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Tired of Gray Hair? New Grooming Line Cleverman Launches DIY Hair and Beard Coloring Kits

Most guys can remember the first time they spotted their first gray hair — and that goes for their first white beard hair, too. There are typically two reactions. You either shrug it off and patiently await silver fox status. Or you get up close and personal in the mirror with a pair of tweezers, searching and destroying any others that crop up. However, gray hairs have a tendency to multiply, and there comes a time when tweezing and plucking is no longer a viable option. The time has come to cover up those grays with beard dye.

Unfortunately, most beard dye products are not great, and few guys are interested in going to the salon for a dye job, even when there’s not a pandemic to keep you away. Most box dyes are also loaded with sketchy chemicals. That’s where Cleverman comes in, and it’s a potential game-changer for at-home hair coloring for men.

Cleverman is a new grooming brand that offers guys thousands of hair color options; the company officially launched today, Wednesday, March 3. The company wants to provide guys with personalized hair and beard dyes that promise to deliver professional-quality results. Better yet, Cleverman dyes are vegan and cruelty-free, and without chemicals like ammonia, parabens and sulfates.

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Courtesy of Cleverman

“Very early on I noticed that hair color solutions for men was an underserved category,” Cleverman founder Carlos Barreto said in a release. “Historically, men have had pretty limited options when it comes to hair coloring: Chemically-laden, one-size-fits-all boxed hair dye purchased directly from a local drugstore or recurring visits to their barber or salon, which is costly and virtually impossible right now. But we’ve since seen an increase in the number of male consumers seeking a better at-home coloring solution. This is essentially an unsatisfied market, especially when compared to the endless options that are currently available for women. Cleverman is a brand that provides an innovative solution to everyday hair color issues for men with a wide range of customizable color for the most natural-looking results.”

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To get started, head to the Cleverman website and take a short quiz to find the right hair color for you.

Take the Cleverman Quiz To Find Your Hair Color


How Cleverman Works

Cleverman offers customized hair and beard color solutions that are DIY but still deliver professional-looking results. To make it even more convenient, the kits are delivered straight to your door. Each kit is customized just for you, from more than 10,000 hair color options to ensure you get exactly the right match.

The process starts with a 3-minute quiz to determine your exact needs, such as your hair color, texture, amount of gray and goals, as well as whether you want Full Coverage, Salt and Pepper or just a Touch-Up. From there, they build a custom kit for you, taking every solution into account and tapping their PerfectMatch Technology to give you the precise color you need for natural-looking results. Every kit is made-to-order and then shipped out.

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Courtesy of Cleverman
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Courtesy of Cleverman

Once it arrives, the kit comes with everything you need for a fool-proof application. Each cleverly-designed hair and beard kit is a four-step system and includes personalized instructions, customized latex gloves, no-drip cream color and application tools for your precise hair or beard needs. Impressively, they work in as little as five minutes.

Instead of being chock-full of icky ingredients, Cleverman taps nourishing ones instead, such as argan, baobab and walnut oil, for their organic triple-oil system. Formulas are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, as well as completely free of no-no’s like ammonia, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones and resorcinol. It’s not just what’s inside the bottle that’s thoughtful, as Cleverman consciously manufactures with top quality materials and eco-conscious packaging, partners and suppliers.

Ultimately, Cleverman is all about their DIY kits that are accessible in every way, starting at just $9.95 if you sign up for a recurring subscription service, which can be cancelled at any time. You can buy a standalone kit for $22.95, although the brand is offering some major discounts for the launch. Thanks to thinking of every detail, you may never need to step foot in a salon again to turn back the clock on your hair color.