Go Green With the 7 Best Eco-Friendly Razors in 2021

Leaf Shave The Leaf Kit
Courtesy of Leaf Shave
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Shaving? Probably. It’s safe to say that in 2021, the majority of adults in the world are shaving at least some part of their body. Sure, a lot of us are foregoing the pits and legs in recent years, but cleaning up your face, manscaping your naughty bits and ditching those thinning locks on your head are very much mainstream hygienic practices. But, plastic and metal razors and cartridges are doing much harm to our planet and clogging our landfills with every shave. So how do we get it to stop? Eco-friendly razors.

Sadly, the razor you’re using right now is negatively affecting the planet. While the majority of us only use disposable razors in time of need, we’re switching the heads off of our go-to whenever the blades begin to get dull. Which, realistically, is what you should do to minimize pain. But, given we are living in the future, there are surprisingly tons of easy solutions and workarounds that help folks diminish their shaving waste tremendously. Eco-friendly razors are one way we can help combat the issue at hand.

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With eco-friendly razors, we’re talking primarily about products that ditch plastic packaging and/or construction for a more sustainable approach. Because we all know at this point that plastic takes forever to break down, that’s the main component we’re focusing on today when looking at the best eco-friendly razors to use now.

So, what exactly are the most eco-friendly razors you can buy? See below and find out.

1. Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor


Razors with bamboo handles are some of the most eco-friendly razors on the market. This one from Bambaw uses zero plastic whatsoever, instead choosing to use a 100% bamboo handle with stainless steel parts. All you need to do is replace and recycle the blade with every exchange and you’ve got yourself a fully recyclable safety razor. Don’t worry about getting anything cheap in the mail either, Bambaw’s safety razor is as durable and ergonomic as it gets for an effortless, clean shave each time. Close, smooth shaves have never been more attainable — and waste-free.

Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor Courtesy of Amazon

Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor



2. Planet KIND by Gillette 5-Blade Razor


If bamboo isn’t your gig, check out Planet KIND by Gillette. These 5-blade razors are made from recycled plastic bottles for a comfortable and eco-friendly shave each and every time. Each blade is good for a whole month of shaving before you recycle it which is incredibly long-lasting in comparison to other top razor brands. Not only is the razor itself recycled, but so is the packaging it comes in. Carbon footprint, who?

Planet KIND by Gillette 5-Blade Razor Courtesy of Target

Planet KIND by Gillette 5-Blade Razor



3. Jungle Culture Reusable Safety Razors


Are you the type of person that’s shaving it all? Heads? Armpits? Chest? Butt? For all of those hard-to-reach places (and then some) Jungle Culture has created the best eco-friendly razor for getting the job done no matter where the job is. All razors are DE eco-friendly and entirely plastic-free. They come with a natural white travel bag for safety that’s made with organic cotton and ethically-sourced jute. Each razor has a metal handle that’s textured for an easy grip. Colors? They’ve got plenty. Just pick your poison.

Jungle Culture Reusable Safety Razors Courtesy of Jungle Culture

Jungle Culture Reusable Safety Razors



4. Zero Waste Outlet Metal Safety Razor


Say goodbye to plastic disposables with Zero Waste Outlet’s metal safety razors that come with ten extra blades. It’s made with a high-quality stainless steel that’s available in two different colors. Blades will last a few weeks in total before needing to recycle and replace. Unlike a lot of today’s razors, this eco-friendly option goes for a skinnier, more disposable-like approach which allows for a lighter hold. Completely back by a lifetime guarantee, this will be the last razor you ever have to buy. Period.

Zero Waste Outlet Metal Safety Razor Courtesy of Zero Waste Outlet

Zero Waste Outlet Metal Safety Razor



5. Albatross Butterfly Razor


Handle any and all shaving situations with one of the most premium eco-friendly razors money can buy: the Albatross Butterfly Razor. This heavy-duty beauty is 3.5″ in length that does a flawless job shaving everything from your face to your bathing suit area. It’s built with a polished finish meaning that it won’t ever rust. Expect a burn-free shave that gets close down to the nitty-gritty to get rid of even the toughest of hairs. To top everything off, each razor uses zero plastic waste whatsoever. Does it get any better?

Albatross Butterfly Razor Courtesy of Albatross

Albatross Butterfly Razor



6. Leaf Shave The Leaf Kit


Get it all with Leaf Shave’s Leaf Kit for the most eco-friendly kit experience. In this kit, you’ll get one razor, one stand, a 50-blade pack and a recycling tin to top it all off. The razors uses three blades to get the job done quickly and effectively and the kit is completely backed with a lifetime warranty. The entire razor is built entirely from metal using zero plastic in the process, so you’ll be shaving that bod and leaving zero waste behind every time.

Leaf Shave The Leaf Kit Courtesy of Leaf Shave

Leaf Shave The Leaf Kit



7. Public Goods Bamboo Razor


Public Goods makes a bamboo razor that’s entirely sustaible in creation. It’s a nice step up from the classic plastic you’re used to and has a great handle for an ergonomic hold. We had the chance to recently try this razor for ourselves and weren’t the biggest fans in the world. The shave wasn’t the smoothest in our opinion, but it still got the job done with multiple once-overs. If you’re looking for an affective eco-friendly razor, this one from Public Goods is good enough.

Public Goods Bamboo Razor Courtesy of Public Goods

Public Goods Bamboo Razor



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