Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Here’s the Best Lotion for Your Bald Head

bald man
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So, you’ve lost your locks? Good. Who needs ’em anyway?

Bald boys do it better. It’s simply the way it works. I began losing my hair when I was around 18-years-old, and although it was a struggle back in the day, I love being bald. I look forward to shaving my head and I’m obsessed with the way it feels when I rub my hands on it. It’s like I have my own portable crystal ball with me at all times. Who wouldn’t want that?

But, a bald head comes with some serious responsibilities. You need to take care of it with more than just a razor and shaving cream. That’s why the best lotion for bald heads should be a staple to your post-shave routine.

The best lotion for bald heads isn’t your average lotion. This isn’t the same goop you’re lathering on your arms and legs. Typically, the best lotion for bald heads is made for your head. These lotions work specifically to deal with the freshly-shaven skin on your head to moisturize, tone down the shine and keep your cap in tip-top shape.

Essentially, the best lotion for bald heads is the haircare you never thought you’d have to worry about again. Read on and figure out which one works best for you.

1. Bee Bald Post-Shave Healing Balm


It’s gonna be a “hell yeah” from us. Bee Bald’s post-shave balm is exceptional, so much so that we’re calling it the best lotion for bald heads out of any we’ve seen. For you rough and tough shavers out there prone to redness and irritation, a little slab of Bee Bald after you shave will instantly relieve your skin after shaving. The balm uses natural botanicals which help relieve your skin both quickly and effectively. Trust us, you’ll never go back.

Bee Bald Post-Shave Healing Balm Courtesy of Amazon


2. Mountaineer Brand Bald Head Care


Replenish your scalp post-shave with Mountaineer’s soothing, moisturizing head balm. The balm uses natural ingredients like beeswax, oils, butters and extracts to keep your crown hydrated day in and day out. Worried about oils collecting on your head and creating an unwanted sheen? Don’t be, Mountaineer controls oils to keep your head looking hydrated yet non-greasy. Your head’s going to thank you for this one.

Mountaineer Brand Bald Head Care Courtesy of Amazon


3. Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator 24-Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer


Some of us baldies don’t want that classic, glowing shine. Dissipate any and all shine with Kiehl’s anti-shine moisturizer which lathers perfectly on the crown of your head. This oil eliminator goes hard at work for 24 full hours by absorbing sweat, minimizing pores and reducing any oil accumulating on your noggin. Consider your cap matte from here on out.

Kiehl's Oil Eliminator 24-Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer Courtesy of Kiehl's


4. High Time Dare To Be Bald Protective Scalp Treat


High Time’s Dare To Be Bald scalp balm uses tea tree oil to soothe, shine and moisturize your noggin to give you the healthiest scalp the world’s ever seen. Any irritation post-shave is no match for this balm either. Just lather on after you rid of your hair and you’re good to go. Simple as that. It’s also very affordable for those balling on a budget, too.

High Time Dare To Be Bald Protective Scalp Treat Courtesy of Amazon


5. Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector


If you’re bald, you’ll know way better than others just how irrationally rude the sun can be. Unlike those with hair, we don’t have anything covering the sensitive skin on our head in hopes that we don’t get a burn. Yeah, hats are helpful, but why not get yourself the best lotion for bald heads that includes SPF? This light lotion from Kiehl’s is packed with SPF 30 to keep your noggin safe. It’s got a watery texture to it that easily spreads over your cranium and can even be used on your face and body.

Kiehl's Activated Sun Protector Courtesy of Kiehl's


6. NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration 3 in 1 Nourishing Lotion


To make your life easier, NIVEA’s hydrating lotion is an all-body lotion you can use on your arms, legs, face, feet and of course, your bald head. There’s no doubt you’ve seen it at the local Target or CVS in years past and whether or not you’ve tried it is on you. If you haven’t, now’s your shot. It’s packed with aloe vera which works to boost your skin’s moisture level dramatically. Best part of all? It’ll keep you moist for more than 24 hours.

NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration 3 in 1 Nourishing Lotion Courtesy of Amazon


7. The Art of Shaving Eucalyptus After-Shave Balm


Most of the best lotions for bald heads are relatively scentless, but that’s not the case with this after-shave balm from The Art of Shaving. This goopy cream is made with eucalyptus and smells just like it, leaving your head feeling soft and smelling scrumptious. The lotion uses high-quality botanical and natural ingredients to keep it skin-safe and able for everyone to use.

The Art of Shaving Eucalyptus After-Shave Balm Courtesy of The Art of Shaving