The Best Metal Combs Are Perfect For Men & Women With Thick, Tangled Hair

man holding metal combs
Courtesy of Chicago Comb Company

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Sometimes your hair and your beard are acting unruly. It happens, and that’s life. Whether your hair needs moisturization or just a little tender, love and care, one of the most important tools you’ll need to tame those tresses are combs. Sure, they’re pretty simple, but the best combs are essential tools for any grooming routine. One of the most forgotten styles of combs is metal combs, which are rising in popularity.

Metal combs have a few benefits over other styles:

  • Anti-static
  • Super long-lasting
  • Great for untangling
  • Ideal for men and women with thick hair
  • Highly durable and easy to clean

Metal combs typically feature some kind of metal like stainless steel, are durable and can withstand a lot of stress and usage. They usually come in silver or some modified version of black, but you can find metal combs with a wide variety of tooth width, length and spacing. Some options are double-sided for maximum efficiency, while others are simple picks. Right now, tail-styled combs are a popular silhouette within the metal comb market, as they make hair and beard grooming easier because of the line and point at the end of the comb.

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Below, we’ve listed the best metal combs for sale online. These combs will make sure that you’re styling and profiling in no time.


1. Chicago Comb Company Model 6 Carbon Fiber


The Chicago Comb Company makes premium metal combs right here in the United States using materials like stainless steel and carbon fiber. Originally launched via Kickstarter, the company now makes some of the best metal combs in the world. The company’s popular Model 6 model is crafted from carbon fiber and features both thin and wide teeth for versatility. At 7″ long, this comb is ideal for daily grooming and will suit guys of all hair types. Basically, this heavy-duty grooming tool puts other combs to shame.

chicago comb co model number 6 Courtesy of Chicago Comb Company

2. Bao Three-Pack Metal Pick


If you’re a Black man, or a man of color with coarse, kinky hair, then chances are that you’ve owned an afro pick at some point in your life. This option features three picks with the fist symbol on top, which helped to popularize the comb in the ‘70s. They come in a square shape or trapezoid shape and will help you fluff and perfect your hair.

Bao Metal pick Amazon

3. Boao Dual-Sided Stainless Steel Comb


This silhouette is probably one of the most popular styles on the men’s comb market. This metal version of the wooden comb has all of the same benefits as the wooden version, just with added durability. It’s double-sided for moments when you need wider teeth and for other moments when you need smaller teeth. It’s pocket-sized and comes in a two-pack to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Boao dual-sided comb Amazon

4. Goodline Grooming Co. Stainless Steel Comb


If you’ve never heard of Goodline Grooming Co., that’s because it’s brand new. CVS’s in-house line of grooming products, Goodline Grooming offers high quality at a bargain price. We had the chance to test out the brand’s skin and hair products, and we were very impressed. For guys who want a long-lasting and ultra-durable stainless steel comb to tame their beard or mustache, the Goodline grooming comb is a must-have.

goodline grooming co stainless steel combs Courtesy of CVS


5. Go-Comb Wallet Comb


Have you ever needed a comb that fits in your wallet for easy access? If you have, then Go-Comb has an option for you. This black stainless steel comb slides right into the pocket of your wallet and will provide efficient styling in a time of crisis. It features fine teeth, and it’s thin and light. The comb comes in seven colors and designs to match your aesthetic.

Go-Comb Wallet Comb Amazon

6. Chicago Comb Company Steel Comb + Leather Sheath


Do you want a comb that will last you for the rest of your life? Chicago Comb Company makes fine metal combs in the United States, and we recommend ordering the company’s popular Model 3 Stainless Steel Comb, which comes with a leather sheath produced by a historic Chicago tannery. This company can also engrave a comb for you if you’re buying it as a gift.

chicago comb company Courtesy of Chicago Comb Company

7. Bossman Metal Hair and Beard Comb


Bossman Metal Hair and Beard Comb Amazon


8. CCBeauty Metal Combs 5-Pack


If you’re looking for a variety pack, then this option is for you. This set of stainless-steel combs is perfect for all hair types. They also come in a leather carrying pouch for easy accessibility. They’re durable and are versatile tools to include in your hair routine.

CCBeauty Metal Combs 5-Pack Amazon

9. Fendrihan Metal Double Tooth Barber Grooming Comb


A barber grooming comb comes from Fendrihan. It’s 6.6 inches long and features wide and narrow teeth for all of your grooming needs. Also, this comb features rounded teeth that help to gently massage the scalp when combing your hair. It’s simple and effective.

Fendrihan Sturdy Metal Double Tooth Barber Grooming Comb Amazon


10. Boao Metal Tail Combs 2-Pack


When you think about traditional combs, these might come to mind. The stainless-steel teasing combs are about 23 cm/ 9.16 inches in length and 2.5 cm/ 0.98 inches in width, which makes them perfect for most hair types. They have dense teeth and a metal tail that makes styling a cinch. This two-pack of combs should be a contender on your list if you’re looking for simple combs that get the job done.

Boao Metal Tail Comb Two-Pack Amazon

11. AhfuLife Stainless Steel Folding Comb


This unique option from AhfuLife looks like a switchblade but is actually a switch comb. It features round comb teeth that help to provide a gentle straightener without scratching. Of course, it’s portable, and it also has a 180-degree radius. It’s is multifunctional and made from durable steel and copper.

AhfuLife Folding Comb Amazon

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