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These Ionic Hair Dryers Deliver a Better Blow Dry

Achieving salon-quality hair every day is possible with the right tools and one of the most cost-effective items to add to your daily hair grooming ritual is an ionic hair dryer. Typically priced in the same range of a jar of high-end hair gel and lasting much, much longer, hair dryers not only help to dry your hair, but they also help to set hairstyles, making them a must have for those with long, short, straight or curly hair. But not all hairdryers are created equal and all heat isn’t good heat. If you want to reduce frizz and dry time and increase shine and smoothness in your hair, you need an ionic hair dryer.

Ionic hair dryers use ions charged by heat and create negative ions, which separates the droplets of water on your hair into smaller particles, which helps them dry faster. Less drying time means less time for your hair to be damaged by heat. By also using ceramic and tourmaline, the hairdryer can heat up faster, which again means a shorter drying period and less time under the hairdryer.

Two of the three hairdryers we’ve included below have attachments, with the diffuser ideal for curls and anyone looking to achieve soft waves, with the diffuser helping to evenly distribute heat. The concentrator is preferable for straightening hair and reducing frizz.

While many small travel sized hair dryers only offer an on-off option, it’s important to purchase a hair dryer with multiple heat settings. Blowing the hottest air possible on your hair won’t get it dry faster and it could cause breakage and a drying effect that makes your hair look and feel brittle. Multiple heat and speed options are important to have in order to properly match your hair dryer to the style you want to achieve. Depending on your style of hair, more or less heat will be needed. High heat is preferable for thick and coarse hair while medium and low heat is better designed for thin hair, which could be easily burned and damaged on high heat settings. High heat is too much power for hair that is only slightly wet.

If you’re ready to be blown away by an affordable hair dryer that’s good for your hair, we have three great options below.

1. Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Cut down on frizz by 75 percent and dry hair faster with the powerful high-torque DC motor on the Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer.

Pros: With 1875 watts of power, three heat and two-speed settings, a cool shot button, and tourmaline ceramic technology that uses infrared heat to dry hair without damaging it, the Conair is a hair dryer that will meet anyone’s grooming needs. The Conair has a hinged filter that makes it easy to remove dust and clean between uses. The Conair comes with a diffuser and concentrator attachment and a high-torque DC motor that speeds up the drying process without frying your hair. Customers report that they have used their Conair multiple times per week for years.

Cons: Some customers wish the cord was slightly longer and note that the paint can easily chip.

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2. Remington D3190 with Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology

Treat and heal your hair while drying it faster than a standard hair dryer with the Remington D3190 with Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology, which also offers three times more protection than older models thanks to Advanced Coating Technology.

Pros: Compared to the company’s traditional hair dryer, the Remington D3190 helps to cut down on frizz and quickly dry your hair into its healthiest state with the company’s proprietary Micro-Conditioner Technology. The dryer has three heat and two-speed settings, a cool shot button and a diffuser and concentrator attachment. Customers like that the Remington appears to give off less heat than traditional hairdryers while still drying their hair faster and leaving it shiny.

Cons: Some customers found that the Remington was uncomfortable to hold, with the barrel too thick and not ergonomically shaped.

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3. Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

The preferred hair dryer for Marriott hotels, the Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer quickly dries hair without burning the scalp and can be folded for compact storage in bathrooms with limited space.

Pros: Dry hair quickly with the 1875 Watts of the Andis, which includes a concentrator attachment for easy styling, three heat and air speed settings, a cool blast button and Tourmaline ionic technology for silky and smooth hair. Unlike the Conair and Remington, the Andis has a retractable cord for safe storage. It also folds, making it the ideal choice for bathrooms with small storage space. The Andis is carried in most Marriott hotels, and some hotel guests reported that they ordered the Andis to replace their more expensive hair dryers after finding it dried their hair faster.

Cons: The Andis has the same power of wattage as the Conair and Remington, but it does not come with a diffuser attachment like the Conair and Remington. Although the Andis folds and takes up less space than a traditional hair dryer, it weighs only slightly less than the Conair and Remington, making it easier to store and better suited for people with wrist issues, but not small enough to be a travel hairdryer.

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