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The New Gillette Intimate Collection Reshapes the Way Guys Reshape Their Pubes

When King Camp Gillette invented the safety razor in 1901, he changed how men shave. Over the following decades, the army adopted the technology. Working men went through millions of blades. Executives got a cleaner cut. A simple technology, a steel band separating skin from blade, changed millions of men’s routines and looks by delivering on the promise of safety. Now, Gillette is introducing the Gillette Intimate collection, which promises to protect and serve the nether regions.

It’s a big moment in grooming history.

According to Gillette’s research, 87% of men groom above their penis; 71% groom their balls; 63% groom their penis itself and 52% groom their “happy trail.” But even in the year 2023 – as mankind reaches toward the stars and plumbs the depths of consciousness – many men struggle to groom down there without doing harm. Many men have a story that involves a thin trail of blood circling the shower drain. Too many have asked too much of their beard trimmers.

“One in two guys who groom their pubic region have injured themselves while grooming,” says Ben Wilson, the Scientific Communications Director for Gillette Intimate. “Pubic hair and skin is different than what you have on your face — you’re dealing with complex topography, intricate areas, difficult-to-reach and see areas, skin folds and looser skin.”

For those lucky enough to have never had a pube-trimming accident, there’s also the matter of hygiene. In a Gillette survey of 1,500 men, 80% of respondents voiced an understandable reluctance to using the same tools on both pairs of cheeks (and between them).

“At the very least, you want to have separate and dedicated tools for face grooming and pubic area grooming,” says Wilson. “Our recommendation however, is to go a step further and make sure your groin grooming tools are made with that job in mind, and not just your old beard trimmer, for the reasons already mentioned.”

Gillette’s new tools include a specialized pubic hair trimmer for men, a double-protective razor and various cosmetic accoutrements including shave cream, cleanser and an anti-chafe stick.

Why It Stands Out: From far away, it looks like a traditional trimmer. Upon further inspection comes the finer details. Closely spaced blades on this trimmer protect vulnerable areas by reducing skin bulging while the sharpness of the blades allows for smooth trimming with every pass.

Hot Take: Guys, rejoice! There’s finally a trimmer in which to feel confident thanks to the dermatologist-tested Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer for Men. If the spacing of the blades doesn’t fully quell previous grooming trauma, perhaps the SkinFirst protective comb will help. Wilson said the comb “acts like a cage which prevents skin from coming into contact with the blade while hair is fed into the cutting system, for extra sensitive areas.”

What’s most convenient about this pubic hair trimmer is that it’s waterproof and cordless, perfect for no-mess grooming in the shower for up to 100 minutes (hopefully it won’t take that long).


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Why It Stands Out: The Gillette Intimate Shaving Kit includes the brand’s new intimate pubic hair trimmer and the Gillette Intimate Razor, which was specifically engineered to shave gently over the most prized (and sensitive) areas. This tool’s SimplePass tech uses five sharp, anti-friction blades to give guys a comfortable shave down there with just a few passes.

Hot Take: For the more than 50% of guys who prefer to take their pubes down to the skin, using a razor is a must. Knowing this, Gillette included their new intimate razor in this kit that won’t traumatize guys like the cheap stuff did back in the college dorm. Equipped with a grippy, rubberized handle for the best control, this dermatologist-tested razor glides with ease thanks to pre and post-blade lubricated strips.

Gillette has also added their signature FlexBall for handling the many contours of a man’s intimate area, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “FlexBall.”


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Why It Stands Out: In this kit, the addition of Gillette Intimate Pubic Shave Cream + Cleanser and the Gillette Intimate Pubic Anti-chafing Stick make pubic hair grooming even less worrisome and allow that sticky, post-shave chafing to become a thing of the past.

Hot Take: A solid shaving cream is the key to a smooth shave, especially in such a sensitive region. With the Gillette Intimate Pubic Shave Cream + Cleanser lathered on the pubic area, a protective base layer is added to the skin and works in tandem with the two lubricated strips on the razor, giving three layers of protection from nics, cuts and other shaving mishaps

After any dude deforestation, the first few days, ironically, invite a chafing sensation that sometimes feels like it could start a brush fire. That’s why Gillette has also added their Anti-chafing Stick into the mix. With a few passes of the non-greasy, mess-free Anti-chafing Stick, that raw-skin friction decreases and walking becomes bearable once again.