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The Best Scalp Massagers To Remove Buildup and Relieve Tension in 2022

There are few feelings better than getting a great massage when having your hair washed at the salon. And while the do-it-yourself approach may not sound as good, there is an easy way to get the same type of relaxation at home: the best scalp massager. Just like body massagers and massage guns, scalp massagers can be highly beneficial when it comes to self-care.

The best scalp massager not only leaves your scalp feeling good but also helps you get a cleaner wash, working to dislodge oils and debris as you scrub. Scalp massagers are an easy step to add to your existing hair and scalp-care routine, whether it’s wash day or when you’re just trying to relieve some tension. If you have issues with dandruff, you can also use your scalp massager along with dandruff fighting tea tree shampoo. They’re also inexpensive and simple to find at a retailer like Amazon.

But, with so many out there, it can be hard to figure out which are the best scalp massagers. Here are a few things to consider as you shop.

What To Look for When Shopping for a Scalp Massager

  • Types of Scalp Massagers – There .are three main types of scalp massagers: manual scalp massagers, scalp scratcher massagers and electric scalp massagers
  • Hair Type – You’ll want to consider your hair type when shopping for the best. Some scalp massagers work better on thick, curly while others are more geared toward straight or thinner hair.
  • Ease of Use – Most scalp massagers will be ergonomically designed with a handle that is easy to hold and maneuver during use.
  • Price – Scalp massagers typically run between $10 and $40, depending on the type. Electric options will likely be on the higher end of this scale, but it’s super easy to find a scalp massager or scalp scratcher that fits your needs and won’t break the bank

Below, we’ve broken down the different types of scalp massagers and shared a few of the best options for wash day, relaxation, and beyond.


Types of Scalp Massagers

Before beginning, it’s best to know that scalp massagers come in many shapes and sizes. That said, you’ll want to think about what you plan to do with your scalp brush or massager. Some scalp massagers help relieve tension while others exfoliate, remove buildup or target dandruff. As mentioned above, there are basically three main types of scalp massagers: manual scalp massagers, scalp scratching massagers and electric scalp massagers. Some of these massagers can be used on other parts of the body, such as the legs, back, arms and more. And many can even be used as a pet message if desired.


The Best Manual Scalp Massagers

Manual scalp massagers are typically made with short silicone bristles and often work in conjunction with your shampoo and/or conditioner while in the shower or washing your hair. Although, they can be used on their own if you choose. Most feature an ergonomic handle that fits into the palm of your hair so that you can grip it easily while shampooing your hair.

Heeta Scalp Massager


The HEETA scalp massager comes highly recommended by SPY’s Senior Editor, Taylor Galla, who notes that it offers a nice massage while helping her wash the back of her scalp where her hair is a bit thicker. This manually operated massager is actually great for all hair types easing itchiness and promoting blood circulation during each scrub. The soft silicone brush pad is gentle on the scalp and hair while the ergonomic handle fits into the palm of your hand for easy maneuvering. You can use it on wet or dry hair. However, using it with shampoo will offer a good deep cleaning.

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Jupiter Scalp Brush


The Jupiter exfoliating scalp brush removes buildup while giving a nice comforting scalp massage at the same time. Designed with bristles of multiple heights, it can be used in or out of the shower to stimulate your scalp and cleanse hair. This scalp massager is super lightweight and features a stainless steel loop that allows you to hang it in the shower between uses.

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Kerotin Scalp Massager


Use the Kerotin scalp massager to stimulate blood flow deep clean and exfoliate for healthier hair. Gentle on the scalp, this tourmaline-infused massager may increase circulation and could rejuvenate follicles to stimulate growth and reduce stress. It’s perfect for all hair types and has an easy-grip handle for easy use.

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The Best Scalp Scratching Massagers

Manual scalp scratching massagers, like the ones below, feature longer prong-like spindles or “fingers” with cushioned tips that scratch your scalp gently for a soothing massage. They typically have a longer handle for dexterity that allows you to reach all parts of your scalp easily.

USAGA Scalp Massager


The USAGA massager uses 20 prongs to gently scratch and massage the scalp. Made of adjustable metal, it features soft rubber tips that are gentle while the long handle gives you enough length to reach your entire head. This product is lightweight, durable and compact enough to take with you when you travel.

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HOFASAN Scalp Massagers


For less than $6, you can get not one but two head massagers. Each features long, pliable spindles with rubber tips to scratch and massage the scalp and increase blood circulation. They also come with a nearly 3-inch handle that allows you to grip and maneuver easily.

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Ryoma Scalp Massager


These plastic scalp massagers feature metal balls at their tips and long ergonomic handles for easy reach and use. Use them to effectively promote blood circulation and relieve tension. For less than $10, this order gives you two five-pronged massagers that are small enough to stash in your bag or backpack. Keep both for yourself or gift one to a friend.

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The Best Electric Scalp Massagers

Electric scalp massagers vibrate or spin to give your scalp a deep, invigorating massage. Some are battery operated while others use rechargeable electric power. Electric scalp massagers tend to be on the pricier side. However, there are many viable that are still under $40.

COMFIER Cordless Hair Scalp Massage


The COMFIER electric scalp massager features four silicone massage heads with 21 individual nodes that will give you a deep, relaxing massage every time you use it. Designed with multiple settings, you can operate it on low to get a gentle relaxing massage or high to get a more kneading massage. This device is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for cordless use and comes with a base and a USB charging cable. It’s made with waterproof material, making it easy to use in the shower or out.

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Queenwill Electric Handheld Hair Massager


A hybrid of a traditional scalp massager and an electric massager, this Queenwill massager gently vibrates to stimulate your scalp and relieve tension. It’s made of high-quality ABS and features an ergonomic handle that’s easy to grip and maneuver. it’s water-resistant for in-shower use and also helps to remove dirt, dandruff and dead skin cells. This device is operated with one AA Battery (not included) and has two settings for regular massage mode and pulse massage mode.

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Breo Portable Mini Scalp Massager


This mini scalp and body massager is definitely worth the splurge. It’s ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand and features technology that mimics the massage skills of gliding, kneading, trigger point therapy and oscillating pressure so you can stimulate and clean your scalp in the comfort of your own home. The waterproof design can be used in the shower. What’s more this option comes with an attractive bamboo charging base. With four massage tips that are interchangeable, this electric scalp massager can also be used on the legs, hands, shoulders and neck as desired.

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