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Try These Salon-Quality Hair Styling and Sculpting Pastes

Some people are born with naturally beautiful hair that falls in the right place with little to no effort. Must be nice. For the rest of us mortals, getting a great haircut that works with our hair type and face shape, using a shampoo and conditioner that lift our hair instead of weighing it down, and investing in the right styling products are all necessary steps in order to be able to confidently leave the house every day. We’d like to say a bad hair day is just a bad hair day, but it typically feels more like a bad day in general.

That’s why using a hairstyling and sculpting paste or pomade that holds your desired style throughout the day can mean the difference between a good (hair) day and a bad one. The best hair sculpting pastes and pomades are designed to make it easier to style hair into your desired look. Depending on the product and the way it’s applied (ie. to wet or dry hair), the hairstyle can be sleek and shiny or natural and textured.

For every hair type and style, there’s a paste and pomade to help. Check out three of our favorites below and feel good about leaving the house.

1. Mitch Clean Cut Styling Hair Cream

For a natural hairstyle that will stay throughout the day, try the Mitch Clean Cut Styling Hair Cream. The cream has a semi-matte finish and leaves hair looking natural without any stiffness. The pliable cream makes it possible to restyle your hair throughout the day. The subtle texture is appropriate for all hair types, including hair that has been color-treated.

Pros: The Mitch uses conditioning ingredients that are good for your hair and leave it looking soft.

Cons: The Mitch can cause hair to look ‘crunchy’ if too much is applied or if the hair is thin.

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2. Tea Tree Grooming Pomade

For a hair product that conditions hair and holds it in place, try the Tea Tree Grooming Pomade. Ideal for thick and curly hair, the pomade is used to shape and define hairstyles while giving it a flexible hold. The end result is a shiny, polished finish that has an appealing scent thanks to the citrus, tea tree and mint ingredients.

Pros: The Tea Tree Grooming Pomade is made with vegetable-based conditioners that soften the hair and condition it.

Cons: The pomade comes with a big price tag.

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3. Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold

Suavecito is the go-to pomade for aging punks, rockabilly fans and hipsters, but you can benefit from this pomade even if your musical tastes tend toward the mainstream. The brand’s Firm Hold product is ideal for men and women with more adventurous hair cuts. This pomade can easily be combed into your hair, although it can also be applied with your fingers. An extra-strength hold keeps your hair in place all day long. Like other Suavecito products, this pomade is water-soluble, which means it’s easy to wash out at the end of the day.

Pros: Extra-strength hold from a beloved brand. Water-soluble formula makes clean-up simple.

Cons: This Firm Hold formula is designed for more adventurous haircuts. This styling paste doesn’t have a fragrance.

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4. L’Oreal Professionnel – Hair Sculpting Fibrous Paste

Looking for a long-lasting hair sculpting paste? Reach for this Hair Sculpting Fibrous Paste from the L’Oreal Professionnel line of hair products. To apply this fibrous paste, first rub a small amount between your hands and warm in between your palms. Then, gently pull apart your hands to release the fibers, which can then be applied to your dry hair. Because of the unique formula, only a small amount of paste is needed.

Pros: Only a small amount of sculpting paste is needed for long-lasting styling.

Cons: Application process can be confusing for customers who have not used fibrous sculpting paste before.

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5. SEXYHAIR Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel

Keep hair in place throughout just about any workout or weather conditions with the SEXYHAIR Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel. The super strong gel has a max level hold and leaves ample shine thanks to ingredients like mica and titanium dioxide. The gel’s blue color also helps to reflect the light for added shine. Hard Up works on all hair types. Hard Up holding gel lets users create two distinct looks depending on how they apply the gel. On wet hair, the gel can be used for a sleek or spiked hairstyle, while use on dry hair creates a more textured and tousled effect.

Pros: Can be applied to wet or dry hair. Extra-strength sculpting power.

Cons: The Hard Up gel is advertised as working on all hair types, but users with curly hair may not get the hold they desire. The gel also leaves a blue tinge on very light-colored hair.

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