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This Double Duty Hair Straightener Also Works On Unruly & Wiry Beards

* Beard straightening is a must for course, curly and thick facial hair
* The straightening process also prevents pimples and facial hair breakage
* The Aberlite Beard Straightener was designed specifically for facial use

Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and Leonardo da Vinci all sported epic beards. Their facial hair was full, long and the height of style in their day and age. Their beards would be pretty fashionable today, too. The hipster movement has become mainstream after all. Perhaps you lust over such grandiose facial hair, but any time you grow a beard it becomes unruly and unmanageable. If so, you need to learn the secret to handsome facial hair is proper beard care.

Beyond treating your bristles with hair care products, controlling a bushy or curly beard often means employing the use of a straightener. By running a hot straightener brush through your hair, you’ll get a beard that looks more attractive than that mess of hair you’re sporting now.

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was designed specifically for facial hair. The hot device won’t damage your beard or burn your face but will result in a beautiful, well-controlled beard. It can also be used on your head hair, making this a great multifunctional device to keep in your bathroom.

Unlike other beard straighteners, the Aberlite Brush provides safe and long-lasting results thanks to its 40 ceramic heated plates. These plates heat up quickly and maintain a constant temperature throughout use. The PTC heating technology delivers maximum straightening power with every pass. In addition, the brush provides advanced ionic conditioning and has anti-static coating for less frizz.

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This straightening brush heats up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a temperature that’s safe for both your hair and face. If your beard is a medium length, set the device to 300 degrees Fahrenheit using the LED temperature gage. Users with thicker beards should set the straightener to 340 degrees, while those with hard to control beards will want to use 375 degrees.

In addition to making your beard look great, straightening your facial hair has a few added benefits. By pulling the hair away from your skin, you’ll notice fewer pimples under your beard. And, the hair on your face won’t suffer from as much breakage with proper care.

All in all, every man with a long or full beard should invest in a beard straightener for handsome and healthy facial hair.


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