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Why a Shaving Brush Is Crucial for Wet Shaving

When it comes to traditional wet shaving, a lot of emphases is placed on the blade itself. Whether you prefer to go old school with a safety razor or really old school with a straight razor, having a blade that can provide a close and clean shave is of the utmost importance. But the accouterments are just as important. If you overlook the lather, you may be sacrificing the quality of the shave. A good lather will soften your facial hair and skin, allowing the razor to glide more gently across the skin. Not only will that result in a closer shave, but your skin will feel softer and less irritated. By far the best way to get a good lather is with a shave brush.

Using a shave brush with shaving cream or shaving soap allows you to create a rich lather that simply can’t be replicated with an aerosol can. While buying shaving cream with a brush has an initial cost that’s substantially greater than your standard can of shave foam, you’ll actually save money in the long run. As with many things that are “convenient,” there’s typically a hidden cost. In this case, the cost of shaving gel hits both your wallet and the environment. Shaving soap and shaving cream often last a lot longer than a typical can of shaving gel, so you’ll be spending less money over time. Not only that, shaving soap and cream also are made with fewer artificial ingredients and preservatives than shaving gel, making them both better for your skin and for mother nature.

You can use a shave brush with either shaving cream or shaving soap. If you’re using shaving soap, you’ll need a shaving brush. A bar of shaving soap is hard, so it requires more water and effort to get to a lather. Choosing between the two is largely a matter of preference, and either one will offer a dramatically better shave than a can of shave gel can provide. When it comes to the shaving brush, we have some ideas, which you can check out below. These include options made with badger hair, which retains water to create a good lather and create a massaging effect, as well as synthetic picks for those who prefer a more vegan option. These are the shave brushes to get.

1. Perfecto Shaving Brush-Black Handle

This brush from Perfecto is made out of genuine badger hair and has a shiny black base that’s made out of genuine wood. It’s designed to effectively retain water for a proper lather and an improved shave. It has a compact size that makes it a good option for travel, without being too small for everyday use.

Pros: Genuine badger hair and genuine wood handle. Good value.

Cons: Some may find it too small.

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2. VIKINGS BLADE Luxury Shaving Brush

If you prefer a vegan option, consider using a synthetic shaving brush. This option from Vikings Blade has the look of a premium silvertip badger brush, without the cost. The handle has a classic ivory look. The weighted metal base adds a heftiness in the hand and helps it stay upright, while also adding a sophisticated look.

Pros: Good alternative to badger hair, soft synthetic fibers that retain water well. Heavy alloy base. Comes in a stylish gift canister.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

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3. Shaveway Badger Shaving Brush

If you’re looking for a reliable badger hair brush, consider this option from Shaveway. It’s made from genuine badger hair bristles, and the base is available in either black or beige. The badger hair retains water well without shedding too much, so long as excessively hot water is not used.

Pros: Affordable value, genuine badger hair bristles.

Cons: Could be more durable.

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4. Anbbas Pure Badger Hair Brush

This set comes in a stylish gift box and comes with almost everything you need to get started shaving, minus the razor. There’s a simple metal stand with a bowl, and they even include a bar of shaving soap. As for the brush, it’s made from pure badger hair. It’s available in two handle styles; one is a shiny black resin and the other has a matte light wood finish.

Pros: Giftable option that includes a shaving soap bar, stand, bowl and the shaving brush, which is made from genuine badger hair.

Cons: Brush is somewhat small.

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5. Je&Co Luxury Synthetic Shaving Brush

If you prefer an option without animal products, this brush from Je&Co is made from a soft synthetic brush. The brush is black with a silver tip, similar to the highest quality badger brushes. The handle of the brush has a unique design — the speckled resin resembles a galaxy. The handle’s curved design also makes it easy to hold when shaving.

Pros: Unique handle-design. Good brush for those who prefer a vegan option.

Cons: Many options on this list include a stand, but this one does not.

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6. Rocky Mountain Barber Shaving Brush with Stand

This simple option is made with best badger hair, making for a high-quality lather and soft feeling. Included is a handy drip stand that won’t take up too much space on your bathroom counter. The wide head of the brush is designed to absorb more lather and save you time in the mornings. Rocky Mountain’s logo is printed on the side of the handle.

Pros: Wide brush head for faster lathering, best badger hair for a smoother shave. Includes a drip stand.

Cons: Stand is lightweight.

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7. Miusco Badger Hair Wet Shaving Brush

This sleek option has a matte black handle, and it comes with a matching stand. The brush is made with genuine badger hair for a soft and smooth shave. The convenient stand has a slot to hang the brush and another slot for a razor (which is not included). The base of the brush has a soft, felted material, which helps prevent damage to your counter surfaces.

Pros: Stylish option with a matching stand that also has a slot for a razor. Genuine badger hair.

Cons: Brush tends to shed bristles.

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