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The Best Wigs For Men are the Easiest Way to Ace the Costume Party

Whether it’s Halloween, a comic convention or a murder mystery party, dressing up in a costume is a great way to step outside of yourself, get creative and let your inner child out. Of course, it’s no secret that costumes can be expensive, especially if you’re only going to wear them once. That’s why some of the best costumes take a DIY-approach.

Whether you’re reimagining items in your wardrobe or taking a trip to the hardware store for some unconventional costume materials, there’s a lot of fun you can have by making your own costume. One of the best ways to make your DIY costume feel complete is with a wig. And if you’re short on time before your event, a wig is one of the easiest ways to get in the spirit without putting in too much effort or spending too much money.

We’ve rounded up some of the best costume wigs for men below.

1. Smiffy’s Men’s Mullet Wig

It’s time to bust out the Walkman, because we’re going to the 80’s. This wig from Smiffy’s embodies the inexplicably popular mullet hairstyle perfectly with the slightly coiffed front and flowy, straight back. The wig is also available in a variety of colors, including blonde, black and red. As for the brand, it goes back even further than the 80’s — Smiffy’s has been making wigs since the 1890s.

Pros: Available in a variety of colors, throwback style. Made by trusted wig brand.

Cons: Can get flattened in packaging and may need to be styled back into shape.

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2. OYSRONG Golden Blonde Party Hair Wig

Whether you’re going as Fred from Scooby-Doo or Draco from Harry Potter, the foppish swoop and almost unnaturally golden blonde color is a great option for dressing up as a variety of fictional characters. Plus, it’d also make a great Andy Warhol wig (whose famous ‘do was also a wig). This wig has adjustable hooks on the inside to fit a variety of head sizes. The synthetic fibers are soft and not overly frizzy like some wigs, and it shouldn’t shed too much.

Pros: Fluffy and soft feel, suits a variety of characters and costumes. Works for men and women.

Cons: Somewhat small for those with larger heads.

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3. ColorGround Long Curly 80s Men Wig

If you’re going for something a little more rock and roll, then this long, wavy wig from ColorGround perfectly evokes the hair metal days of the 1980s. The synthetic wig is heat resistant, so you can easily style it to your preferred look. It also comes with a breathable wig cap for more comfortable wearing. Two other hair metal-inspired styles are also featured on this listing, including a blonde option, meaning you can outfit the entire band.

Pros: Heat resistant synthetic wig that can be styled in different ways. Comes with a wig cap for comfort and a secure fit.

Cons: Can look overly frizzy for some.

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4. Yuehong Short Curly Black Mens Wig

This wig from Yuehong has pronounced volume and large but natural-looking curls. The vintage look is great for dressing up as a variety of fictional characters or pop culture figures. The wig is available in black or brown, and you can choose your preferred option from this listing. This synthetic wig comes with an adjustable and breathable mesh cap that helps to keep it securely on your head. You can also use hair products to get it into a different shape if desired.

Pros: Natural wavy-curly look, works for male or female characters and pop culture figures. Available in black or brown.

Cons: May be too much volume for some characters.

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5. Topcosplay 3 Pieces Set Mens Wig

If you’re looking for a wig option that’s also an all-in-one costume, then this pick from Topcosplay is a great option. It comes with a curly perm-style blonde-brunette wig, plus a matching mustache and a plastic necklace that spells out “Disco.” It also comes with a wig cap for comfort and a secure fit.

Pros: Multi-piece set, including a mustache, necklace and wig cap, in addition to the perm-style wig itself.

Cons: Can sometimes arrive without the mustache.

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