although sadly it doesn’t come with many color options.

hair dye stick bumble Courtesy of Sephora


10. Revlon Permanent Root Erase Hair Color


Revlon generally pitches to women, but the Revlon Permanent Root Erase Hair Color will work just as well for gray roots on men too. It’s easy to use and was the highest-rated root color we found. You can choose from among 13 shades from light blond to black, so you have no excuses. To use it, you pump the can into the cap, mix it up with the brush, brush at your roots and let the color sit for five minutes before washing up. The cans are relatively cheap when it comes to hair color and Revlon says you should get about three uses per can.

revlon root erase permanent hair color Courtesy of Amazon


11. dpHUE Gloss Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye


The dpHUE Gloss Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye works a little differently than other hair dyes. Rather than penetrating the hair cuticle to change its color, this product works by wrapping around the hair to boost the appearance of the existing coloring and cover over gray hairs. That means it’s not technically a hair dye, so it won’t work that well single-handedly to color your silver fox hair. But if you’ve already dyed your hair or are only dealing with a bit of gray, this can be a solid option to boost whatever hair color is there and add a couple of weeks of color. Pick one of 11 different colors, and be sure not to use a white towel when washing up after as the color might transfer.

dpHue gloss light brown color boosting semi permanent hair dye Courtesy of Amazon


12. Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener


If you used to have golden blond locks, or want to change your color for a surfer-inspired look, go for this blond powder dye from Wella. It’s very high-quality and has a hefty price tag to match, but when it comes to dyeing your hair, that’s a worthy investment. You’ll need to buy a developer solution as well. Once you have the developer and the Wella powder, mix it to match your desired color (more dye for a lighter color). This means you can go as light or dark as you want, ranging from sandy blond to trendy platinum.

blond hair dye men's Courtesy of Amazon


13. Bigen EZcolor for Men


When it comes to black hair dye, you should turn to a company that specializes in black hair. Bigen originated in Japan and aims to help people with naturally dark hair get the color they want. Bigen EZcolor for Men in Real Black will help restore your hair’s natural dark color with its two-part cream formula, which is just the coloring and a color developer. You just squeeze an equal amount from each tube onto the included brush, brush the grayest parts of your dry hair first and let the color sit for 10 minutes before washing and shampooing. This is considered a permanent hair dye for men, so if you use it properly you’ll be gray-free for weeks.

Bigen ez color for men Courtesy of Amazon


14. Rolda Black Styling Gel


If you’re starting to notice grays, have dark hair and like to style it with gel, you might want to consider this Rolda Black Styling Gel. While it’s not as effective as true hair dye for men, the gel itself is black and adds temporary color and a strong hold to your hair. Even though you get great hold and form, the gel is not too thick or stiff and can easily be added into your morning grooming routine for a surprisingly simple solution to cover gray hairs every day.

rolda black styling gel Courtesy of Amazon


15. Kaf Grooming Styling Cream With Color


We wanted to also see if we could dig up a styling product for originally brown-haired guys and the Kaf Grooming Styling Cream With Color is exactly what we were looking for. This light brown styling cream will quickly cover and blend gray hairs into the surrounding hair so you get a more natural look. If you use a lot of the cream, you can really go from full gray to moderate brown in minutes. But if you want a little salt and pepper, just use a bit more on the places most in need and a bit less everywhere else. Because this is a hair cream, it also won’t stain anything and washes out at the end of the day. On the flip side, as long as you don’t wash your hair, you’ll retain the color.

kaf grooming men's hair cream with color Courtesy of Amazon


16. Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Dye


Wild colors aren’t our scene, but we always respect those with the confidence to rock out-there hair. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to wear unnatural hair colors, you’re going to love Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. The brand offers 23 eye-popping colors and the gentle, vegan dye is semi-permanent meaning it doesn’t use a chemical developer. The color will last four to eight weeks depending on your hair routine and will fade over time. If this is up your alley, the Poseidon blue color is awesome. You’ll be ready to grab a trident and release the kraken with hair looking that blue.

artic fox semi permanent hair dye in blue poseidon Courtesy of Amazon


17. Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye


Beards turn grey too, but facial hair requires a slightly different formula that won’t irritate your face or cause acne outbreaks. This beard dye is hypoallergenic and 100% natural (no parabens or ammonia), which is essential for something you’ll be rubbing on your money-maker. The color is great too, providing a natural look that maintains some maturity.

grizzly mountain beard and hair dye for men Courtesy of Amazon


18. Volt Instant Beard Color


Another great beard dye is this instant color comb from Volt. Unlike the Grizzly beard dye above, this is a softer, temporary dye for special occasions or for guys who are unsure about dyeing their scruff. It’s much easier to apply than real dye; just brush the color into your beard and go. The color will last around 48 hours (it’s also waterproof) and features some beard health-boosting ingredients such as argan oil and vitamin E.

beard dye instant brush in Courtesy of Ulta


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