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Review: The Bevel Pro Is the Futuristic New Hair Trimmer We’ve Been Waiting For

In March, Bevel announced the launch of their brand-new Bevel Pro, an all-in-one clipper and trimmer meant to maximize DIY and professional haircuts and beard trims. And as of Friday, April 8, you can finally get order one of these killer buzzers for yourself.

The first Bevel Pro trimmers are scheduled to ship in early May, but SPY received a sample of the Bevel Pro before its release. After testing it out, we fell in love with this hybrid beard trimmer and hair clipper. It’s a futuristic two-in-one that prioritizes all above-the-neck needs of most modern-day men while placing Black men in particular in the forefront.

We’ve featured Bevel products repeatedly on SPY. This innovative grooming company was founded by a Black man for Black men. They make some of the best grooming products for Black men and fantastic shaving products for anyone with sensitive skin types

Keep reading for SPY’s in-depth Bevel Pro review and find out if this premium grooming tool is right for your hair care routine.

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Courtesy of Bevel

Bevel Pro Trimmer: Specs

  • Corded/Cordless: Cordless
  • Battery Life: 4 hours
  • Blade Attachments: 5 in total
  • Waterproof: No
  • Motor Power: Strong (6000+ RPM)
  • Grip: Ergonomic and easy to hold

Bevel Pro Trimmer Review: Design

Visually speaking, the Bevel Pro looks like a trimmer that should exist in the year 2056. It’s so futuristic in detail that it feels way ahead of its time. It almost feels like a blueprint for what all buzzers should look like from here on out.

The device has an elongated ovular shape with a subtle lined pattern across the exterior, which allows it to stand on its side without rolling over. On the front, there are two buttons toward the head that allow the blade to move up or down depending on your desired closeness to the clipper. Adjusting the blade is almost like adjusting an electronic side mirror on your car. Length is displayed via an LED display above the buttons, where users can choose between 0.0-2.5mm in 0.1mm increments to see exactly where their clipper head is at.

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At the bottom, there is an almost hidden slide-up lever that allows you to turn the device on or off. Underneath that is a charging port so you can juice your buzzer up.

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Tyler Schoeber | SPY

At the very top is where you’ll find the buzzer. It’s designed with a heavy-duty metal that’s totally magnetic. Why does that matter? Because all of the included heads (#0, #1, #2, #3 and #4 guards) hold on magnetically. It’s an innovative design that worried me at first; I was worried the heads would keep falling off as I shaved. Fortunately, that isn’t the case whatsoever with the Bevel Pro. I’m not sure what Bevel put into this magnet, but it’s compatible with Gorilla Glue. There’s no way these guards will ever fall off accidentally during your shave.

The Bevel Pro also has some weight to it. It’s easily one of the heaviest beard trimmers and bald head shavers I’ve tested, but it’s something that makes the unit feel unbreakable and well-made. I’d take this weight over something lightweight any day.


Bevel Pro Trimmer: Pricing

Here’s where you’re going to want to close your eyes for a second. The Bevel Pro is $329.95. I know, that’s a lot of money, but if you take into consideration that it’s BOTH a hair clipper and beard trimmer, it’s not too bad. A serious two-for-one any guy should consider. Plus, it’s a space-saver.

Plus, this device is crafted to a tee. In terms of overall shaving experience and product design, it’s as well-made as it gets. You can’t knock that.

Ultimately, this is a premium grooming product, comparable to other flagship clippers and electric razors like the Braun Series 9 Pro. Of course, you can find much cheaper beard trimmers and clippers for sale on sites like Amazon, but none of them will match the Bevel Pro.


Bevel Pro Review: Putting It to the Test

Before we get into the shaving experience, let me quickly address the elephant in the room. I am white. Whiter than white. The color of a porcelain toilet, if you will. Bevel is a brand that’s dedicated to selling exceptional grooming products that specifically benefit the Black community. As a Black-owned company, Bevel creates products with the Black experience in mind in relation to hair, skin and body. Since most grooming products are designed for white people and white hair, this is a welcome development.

Bevel exists for men who have been underrepresented in the grooming space since, well, the grooming space began. It doesn’t need to be for me. But, does the buzzer work with my hair texture? Of course, it does. This device was created to amplify the Black grooming experience by working effortlessly with kinkier and curlier textures. With that priority at the forefront, the Bevel Pro also works wonders on non-kinky and straight hair types. Why? Because this stellar trimmer can handle it all.

Now, let me tell you why every dude needs to add the Bevel Pro to their shaving routine.

I had high hopes for the Bevel Pro. Really high. After using this grooming tool to shape my own beard, I can tell you that this trimmer is excellent.

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The author using the Bevel Pro trimmer. Tyler Schoeber | SPY

I’m bald, so I couldn’t really do much to the hair on my head. But for my beard? A simple chef’s kiss.

I used a #2 guard and placed the clipper length down to an increment of 0.0mm because I do prefer my beard a little longer. The shave took maybe a minute and a half maximum and I was cleaner than clean.

As mentioned, I worried about the guard falling off, but that magnet is insane. It didn’t even wiggle when placed on.

Unlike a lot of today’s beard trimmers, I didn’t have to go over the same spot again because the device didn’t pick it up the first time. This experience was simply a one-and-done. My beard is at the exact length I wanted it at and I feel fresh for the weekend.


Bevel Pro Review: Issues

Although I had a killer experience, I did face two issues when shaving for our Bevel Pro trimmer review.

As mentioned, the magnet was epic, but I had trouble placing the guards on and taking them off. Because the guards are magnetic, they use a tight construction on the grips of either side to ensure they really stick onto the head of the clipper. While this made me fearless when buzzing my hair off, it did make it a little difficult to clip on. Part of me thought I might break the device if I pushed too hard, but thankfully, that never happened.

Additionally, I noticed that the trim was slightly pully in some areas. This could have been entirely my fault because my beard was most certainly getting out of hand before I shaved, but definitely something to keep in mind.


The Verdict: The Future Of Trimming Is Here

If there’s any takeaway to this buzzer, it’s that we’re living well into the future.

Sure, there are some things that can be fixed in the future, but this is the blueprint of where men’s grooming should be heading. I am more than impressed with the design aspect and how quickly I was able to shave this fuzzy face.

So Should You Buy It?

Absolutely. This unit is historical. It’s effective, it’s relatively well-priced for a two-in-one, and you’ll be left with one of the cleanest trims of your life.


  • Black-founded grooming company
  • Incredible design and futuristic look
  • Satisfying grip
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Excellent shaving experience


  • Guards are hard to put on and take off
  • A little pully during use
  • Not waterproof

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Courtesy of Bevel


Below, you can find SPY’s original story on the Bevel Pro’s announcement, initially posted on March 8, 2022.

Today marks a huge day in men’s grooming.

Bevel, one of our favorite men’s grooming brands, has released their brand-new Bevel Pro Trimmer + Clipper. This is the very first clipper option Bevel has to offer, placing them into a whole new realm of product in 2022.

For those of you unfamiliar, Bevel is the very first grooming brand crafted for Black men’s grooming needs. Ingredients included within Bevel’s line of shave, hair and skin products are formulated specifically for Black skin and hair to prioritize a healthier, better constructed Black grooming experience.

Bevel itself is also Black founded and surpasses priorities ultimately seen in typical grooming brands. In addition to prioritizing Black men through and through, Bevel has also joined the fight against mass incarceration by funding Anti-Recidivism legislation, continuing education and job training for individuals affected by mass incarceration. The sentiment of this fact proves Bevel is elite for how the brand treats modern issues happening across the US.

To keep it frank, Bevel is doing the most in the best way possible by going above and beyond your average grooming brand. That’s a huge reason why we’re so loyal to the brand and are beyond stoked to find out about the Bevel Pro Trimmer + Clipper.

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Courtesy of Bevel

Using state-of-the-art technology unseen in other trimmers and clippers you’ve used before, the Bevel Pro Trimmer + Clipper is built to blow you away. Included, you’ll find patented pivot lock magnetic guards for an easy, fearless shave, a dial LED display so folks can easily see settings and battery life as well as a number of other clipping must-haves that easily places this puppy in the running as one of the best clippers and beard trimmers of 2022.

As of today, March 8, folks will be able to pre-order the Bevel Pro Trimmer + Clipper for $329 exclusively on Bevel’s website. The product will officially launch in a month from now on April 8 to give you the best shave in time for summer.

Ready for yours? Order below now.