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The 9 Best Men’s Hair Loss Products to Fight Back Against Hair Loss

Much to our chagrin, Father Time remains undefeated. At some point or another, men are going to feel his wrath — mostly likely regarding their hair. Even if you don’t go completely bald, your hair will begin to thin. Sure, you could embrace it and fully commit to going bald, or you can fight back. The good news? There are a ton of men’s hair loss products aimed to stop hair loss and prompt hair restoration.

Solutions to help reverse or stop hair loss have never been more readily available. With online services like Hims or Roman and classic methods like Rogaine, it’s easy to find a solution to treat male pattern hair loss that works for you. Plus, there are a ton of choices in hair loss shampoos for men.

When it comes to fighting thinning hair or hair loss — and avoiding falling prey to common hair loss myths — it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different formulas and how they work. And nothing has a better track record in reviving dormant hair follicles, fortifying existing ones and defending those follicles against hormones byproducts than finasteride and minoxidil.

Those two medicines are the core offering of the best men’s hair loss subscriptions, like Keeps, Roman and Hims, and for good reason: You likely know them by their initial brand names Rogaine and Propecia, respectively. With those patents expired, the generic forms of these hair loss products are now readily available and competitively priced.

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Both finasteride and minoxidil have been studied and clinically proven but, while you can find minoxidil in various over-the-counter products, you’ll need a doctor’s prescription for finasteride. That said, brands like Hims and Roman allow you to have a virtual consultation with a doctor, and, if approved, you can get prescription medications in the mail. 

To help you fight back, SPY rounded up some of the best men’s hair loss products that can help with treating hair loss so you can hold on to your healthy hair.

best overall

Much like Kleenex or Q-Tips, Rogaine has become a brand name that stands in for an entire line of women’s and men’s hair loss products. Associated with treating hair loss for decades, it is the No. 1 dermatologist-recommended brand. Its formula is proven to bolster hair follicles and hair protein — which can lead to up to 25% more hair. By the time this three-month supply of men’s hair loss product is complete, you’ll see it working on your thinning hair. Plus, incorporating Rogaine into your routine is easy just apply the foam during your daily shower. 

best doctor access


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Keeps’ mission is to make hair loss for men an issue of the past. A subscription service, Keeps offers several hair loss products for men to help stop hair loss and to promote healthy hair regrowth, including topicals like foams, serums and shampoos as well as pills. All products are FDA-approved, backed by scientific research, affordable, matched to your specific issues and doctor-approved. Speaking of doctors, for your first year using Keeps, you’ll get unlimited messaging with a doctor regarding any questions, comments or concerns about your men’s hair loss products and hair restoration journey.

best all-in-one treatment


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If you’re looking for a one-stop shop in terms of complete hair loss treatment, direct-to-consumer brand Hims has you covered. Hims offers all kind of men’s hair loss products including FDA-approved Finasteride pills increase the volume and health of your hair; minoxidil drops reinvigorate your scalp; DHT-blocking shampoo helps with overall hair health; and Biotin vitamins further strengthen hair. It’s a full-service approach to ensure you have any and all tools needed to stop hair loss and back.

best subscription service


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If you’re looking for an ongoing hair loss treatment solution, Roman has you covered. The online service allows you to see a doctor from the comfort of your own home so you can get the official word as it relates to your thinning hair. From there, you’ll get a dedicated kit that includes finasteride and Minoxidil drops. These hair loss products for men will arrive in discreet packaging with free two-day shipping. It’s a fast, subtle and (above all) effective way to treat hair loss.

best value

Costco’s Kirkland brand continues to churn out excellent men’s hair loss products at affordable prices. Even without a membership, you can pick up some of their products from third-party sellers on Amazon. Like Rogaine, this is a 5% solution hair loss product that works for men and is applied topically. But this is in dropper form so, if you prefer the ease of a foaming solution, you may want to stick with Rogaine.

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Besides Costco’s Kirkland, you can also pick up minoxidil in Rogaine-strength men’s hair loss products from pharmacies such as Walgreens. This option includes three 60ml bottles of a topical solution, which are applied using a dropper.

best hair loss comb

While taking supplements and using topical men’s hair loss products is helpful, you can never have enough options in your hair loss toolkit. That’s why a piece of tech like this LaserComb from HairMax is a helpful secondary hair loss product for men to incorporate into an existing routine. Through its use of laser light dispersion, the comb focuses light directly into your scalp’s hair follicles to foster hair regrowth. That technique is helped by the comb’s specialized teeth, which work to create a dedicated pathway to allow the perfect amount of light in. FDA-approved, the LaserComb has helped over 1.7 million customers worldwide to stop hair loss and regrow their hair.

best laser Product

Sometimes technology can play a large role in helping to restore hair. That’s the case with this laser cap from iRestore. Place the helmet on your head and its dedicated LEDs radiate light to be absorbed by hair follicles. This process ultimately helps to enhance cell metabolism, which further stimulates hair regrowth. The cap itself has five soft pads on the top to ensure comfort, while the hands-free timer makes it easy to start or pause the hair loss treatment.

most temporary but effective

Not all hair loss products that work for men aim toward long-term hair restoration. While this men’s hair loss product isn’t necessarily going to fix your hair loss-related issues for good, it is great for a short period. Toppik features hair-building fibers to sprinkle onto your scalp where you see thinning hair to make it seem like you have a thicker head of hair. It might sound fake, but check out the before and after photos from customer reviews. Just remember, this is only a short-term fix. After your shower, you’ll be back to balding.

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