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Guys, Pocket-Sized Combs Exist for a Reason. Keep One On Hand and Never Look Disheveled Again

Alright fellas, let’s talk. Beards are back, long hair is in, and whether you’re heading to work, out on a date, or traveling, there’s no reason you can’t keep your man mane in check. You don’t need to carry around a duffel bag full of products to keep yourself looking presentable. Just a pocket. Do you have a pocket? Great, you’re halfway there.

When it comes to taming your tresses, having a pocket-sized comb on hand is a great way to ensure that you’re always looking your best. Plus, combs were good enough for the Fonz, and no one is cooler than the Fonz.

A pocket comb helps to straighten a coif, tame a beard or mustache, and even get unruly eyebrows under control. Combs can be easily cleaned with soap and water to avoid build-up from hair products and they’re lightweight and ideal for daily use and travel.

Whether you want a comb that won’t break your heart if it gets lost or a high-quality option that won’t break in your pocket, we’ve got you and your hair covered.

1. Kent Pocket Beard Comb

With a handmade ergonomic design, the Kent Pocket Beard Comb is comfortable to hold. The travel-size comb is designed for use just about anywhere, including beards and mustaches. The comb is made with cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum-based plastic derived from plants that helps to reduce the static reaction that often comes from combs.

Pros: The smooth teeth on the Kent comb are hand polished and buffed and help to stimulate the scalp and skin, regenerating the natural oil that gives hair its shine.

Cons: The Kent comb is only 2.8 inches long and may be too small to be used for anything other than mustaches or beards.

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2. Onedor Sandalwood Fine Tooth Folding Brush Comb

One reason people often don’t carry combs is because they can easily break. With the Onedor Sandalwood Fine Tooth Folding Brush Comb, the comb folds into itself, protecting its teeth whether it’s in your pocket or toiletry bag. The comb is available in extra-wide tooth and fine tooth and its durability and versatility make it a quality comb that is well worth the money.

Pros: The Ondedor comes with a small case for safe storage.

Cons: The Ondedor is not anti-static.

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3. Chicago Comb Model 1 Carbon Fiber

The Chicago Comb Model 1 Carbon Fiber is great for a man or woman and can be used to help create a smooth updo or tame an unruly beard. It’s made from light carbon fiber, which is perfect for putting in your pocket and forgetting about it. Our team loves that the comb is anti-static and even has a loop at the end that makes it easy to hold and to hang up when you’re home.

Pros: The Chicago comb is chemical and heat resistant and is safe for use with a hair-dryer.

Cons: The Chicago comb is more rigid than most plastic combs and might break if carried in a pocket.

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4. Hawatour Folding Wood Comb

For a comb that is made with natural ingredients and protects itself when not in use, try the Hawatour Folding Wood Comb. The 100% natural sandalwood comb folds when not in use to protect the teeth and keep dirt from getting in. A copper screw keeps the folding mechanism working smoothly. The Hawatour has medium-sized teeth that make it a versatile comb, ideal for long and short beards, mustaches, and head hair. When extended, the Hawatour measures 7.3 inches, making it comfortable for reaching hair at the back of the head.

Pros: The Hawatour has a natural sandalwood scent that helps to promote relaxation.

Cons: The Hawatour comes with a big price tag.

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5. Airisland Credit Card Size Comb

Keep your comb on hand, or in your wallet, with the Airisland Credit Card Size Comb. The double-sided comb fits in any wallet sleeve for a discrete and convenient travel option. The unbreakable stainless-steel comb is designed to last through tough conditions and comes with a protective case for safe storage. The fine-toothed comb is gentle enough for use on beards and mustaches and won’t aggravate the skin.

Pros: The Airsiland comb is anti-static.

Cons: The comb may pull hair that is curly or thick and isn’t ideal for long beards.

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