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The Best Fine-Tooth Combs for Precise Styling in 2022

If you have any interest in taking your hairstyling to the next level, your Dopp kit is going to need one of the best fine-tooth combs.

You might not think of hairbrushes and combs as being essential, but no stylist leaves home without them because they’re so useful for controlling and styling hair.

To help explain why every guy should consider adding a fine-tooth comb to his grooming arsenal, we reached out to Chris Brownless, barber and owner behind North West Barber Co. in the U.K.

What I Should I Look For in the Best Fine-tooth Combs?

Fine-tooth combs are most useful for precise styling. Wide-tooth combs don’t offer as many teeth, so they’re not as precise as fine-tooth combs. That’s great for messier, more natural looks, but not when you need absolutely compliance from every hair.

“The main thing to look out for if you are wanting a fine-tooth comb is tooth width,” Brownless told SPY. “You want to make sure the teeth are wide or narrow enough for what you are wanting to achieve.” Many combs will feature wide teeth and fine teeth so you can do a bit of both, but if your hair calls for precision, you’ll have a much better experience with purely fine-tooth combs.

In terms of quality, many combs, fine-tooth or otherwise, are made from plastic. But better combs are often made from acetate because it’s a lot more durable, Brownless says. Generally, you’d be better off spending a few extra dollars on something made from acetate because those combs last longer and the combing experience is a lot better. “When looking at fine-tooth combs, avoid cheap and nasty plastic ones; they will irritate your scalp while combing and the teeth will snap really easily. Invest a little more and get an acetate comb, it will last you a lot longer,” Brownless adds.

Now, with the basics of the best fine-tooth combs out of the way, let’s check out a few of our favorite options below. We’ve got more durable acetate and wood options as well as a few cheaper plastic options, but they’re all decent, reasonably affordable and will deliver the precise styling your look needs.


1. Kent F3T Fine-Tooth Comb


For the best fine-tooth comb, for my money, I’m going with the Kent F3T Fine-Tooth Comb. Made from acetate with rounded, fine teeth, this comb will style and untangle hair without scratching the heck out of your scalp. It’s also sturdy and flexible but not so flexible that you have to worry about snapping it. I own a few Kent combs and they’re simply the best. With proper care, they’ll last you years.

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2. Kent FOT Pocket Fine-Tooth Comb


Sometimes, one company just makes the best products, and that’s hard to argue with when it comes to Kent. The Kent FOT Pocket Fine-Tooth Comb delivers the same benefits as the Kent F3T comb, just in a more pocket-friendly size with a graphite colorway.

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3. Baxter of California Pocket Comb


The most useful comb is the one you’ll use, which is why you might pick up a comb with both fine and wide teeth. If you appreciate having both in one comb, the Baxter of California Pocket Comb will be perfect. Made from acetate with rounded tips, you get the best of fine-tooth combs and wide tooth combs here.

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4. Kent 82T Folding Pocket Comb


To use a comb, you have to have it on you. That’s where an excellent foldable comb like the Kent 82T Folding Pocket Comb comes in handy. You get the same Kent quality you want, just in a foldable version that will fit into just about any pocket.

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5. Uppercut Deluxe CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb


The Uppercut Deluxe CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb offers fine teeth and wide teeth at an affordable price. If it’s good enough for Brownless and his clients, it’ll definitely be good enough for you. “For styling, my go-to has been the Uppercut Deluxe CT5 Comb for like five years. Overall, [it’s] a really solid comb. [It’s] made out of a high-quality acetate, so [it’s] incredibly hard to break, the teeth are just the right width, which is incredibly hard to find, plus they have that cool tortoiseshell look too, which I love.”

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6. Conair Fine-Tooth Pocket Comb


Plastic combs do work just fine for styling hair, even if they can be a little rough about it. If you don’t mind that and just want a decent fine-tooth comb to style your hair, pick up the Conair Fine-Tooth Pocket Comb. The teeth are super fine and you get two fine-tooth combs for your money, making these combs among the cheapest you can buy. Even if one snaps, you’ll still have the spare.

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7. Ace Classic Bobby Pocket Comb


Going with a bestseller on Amazon is always a safe bet. If that’s how you think, go for the Ace Classic Bobby Pocket Comb. With over 15,000 mostly positive ratings, this plastic fine-tooth comb is definitely working well for thousands of people, so it’ll likely work well for you too.

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8. Breezelike Fine-Tooth Hair Comb


Having a comb with a handle can make styling a bit easier by removing your hand from the equation. The Breezelike Fine-Tooth Hair Comb is made of long-lasting sandalwood to detangle and style hair.

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9. Cremo All Natural Beard Comb


We’re really focused on the hair on your head in this article, but if you’re considering the best fine-tooth combs for your beard, give the Cremo All Natural Beard Comb a shot. It’s cheap, made of long-lasting sandalwood and offers wide teeth and fine teeth to get your beard in working order. Just be careful with the fine teeth. Brownless recommends sticking to combs with wider teeth to minimize the risk of snagging more knotty beard hairs.

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