Here’s Why Leave-In Conditioner is a Well-Groomed Man’s Secret Weapon

Best Leave In Conditioner for Men
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Well-groomed guys have a new secret hair product: leave-in conditioner. Most women have always kept some in their bathroom armory, but guys have always dismissed leave-in conditioners and steered clear – until now.

Unlike the regular rinse-out conditioner you use in the shower, leave-in conditioners add lightweight moisture and volume that lasts all day. They also do extra work to nourish your scalp, as rinse-out conditioners don’t have much time to penetrate your hair. This makes it ideal for guys with frizzy, damaged or curly hair that gets tangled easily, though everyone can benefit from the vitamins, minerals and other ‘do-upgrading ingredients found in a good leave-in conditioner.

Before upgrading your hair routine with a leave-in, check out our recommendations below. We’ve combed through the products available on Amazon (pun intedned) and found the best for each hair type.

1. It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product


While most leave-in conditioners have a clear strong-suit (some are great for frizzy hair, others protect color-treated hair), this It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product does it all – and it does it well. Utilizing natural ingredients such as vitamin C, linseed and aloe vera, the spray-on conditioner softens, rejuvenates and most importantly, defends hair of every type. And if 2,300+ positive reviews on Amazon don’t convince you that it works, ask pro surfer Kelia Moniz who uses the conditioner to protect her locks from constant sun and seawater.

Leave In conditioner Blue Bottle Courtesy of Amazon


2. CHI Keratin Leave-in Conditioner


If your hair is splitting or damaged – and regular shampoo and conditioner aren’t doing the trick – grab some of this CHI leave-in conditioner. It features keratin, a protein structure that rebuilds hair cuticles and makes your mane stronger overall. On top of that, jojoba and argan oils replenish your hair’s moisture, leading to a smooth volume that won’t get tangled. It’s another easy spray-in conditioner that’s easy to use and work through with your fingers.

Leave In conditioner Damaged Hair Chi Courtesy of Amazon


3. Paul Mitchell The Cream


Fine, thin hair needs some extra help when it comes to styling and staying healthy. For dudes with this kind of hair, we suggest Paul Mitchell’s leave-in-conditioner-slash-styling cream. A staple at top salons across the country, this Paul Mitchell product elevates your daily styling cream with the moisturizing, protective powers of a good leave-in conditioner. After showering, apply a small amount to damp hair and style like any gel: from back to front.

Styling Gel Leave In Conditioner Paul Mitchell Courtesy of Amazon


4. Boldify Biotin Hair Growth Serum


This leave-in conditioner features biotin; a key ingredient for hair-growth in balding men. Biotin is a water-soluble version of vitamin B that improves your body’s supply of keratin, a protein that supports hair health. When applied directly onto your mop and left there, it works to improve overall health and reduce hair loss. To use it, take a dime-sized dollop and rub it evenly throughout your mane.

Men's conditioner thinning Hair Courtesy of Amazon


5. Pureology Colour Leave-in Treatment


If you dye your hair, be sure to buy a leave-in conditioner that will keep the color looking its best. This Pureology leave-in treatment does just that, protecting artificial color while delivering all the benefits of a leave-in conditioner. Evenly spray a little bit on damp hair after showering and before any styling products. This conditioner will not only bring out the vibrancy of your dye job, but also extend the life of your color and prevent it from fading or getting too brassy.

Leave In Conditioner Color Hair Courtesy of Amazon


6. Unite Hair Detangle Leave-In Conditioner


One of the best uses for leave-in conditioner is treating hair that’s perpetually tangled. After moisturizing and improving the volume of your hair, it’ll fall into place and look a whole lot better. The best leave-in for successfully beating tangled hair is this Unite 7 Seconds conditioner, as it’s specifically formulated to detangle. Instead of spraying Unite on damp hair, spritz your dry ‘do 4-6 times and then comb to even it out.

Leave In conditioner Detangle Courtesy of Amazon


7. Royal Locks Curl Rescue Leave-in Conditioner


Curly hair can be great (just ask Timothee Chalamet or Kit Harrington), but it takes some management. This leave-in curl rescue from Royal Locks allows you to control that mane, and take it to movie-star level. It uses ingredients such as vitamin B5 to moisturize, seal breaking hair and thicken curls, allowing them to fall more softly and become more styleable. For best results, use it after shampooing, conditioning and towel drying hair, rubbing a small amount into the hair and focusing on the ends.

Leave In conditioner for Curly Hair Courtesy of Amazon


8. ORIBE Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil


The high percentage of argan oil in this Oribe hair oil will work wonders for a mature head of hair. The premium formula reduces further wear from UV rays while softening strands, reducing frizz and enhancing the silver look with some subtle shine. Apply the oil on damp hair before shampooing as a treatment, on freshly-washed hair before blow-drying to protect from the heat, or on dry hair to stop frizz.

Leave In conditioner Men's Oribe Courtesy of Amazon


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