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Bevel and Black Panther Team Up For a Sleek Safety Razor That’s Almost Sold Out

Promotional tie-ins are ubiquitous, and often somewhat tacky. Every year there are dozens of Marvel product collaborations, and we tend to ignore them here at SPY. But this week, Bevel teamed up with Marvel for a product collaboration we couldn’t resist — a new Black Panther-inspired all-black safety razor, which could end up being one of the best gifts for men of the year.

The all-black limited edition safety razor made by Bevel and inspired by Wakanda Forever feels more special than the typical Marvel promotional tie-in. That’s because of what Bevel and Black Panther represent. Bevel, founded in 2013, made waves as a grooming and skincare company that specifically focuses on the needs of Black men’s hair and skin. Likewise, the 2018 film Black Panther was the first Black superhero film of its scope, and one of the best (if not the best) Marvel movie to date.

The Bevel Wakanda Forever safety razor is available now, and you can buy it from Ulta Beauty or from Bevel’s site. It comes in a giftable grooming kit that retails for $49.95. It includes a weighted razor, ten double-edged blades and a 2 oz. shave cream.

Wakanda Forever will release in theaters on November 11.

Editor’s Note: This grooming gift set is already out of stock at the Bevel online store, but it can still be purchased from Ulta. If you’re interested, we recommend placing your order before this product sells out.

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Courtesy of Bevel

Why We’re Excited About the Bevel Black Panther Razor Kit

In addition to their focus on skincare for Black men, Bevel makes really great products that anyone can use, so we’re always excited to see what the brand comes up with. When our grooming editor reviewed the Bevel Pro, he wrote that “This experience was simply a one-and-done. My beard is at the exact length I wanted it at and I feel fresh for the weekend.” Bevel’s razors in particular have gotten praise for their benefits for sensitive skin, making them a good option for men who are prone to ingrown hairs and bumps. Plus, they also look plain cool, with clean lines and a decidedly contemporary design.

We’re also excited that this collab features a safety razor. A safety razor is one of the best shaving options for men, albeit one that requires something of a learning curve. A safety razor is typically made from stainless steel and uses replaceable blades, making it a more sustainable option than disposable plastic razors. Though they’re more expensive up-front, a safety razor can be used for years and years. Safety razors can also give a closer shave, and their premium feel makes them a great gift for others and more enjoyable to use in the morning.

Safety razors typically come in silver-tone stainless steel, but for the Wakanda Forever tie-in, Bevel fittingly made this razor in all-black, with a two-tone matte and shiny design. Since Vibranium was presumably not available, this razor is Chromium-plated for enhanced durability.

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Courtesy of Bevel

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