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What Are You Shaving With? We Found the 14 Best Razors for Men in 2023

No man’s grooming arsenal can be complete without one of the best razors. Even the bearded among us need a quality blade for touch-ups or the occasional shave. And for the non-bearded men who shave daily or weekly or somewhere in between, the best men’s razors are a necessity.

But in a world where there are so many great razor brands to choose from, we became curious. What really is the world’s best razor for men? To find out, we put all of the most popular razor brands in the world to the test. SPY’s grooming writers and editors have been testing razor after razor over the course of the past couple of years to determine which razors stand tall amongst a sea of competitors — and we’ve found a winner.

Maintaining a baby-smooth face doesn’t have to be a chore. We don’t like ingrown hairs, razor burn and painful shaves, and we know you don’t either. If you’re in the need of a razor that will go above and beyond, then you’ve come to the right place. For this guide, our grooming editors tested around 30 of the top razors and selected only the 14 that we believe are most worthy of your time and money. Check out our top picks below and enjoy the closest, smoothest shave of your life.

A selection of the razors that we tested for this article. Tyler Schoeber |

The Best Razors At a Glance

  1. Best Razor Overall: Harry’s Truman Razor — $9.00 at Harry’s
  2. Runner Up: Dollar Shave Club 6 Blade Starter Kit — $10.00 at Dollar Shave Club
  3. Best Upgrade: Harry’s Craft Handle — $15.00 at Harry’s
  4. Best OG: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor — $19.99 on Amazon
  5. Best Electric Razor: Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Shaver — $49.96 on Amazon
  6. Best New Electric Razor: Dollar Shave Club Electric Trimmer — $70.00 at Dollar Shave Club
  7. Best Safety Razor: Supply The Single Edge SE — $59.00 at Supply
  8. Budget Safety Razor: King C. Gillette Safety Razor — $23.70 on Amazon
  9. Best Splurge: Braun Series 9 Electric Razor — $349.99 on Amazon
  10. Best Disposable: Gillette Sensor 2 Plus — $14.97 on Amazon
  11. Best for Sensitive Skin: Bevel Safety Razor — $19.99 on Amazon
  12. Best Budget Cartdige Razor: Gillette Mach3 Razor — $9.97 on Amazon
  13. Best for Bearded Guys: Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser — $18.60 on Amazon
  14. Best For Downstairs: Meridian Trimmer — $74.00 at Meridian

What Are the Best Razors for Men?

Before we get into the best razors for sale in 2023, we want to answer an elementary question — what are razors? Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s a funny question to ask, but we’re going to answer it anyway. Men’s razors aren’t like beard trimmers which, for the most part, are built to trim hair down and leave some behind. Instead, razors are designed to rid your face or body of hair entirely for a soft, clean, hairless finish.

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But when reviewing the best razors for men, there are many different types of razors and blades we could include. The men’s grooming market is full of disposable razors, razors with replaceable blade cartridges, safety razors, electric razors, body groomers and bald head shavers. For the purposes of this review, and with few exceptions, we’re focusing on traditional men’s razors that are handheld, non-electric (okay, except for like, two) and feature replaceable blades. But, if you’re looking for reviews on all of the above, simply click the individualized words for our full reviews on those grooming products.

You can use a razor on just about any part of your body to rid of hair — your face, your legs, your chest, your downstairs, wherever. Shaving with razors should be done with shaving cream to help the razor glide without issue over your skin. The best razors shouldn’t irritate your skin, leave excessive razor burn or in any way hurt when shaving. If that’s the case, you probably just need to change the blade. With the right razors for men, your shave should be smooth and free of cuts every time.

There are tons of incredible shavers to choose from, so we put dozens of razors to the test and narrowed down the best razors of 2023. Check our SPY’s full men’s razor reviews below.

Courtesy of Harry’s

Best For: Anyone looking for a killer close shave at an affordable price.
Why We Chose It: Harry’s isn’t just our favorite shave club; the company’s Truman Razor has consistently outperformed the competition in our razor testing.

People have a lot to say about razors with five blades, but we’re just going to keep it 100% real: Harry’s Truman Razor’s five-blade design changed our lives. Seriously. A lot of our editors use this razor as their main go-to because of how impressive it is. Heck, some of us have even been using this razor before working at SPY, so you can say we’ve been testing this one for years on years on years.

This truly is one of the best razors for men. Testing has shown us that Harry’s gives the fastest shave you can imagine. You don’t have to go over and over the same spots as much as you do with other razors. The shave is smooth and pain-free each time, and the weighted handle is never going to slip out of your hands. Five blades might sound like overkill, but trust us, it makes the shave faster and smoother.

The Truman just got a makeover with a brand-new grippy handle, which is similar to the textured grip of the Dollar Shave Club razor. We’ve tested the new handle and believe it’s a definite improvement. Not that the original was lacking a grip in any way; the redesign just feels better in the hand.

It’s simply safe to say that if you’re going to shave, do it with Harry’s. You won’t regret it.


  • Great design
  • 5 blade design
  • New handle
  • Affordable first purchase
  • Excellent shave


  • Somewhat pricy refills
  • 5 blades might be a lot for some guys

Full Review: Harry’s Truman Razor Is Still King

Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club

Best For: Folks looking for an affordable razor with the ability to use in a subscription service.
Why We Chose It: Because Dollar Shave Club essentially changed how the world obtains razors, and it’s still one of the best.

Shaving should feel effortless, shouldn’t it? Well, in our experience, it’s hard to beat a shave that feels as easy as Dollar Shave Club. For starters, DSC’s handle is unmatched against its competitors. It has a lightweight grip that allows for a non-slip hold we quickly fell in love with. Cartridges include 6-blades in total which is more or less as many blades as we’d ever deem necessary. We didn’t see much of a difference in the 5-blade make-up of Harry’s versus the 6-blade with DSC, but still received a super pleasant shaving experience. We just don’t know if the sixth blade really added much.

Each shave with DSC was fast, high-quality and exceptionally smooth. In addition to the razor, we also noticed that our shaves felt much better when abiding to DSC’s three-step shaving ritual which includes their Prep Scrub to start, Shave Butter to aid you in shaving and Post-Shave Dew to leave your skin feeling and looking great. By no means are these products necessary (because the process is kind of long), but we did truly notice a positive difference in our shaving experience.

In addition to all of this, DSC offers a subscription shave club that delivers products you like at a more affordable price on a routine basis. Our editors are back and forth about shave subscription services due to frequency vs infrequency of box deliveries (we all shave differently, folks!) but it might be a great option to consider if you find yourself in the need. Plus, you can cancel at any time if you wish.


  • Subscription service option
  • Unbeatable pricing
  • 6-blade design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Excellent shave


  • 6 blades might be a lot for people
  • 6 blades isn’t noticeably better than 5

Full Review: DSC’s Famous Razor Is Still an Incredible Value

Courtesy of Harry’s
best upgrade

Best For: Harry’s lovers looking for something more sophisticated.
Why We Chose It: It’s Harry’s third and newest razor that really sets the bar.

What’s our favorite razor brand up to these days? Well, they’re pushing out new products. In 2023, Harry’s released their newest razor to the brand’s growing collection: the Craft Handle. We have been testing the Craft Handle for a few months now and have been seriously impressed with our time so far.

To start us off, this is Harry’s most visually appealing razor. It has an updated look that’s sleek and silver instead of Harry’s more obtrusive, colorful designs. It has a nice weight and includes small, grippy dots on the handle so it won’t slip out of your hand when shaving. It also has a more curved shape than Harry’s Truman which we found to be quite effective for holding.

While we do love this razor and the direction Harry’s is going, we simply can’t name it the best Harry’s razor. Why? The Truman is just a masterpiece and it doesn’t get any better. Though, if you are a dedicated Harry’s fanatic and want to try something new from the brand, switch it up and give this looker the shot it deserves.


  • Handsome design
  • Updated look
  • Great weight


  • Pricier than Truman
  • Haven’t been testing too long

Full Review: I Tried Harry’s New Craft Handle: The Brand’s Most Elevated (& Affordable) Handle to Date

Courtesy of Amazon
best og

Best For: Ride or die Gillette fans.
Why We Chose It: Because some guys refuse to shave with anything else. While we prefer the razors of DTC brands like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, there’s no denying that the Gillette ProGlide offers a super-close shave.

Ah, Gillette. The brand we all started with upon stealing our dad’s razors to diminish the look of our peach fuzz in middle school. A lot has changed in the world of razors since those days, but Gillette still makes one of the best razors in existence. That said, the Fusion ProGlide Razor is a razor made for modern-day Gillette lovers to get their grooming on.

Upon testing, we found that this razor wasn’t lying when it said “ProGlide”. The razor itself is extremely movable which is both a curse and a blessing. It reminds us as if you were moving a modern vacuum around with the ability to turn effortlessly. We found that although this is pretty neat and does allow for a quick shave, one wrong turn and you could mess up any beard clean-up pretty badly. Nonetheless, the shave is exceptionally smooth and didn’t leave any itching sensation or razor burn post-shave. It’s a shave really nobody can hate.


  • 5 blade design
  • Quick shave
  • Smooth shave
  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable


  • Swivel head can get tricky
  • 5 blades might be a lot for people
Courtesy of Amazon
best electric razor

Best For: Folks who shave more than just their face.
Why We Chose It: It’s a comfortable, affordable electric shaver that actually works.

Lightweight? Check. Affordable? Check. Rechargeable? Check. Gets the job done? 100%. The first time we tested the Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver we quickly realized that this was one of the best electric shavers we’d ever tried. And, don’t get us wrong, we totally understand the mindset of somebody who isn’t a fan of electric shavers. Why choose electric when non-electric works just fine? Well, let us tell you about our experiences in testing.

This shaver is built to tackle all the hair on your body and can manage any length of hair. Believe us when we say any length. Some of our editors are hairy — and it still worked perfectly. The shaver is able to be used in both wet and dry scenarios with a SPY-personal preference geared towards wet. For us, it just coincides better with the idea of shaving. Could be a placebo effect, but we felt that in testing, it worked better when wet.

To diminish the need to touch your body with the same razor you use on your face, this shaver also comes with two heads you can switch on and off when shaving different places on your body. Both feel the exact same — super soft to the touch with no pulling. Though, if you do experience pulling or sensitivity, there is a skin guard you can place on the shaver to minimize this, but we didn’t find the need to use it much.


  • Rechargeable
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used wet and dry
  • Works well on sensitive skin


  • Some folks are anti-electric when it comes to shaving
  • Might not give as smooth of a shave as regular razors
Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club
Best New electric razor

Best For: Folks who love DSC and want to experience something totally new from the brand.
Why We Chose It: We’re serious fans of the DSC brand and have been impressed with our testing.

In 2022, Dollar Shave Club released its very first electric razor. To keep it frank, it’s very similar to the OneBlade, but it might be giving the old-school choice a run for its money.

Just like the OneBlade, this electric razor comes with multiple heads and combs for trimming and shaving, both for your face and for your body. It’s the duality of man! It’s only $70 and has done extremely well in our testing efforts so far. It has a battery life of 90 minutes in total which is pretty stellar for an electric razor and is completely waterproof for use under the sink or in the shower.

We still have to give this razor more time in testing, but for now, we can say we’re pleasantly surprised with the way this one works.


  • Long runtime
  • Newer design
  • From reputable brand


  • Pricier than OneBlade
  • Haven’t been testing too long

Full Review: Dollar Shave Club Just Released Its First Electric Razor, and We Put It To the Test

Courtesy of Supply
best safety razor


Buy Now

Best For: People who love safety razors but hate the risk of slicing their hands open when replacing a blade.
Why We Chose It: It’s got a smart construction all safety razor lovers will appreciate.

Okay, safety razors are super cool and all, but there is one thing anybody who has ever used a safety razor can agree on. Nicks and cuts are more or less anticipated. Thankfully, Supply offers one of the best single-edge safety razors in the industry and their brand-new Single Edge SE is really taking the cake to ensure safety is of top priority.

We were unsure, but upon testing, we became positive — it’s genuinely hard to cut yourself with the Single Edge SE. Unlike most safety razors, Supply uses something they call “NickStop” technology that keeps your skin protected when shaving. In addition, the razor uses an injector-style blade system that diminishes the need to push the razor blade in with your bare fingers by adding a tool to the mix. It’s totally simple to use and makes us wonder why other safety razors haven’t added such an innovative feature.

Though shaves are only done with a single razor, we have to say it’s a smooth one. You will have to use more of your brain when shaving and go over some spots again throughout, but it’s a safety razor, which is to be expected. If you are interested in using a safety razor and need a good starter, this is the best razor to use. Our editors who hate shaving with safety razors were even impressed.


  • Hard to cut yourself
  • Innovative design
  • Precise shave


  • Takes some practice
  • Longer shave
Courtesy of Amazon
budget safety razor

$26.49 $34.94 24% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Best For: Guys who want to try out safety razors without committing to a more expensive shaving set.
Why We Chose It: Safety razors can get pricy, King C. Gillette simply makes a great option that isn’t.

We love the King G. Gillette grooming line. Since launching in November 2020, these premium shaving products have won several SPY awards. We recently tested the best safety razors in the world, and we found that the King C. Gillette metal razor offered a close shave and a great value. The brand’s double-edge safety razor costs just $30, making it a great entry point for beginners.

The handle is textured and has a satisfying weight in your hand, and we found that it was easy to replace the blades (five Gillette replacement blades come with the handle). When you rinse the blade with hot water, you’ll almost feel like you’re getting an old-school hot shave. Safety razors won’t provide as close of a shave compared to cartridge-based razors, and this razor struggled slightly to create precise lines. However, for guys that want that cleanly-shaven look, it’s a great option.


  • Affordable
  • Great weight
  • Clean shave


  • Not the most precise
Courtesy of Amazon
best splurge

$349.99 $379.99 8% off

Buy Now On Amazon

$349.99 $379.99 8% off

Buy Now at target

Best For: People looking for a high-quality razor that will have their mouths drop; bald men looking for a head shaver.
Why We Chose It: It leaves the cleanest shave we’ve ever seen from an electric razor.

If you’ll let yourself splurge on a solid electric razor, then boy, do we have a pick for you. We named the Braun Series 9 Electric Razor one of the best bald head shavers money can buy but in addition to a clean noggin, the Braun Series 9 will give you the closest shave you’ll ever get from an electric razor without a doubt.

When testing, we used this razor in both wet and dry circumstances and noticed not much of a difference in results. That said, whichever your preference is, go for it. In our experience, our skin was left smooth and as clean as you’d imagine with a regular non-electric razor. There were no remnants or stubble left on our faces whatsoever, which is not typically the case with most electric razors. We even noticed you can cut long hair without a problem.

To make this razor even more powerful, it holds up to a 6-week charge with the added power case that comes with the unit, which is something totally unheard of in the world of electric razors. Using a foil-electric top, this shaver is designed to achieve a close shave without the irritation you might get from a manual razor — and it totally works. It also uses sonic and auto-sense technology to adjust the power of the razor, which is incredibly cool but goes unnoticed during the shave.


  • Exceptional shave for an electric razor
  • Extra-long charge
  • Waterproof
  • Great construction


  • Very pricey

Full Review: Why We’re Obsessed With the Braun Series 9 Pro

Courtesy of Amazon
best disposable razor

Best For: Guys looking for a low-cost but reliable disposable razor; guys that like to dry shave or re-use blades.
Why We Chose It: You can find the Gillette Sensor 2 Plus at most drug stores, and it’s a convenient, long-lasting option.

Of all the disposables we’ve tested, the Gillette Sensor 2 Plus (not to be confused with the Gillette Sensor 2) is our favorite. This men’s disposable razor offers the perfect blend of affordability and great design so that you get a close shave at a low price. The Sensor 2 Plus comes with one of those hydrating strips, which is a boon to any man that isn’t above a quick dry shave when he’s in a rush. These razors can also be used multiple times if needed, which isn’t always the case with a disposable.

Only one brand appears on this list multiple times, and it’s no surprise that it’s Gillette (the brand’s new premium grooming line, King C. Gillette, also includes an excellent razor). Gillette is one of the original men’s grooming brands, and if you have to go disposable, this is one of the best razors pick. These men’s razors come with a swiveling head and a fixed head, but both work equally well.


  • Super affordable
  • Hydrating moisture strip
  • Long-lasting for a disposable
  • Great option for guys who prefer 1 or 2-blade razors


  • Disposables aren’t great for the environment
  • Doesn’t provide the closest possible shave
Courtesy of Amazon
best razor for sensitive skin

$19.99 $49.95 60% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Best For: Folks who typically have irritation-related issues when shaving.
Why We Chose It: Bevel is a Black-made brand for the Black experience, one of the only grooming brands doing such a thing right now.

We’ve covered Bevel before in other razor-related coverage and the company keeps making our lists for good reason: The Bevel Safety Razor was designed with the sole goal of making a safety razor for men with sensitive skin. And, after putting it to the test, this is something we can absolutely attest to.

When first taking the Safety Razor out of its packaging, the first characteristic we noticed is just how darn heavy it is. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to break as it glides across your skin with every stroke. Like the safety razor from Supply, we will say that in our experience it wasn’t a one-and-done glide-over, but the precision in removing hair was great. We have received minimal razor burn unless we tried shaving too quickly, which is our fault. The razor is also Black-made for Black people, though it is one of the best razors for anyone with sensitive skin that wants to try a safety razor.

Here’s the issue we have: for folks that aren’t used to safety razors, this can get a little nerve-wracking to use. It isn’t as “safe” as the option from Supply and will slice your finger open if you mess up when sliding a new blade in. Though we didn’t obtain any wounds ourselves in the process, we’re sure that one day we’re going to. In addition, it does get a little slippery during shaving due to the lack of grip.

The best part? You can currently get this razor on sale right now at 60% off on Amazon.


  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Black-made
  • Comes with 10 razors
  • Heavy


  • Slightly dangerous
  • Bad grip
Courtesy of Amazon
budget cartridge razor

Best For: People looking for a no-frills razor that feels similar to the disposable razors of their youth.
Why We Chose It: It’s a comfortable-to-use razor budget razor and a good alternative to 5-blade razors.

If three blades are all you need, then let us tell you about the Gillette Mach3. It goes without question that razors are kind of throwing blade after blade after blade on modern razors to maximize a clean shave. Just check the majority of razors in this roundup and see what we mean. If you’re missing the “less is more” days but don’t want a safety razor, the Mach3 is a quick, three-blade shave you can’t underestimate.

During our testing, we were able to get a close, quick shave that felt very much like the ones we got in middle school. Redness was slight but not consistent and shaves went from average to above average with each use, so much so that we believe reverting back to three blades just might take a little bit of getting used to again. There is a top lubricated strip that will go unnoticed entirely, but it’s nice that it is there.

What makes this option nice is that refills are relatively cheap at around $25 for an eight-month supply. So, if you want to get shaving the way your dad taught you at a cheaper price, this is a solid way to do so.


  • Affordable
  • Not gimmicky
  • Familiar


  • Doesn’t minimize redness as much as it claims to
  • Lubricated strip feels somewhat pointless
Courtesy of Amazon
best for bearded guys

$18.60 $21.99 15% off

Buy Now On Amazon

$34.59 $38.90 11% off

Buy Now at walmart

Best For: Bearded guys who still need a dependable razor.
Why We Chose It: Because guys with facial hair deserve a razor just for them.

The Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser was first released in February 2021, and it’s the newest product in our guide to the best razors for men. Schick products are more popular in the women’s shaving aisle, but the Stubble Eraser was a pleasant surprise. It’s a fantastic option for guys with beards or men who only shave occasionally. A unique stubble comb lifts hair with the leading blade so you can shave longer hair more easily. There’s also a flip-back feature that makes it really easy to create clean, precise lines with your facial hair.

Those two features would be innovative enough, but there are even more features we love. The weighted handle gives you the same satisfying feeling you get with Harry’s or Dollar Shave Club. The razor was also designed to be easy to rinse, which is clutch since it’s meant for longer hair. Finally, a moisture strip with green tea-infused gel pods moisturizes and soothes your skin as you shave.


  • Unique stubble comb
  • Great for precision shaving
  • Green tea-infused gel pods


  • Will be overdesigned for some guys
Courtesy of Amazon
best for downstairs

$54.99 $74.00 26% off

Buy Now On Amazon

$66.60 $91.00 27% off

Buy Now at meridian

Best For: Anyone who is trimming their pubes.
Why We Chose It: Because you don’t want to use the same shaver on your face that you do on your pubes.

The best razors for men aren’t always the best razors for your face. Sometimes, they’re for your lower region. Yup, we’re talking pubes, guys. Taking the same razors that you use for your face down to your crotch will most certainly gross out the majority of guys, and as it should. No man should be using his best facial razor on his nuts. It’s totally unsanitary and likely won’t do the job to the best of its ability. That’s why we love Meridian’s Trimmer specifically made for below-the-belt clean-ups.

Testing this unit made us slightly nervous in the beginning, we’re not going to lie. Upon holding, it’s pretty structural. It’s got some weight to it, it feels well-made and it feels like if you were to make one wrong move, it would be all over. Thankfully, that hasn’t been the case whatsoever. Meridian has a way of cleaning up your pubes like there were no pubes there to begin with. No pulling, no nicks, no cuts. You can get right up in there and press the device straight to your skin without fear. Trust us, we were hesitant, but we tried it many times and nothing has gone awry.

In the past, we’ve tried a number of manscapers and found that nothing matches the power of Meridian. The only flaw? You more or less have to go full bald downstairs when using. We wish there were heads for guys that like a little bit of lawn leftover post-mowing, but trimming a little further from the skin will allow you to keep some length. It might just not be totally even.


  • Great construction
  • Easy shave
  • No cuts
  • Can use wet or dry


  • Might be scary to use in the beginning
  • Pricey

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Razors for Men in 2023

Here’s something you have to keep in mind: everybody is different. Your skin will differ from your dad’s skin, your brother’s skin, your best friend’s skin, our editors’ skins, etc. The best razors for us might not be the best razors for you because of this.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you’ll want to invest in a razor that won’t negatively affect you in the process. If you shave more than regular people, you might want to invest in something that can stand the test of time better than a razor you’re going to consistently have to purchase refills for.

In addition, take into consideration how many razors you want in your cartridge. While more razors are most popular nowadays, maybe this isn’t the best option for you.

A selection of the razors tested for this article. Tyler Schoeber |

How We Test Men’s Razors

Come on. Everybody shaves. Guys, girls, non-binary folk — we’ve all shaved at least some part of our bodies at least once in our life. Just about all of our male editors shave their faces. Some only clean up their beards while others go full bare-faced, but we’ve got editors of all facets here at SPY testing men’s razors.

Primarily, our E-Commerce & Special Projects Editor Tyler Schoeber has been doing the majority of the testing when it comes to men’s razors. He doesn’t fully shave his beard in the process, but he shaves down the area on his neck that grows unwanted hairs he can’t bear to look at. If it’s a Friday night and Tyler hasn’t cleaned up his neck, consider it a night in with takeout.

The author testing the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO. Tyler Schoeber | SPY

While testing these razors, SPY product reviewers evaluated each of them using an array of criteria to ensure they went through multiple tests before being deemed the “best” of anything, giving each product a rating in every category. Each of these categories is weighted differently, and after scoring every product, we compare the final results to determine the overall best men’s razor.

  • Grip: Is the razor easy to hold or does it slip out of your hand as you shave? Razors should have a solid grip so nothing dangerous happens when shaving.
  • Comfort of Removing Hair: Was hair removal something that caused pain during shaving or was each shave smooth and pain-free?
  • Speed: Was the shaving experience fast or did it take long to remove the hair?
  • Irritation Level: Was there any irritation experienced or was it an irritation-free shave?
  • Blade Strength: Was the blade sharp enough? Did it last multiple shaves? Do you have to replace the blade more frequently than not?
  • Blade Number: How many blades are included in the razor? Is it too many? Too little?
  • Refill Price: For those with cartridges, is it expensive to constantly refill?

The SPY team has tested around 30 men’s razors over the course of the past year. For this guide, we chose the 14 best options. We will continue to update this guide as we test new products.

Why Trust SPY When Shopping for the Best Men’s Razors?

We have tried almost every single popular razor for men in the game — and that’s in no way an understatement. We’ve put so many of the best men’s razors to the test on various parts of our bodies to genuinely find out which razors are the most worth it for you.

As mentioned, our E-Commerce & Special Projects Editor Tyler Schoeber has written and tested tons of grooming products since joining the SPY team in June 2020. In addition, SPY has an entire team of product reviewers and grooming writers. With our powers combined, we’ve tried just about every men’s razor for sale. We are constantly looking for the very best products men should be grooming with and that more than includes men’s razors.

Of course, results will vary due to skin sensitivity, hair type and more, but we’re confident in saying we know razors.

If you’re interested, you can read more about How We Test Products at SPY.

Some of the grooming and skincare products tested by SPY editors over the past 12 months. George Chinsee |

About the Author: Tyler Schoeber

Tyler Schoeber is SPY’s E-Commerce & Special Projects Editor. In addition to testing beard oils, bald head shavers and more, he also is the brain behind our social media pages and even shoots a number of photo projects for SPY. In his time at SPY, Tyler has reviewed men’s cologne, the latest products from YETI, and the best men’s t-shirts in the world. Before joining SPY, Tyler covered stories relating to grooming, men’s fashion, travel gear and more at travel sites such as Jetsetter and Smarter Travel.